One wish

Faye Hilles had always been just a normal 18 year old girl. She got good grades, she loves one direction, and she has amazing friends. But one day one simple wish, takes Faye where nobody could ever think would be possible. One day, one wish, changes Faye forever.


3. Back to High school

"Um, I'm sorry I didn't understand you." "Oh, I'm okay." I got up. " Just a question, what's today's date?" I asked him. "Oh," he smiled, "its the 10th." "Ok umm, more specific." Liam laughed, "Monday, June 10th 2010." "Is it the last day of school or something?" "Not yet, Friday will be the last day of freshman year." "Been there, done that" I said quietly to yourself. "What?" Liam asked. "Oh nothing, just talking to myself." "About..." "Well I'm, I guess I'm new." Crap. My dream came true. What the poop do I do know? I have no family unless I go back to America. That means I have no home either... "Also, I have no home..." Liam just stood there in shock. "Umm, I, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry." We both just stood there until I said, "Could I walk to class with you?" "Can I see your schedule?" I looked in my hand and there was a schedule. I handed it to Liam. I also noticed I had a huge backpack, just like the one I had freshman year... "Cool. We have all but one class together. Which would be nice if we had that one together." "Cool! Lets get to cla-" "We actually don't have the same homeroom. But we are next to each other." "Then lead the way." I smiled at Liam. When we got there I said bye. Before I walked into class I went to the bathroom. I really had to go since the old woman didn't let me go. When I walked in I looked into the mirror. My outfit was about the same, I had on a plain white tank top with the same pink shorts and Toms. The 1D stuff vanished. Everything on my face was gone also, didn't look like I normally do, I had my hair curled still, but I looked younger. Then I realized I was 14, not 18 anymore. I'm in my freshman year and my birthday is the same as Liam's, August 29th. But I was a year younger than him... what was happening? When I got out of the bathroom I grabbed my backpack and went to homeroom. There was a group of girls in the middle of the room, the popular girls and others were just in there own groups. Luckily I was one of the 'popular girls' at my old school so I decided to go o that group. "Hey, can I sit with you guys? I'm new here soo..." Then one of the girls answered me in a strong british accent, "Sure. By the way, I like your accent." I guess she was talking about my "American accent'. I just smiled and said, "Why thank you. My name is Faye." I put my bag down next to a open desk. "My name is Kate." The same girl answered me. "I'm Kate." 

After class I walked out and tried to find Liam who said he would meet me after class. *BANG* I shot my head I the direction that the bang came from. I ran over to see what was happening. Just as I walked over everybody left laughing. Then I noticed somebody laying on the ground bloody. I rushed over to the person on the ground. Then he slowly got up and whipped blood from his lip and looked at me. It was Liam.

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