One wish

Faye Hilles had always been just a normal 18 year old girl. She got good grades, she loves one direction, and she has amazing friends. But one day one simple wish, takes Faye where nobody could ever think would be possible. One day, one wish, changes Faye forever.


4. Confession

 "Are you ok?!" "Y-ya Im fine." "Ok." I didn't want to talk back to THE Liam Payne so I just let it go. "Wait here." I ran to the girls room. I got a paper towel and wet it. After that I rushed back to Liam and dabbed the towel on his lip where it was bleeding. "Thanks Faye." "Your welcome." Then Liam smiled at me, "Want to go to class?" "Sure."

the rest of the day was pretty boring. But it was finally time to go home. "Faye!" I turned around and saw Liam. "Hi!" "Do you want to walk together?" "Of course." We walked down the sidewalk together out of the corer of my eye I saw Liam looking at me. I looked over at him and he started blushing and so did I. I still couldn't relive this was happening to me!! But the only question was, should I tell Liam about the future? "Hey Faye, I know we have only known each other or a day but, d-do you want to, um, go out, sometime?" This has to be a dream. This better not be a dream, Liam Payne just asked me out!! "Really?" "Sorry I should have asked I don't know what I wa-" "Liam I would love to go out with you." "With me?" "Who wouldn't?" "Everybody." "Soon that song be true." "How do you know." Why did I even say that?! "Do you really want me to tell you?" "Ya." "Don't freak out and before you ask, yes this is true and I can prove it, well, I came here from the future. God this sounds stupid." "What year?" "2013." "Wow. Well tell me." "What?" "What I am like in the future, if you know me." "Your my celebrity crush in the future." "I'm you what?" "I don't want to tell you a lot. I don't really want the future to change." "Well when you do find me in the future, tell me, 'Hey Liam, it's me, Faye.' And we can go out then." I hugged Liam. "I love you." "I love you too." I looked up at him an he looked at me. He started to lean in, the seconds later our lips touched. I felt like a million butterflies were in my stomach. Then he pulled away. "See you in the future?" Liam asked me. "See ya in the future." Dear god, my life is so messed up, that's why I love it. 


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