Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


4. What Happens When Two Different Gangs Collide

Quinn and Rachel were stood in Lima Bean placing their order when the bell rang and a laughing brunette and blonde walked in. When they got to the counter the taller of the two girls says,

"Hey Tony two coffees please with two sugars each." Tony the baraster nods writing the orders on the cups and starting to fill them out.

" So I still can't believe Noah tried to steal the ATM." Rachel says laughing.

"I know just how stupid is he?" Quinn laughs as they walk over to their usual seats.

They were oblivious to the two girls by the counter staring at them, Santana shakes out of her staring long enough to drag Brittany to an empty table that was just perfectly placed so they could see the girls.

They watched as the two beauties carried on laughing together only pausing when the waiter gave them their drinks.

Santana and Brittany's staring continued until they were to interrupted by the waiter placing their drinks down they both simultaneously took their drink sipping it before spitting it out.

" This isn't what I ordered." Santana mumbles.

" Mine isn't either." Brittany says staring across the room at Quinn and Rachel who also spit out their drinks. " San I think they have our drinks." Brittany says pointing at both Quinn and Rachel.

" Me too B." Santana says kissing Brittany real quick before they both walk to Quinn and Rachel.

" How can we help you?" Rachel asks looking up at the beautiful Latina.

" Um.. We think you have our drinks." Santana replies getting lost in Rachel's eyes.

Quinn reaches over and hits her girlfriend. " Yeah sorry bout that." Quinn replies handing the tall ditzy blonde her drink and taking hers.

" I'm Santana and this is Britt." Santana says pointing from herself to Brittany.

" I'm Rachel and this is Quinn." Rachel says pointing from herself to Quinn.

" The waiting here sucks." Santana says sitting down next to Rachel while Brittany sits next to Quinn.

" Yeah Joe has always been horrible with orders. One time he gave our friend Noah some old lady's hot chocolate." Rachel says causing everyone to laugh.

All of a sudden Rachel's phone goes off.

'Rach we need ur help the sharks are attacking us.'-Kurt.

Reaching over and showing Quinn her text Rachel stands up.

" Sorry we have to go." Rachel says grabbing Quinn's hand before they leave.

" Britts I think I like Rachel." Santana says looking at the taller blonde.

" It's okay San we only sleep together. I think I like Quinn." Brittany replies.

All of a sudden Santana's phone goes off.

' S we need u and B here now. We are attacking the Jets.'-Tina.

"Shit!" Santana mumbles showing Brittany the text and then running out of the Lima Bean.

With Quinn and Rachel.

" Q, I think I like Santana." Rachel says looking at the blonde.

" It's okay Rach. I think I like Brittany." Quinn replies.

They arrive to Lima heights and see their group being attacked by the Sharks.

" Hey! Get away from them!" Rachel shouts making everyone jump.

" Whatcha gonna do about it bitch!" David Karofsky shouts.

" I will kill you." Rachel growls.

Just then Santana and Brittany show up. Finn lunges forward to stab Santana when Rachel pushes Santana out of the way and gets stabbed in the abdomen.

"RACHEL!" All of the jets plus Santana and Brittany scream.

Before Rachel can fall to the ground she is caught by Santana.

" Talk to me Rachel." Santana mumbles staring at the girl she might be in love with.

" I think I love you." Rachel says in a tight and raspy voice.

" I think I love you too. Even if we just met." Santana says with tears in her eyes.

Looking up Santana sees everyone looking in somebody else's eyes.

" Don't just stand there! Call a mother fucking ambulance!" Santana yells.

Everyone pulls out a phone only Puck gets survice and calls for an ambulance.

" Rachel where are you parents?" Santana says looking into misty brown eyes.

" They.. Are.. Gone.. Abandoned.. Me.. Long.. Time.. Ago.." Rachel replies her breaths coming out in short gasps.

" Stay with me Rachel." Santana says putting pressure on the wound.

Rachel's eyes start sliding shut. " I'msotired." Rachel says her words slurring together.

" I know but stay awake for me." Santana says leaning her forhead against Rachel's.

Meanwhile with Quinn and Brittany.

Quinn starts crying when she sees Finn stab Rachel. Tensing when she feels a strong pair of arms wrap around her.

" Shhh, It's just me," She hears Brittany whisper in her ear." She will be just fine."

" I can't lose her." Quinn says turning around and coming face to face with the taller blonde.

Staring into sweet baby blue eyes Quinn slowly calms down.

" Your eyes are so beautiful." Quinn whispers looking into the baby blue eyes.

" Yours are beautiful too." Brittany says staring into hazel eyes.

" I think I may like you." Quinn whispers.

" I think I may like you too." Brittany whispers.

All of a sudden the peircing sound of sirens on an ambulance can be heard.

When the ambulance arrives two paramedics get out.

" What is your name sweetie?" The first paramedic a tall, dark, and handsome man by the name of Jackson Avery asks.

" R-rachhhel." Rachel says with a slur.

" Okay Rachel we are taking you to Lima General Hospital alright?" The second paramedic a short dark haired woman by the name of Miranda Bailey says.

Rachel merely nods.

At Lima General Hospital.

A small blone by the name of Arizona Robbins is called to the emergency room where a fifteen year old girl had been stabbed in her abdomen.

" Hi sweetie." Arizona says coming into the room to see Rachel.

" Hi." Rachel replies a little more there since they put her on morphine.

" How are you feeling?" Arizona asks.

" Like somebody stabbed me." Rachel replies. " Where's Santana?" Rachel asks after a few seconds.

" She is in the waiting room. Do you want me to go get her?" Arizona asks the young girl.

" Yes." Rachel says.

Arizona leaves and a few minutes later comes back with Santana.

" I will be back in a few to check on you." Arizona says before leaving the room.

" We should go on a date." Rachel says after Arizona leaves the room.

" Yeah we should." Santana replies smiling.

Out in the waiting room with Quinn and Brittany.

" We should totally go on a date at the duck pond." Brittany tells Quinn with a cheerful smile.

" We should." Quinn says sending Brittany back a smile.

" I can't wait! I love ducks!" Brittany squeals pulling Quinn into a hug.

" Me neither B." Quinn tells the taller blonde hugging her back.

A few months later after the incident.

At Rachel's house.

Santana walks into her girlfriends room with a smile on her face.

" Hey princesa." Santana says plopping down on Rachel's bed and pulling her into her body.

" Hi baby." Rachel replies snuggling into Santana's warm body.

" I thought I would never find the girl I love. Guess that's what happens when two different gangs collide." Santana says with a smile.

" I would always choose love over war." Rachel says with a small smile.

" Me too Princesa. Me too." Santana replies kissing Rachel passionately.

At Quinn's house.

Brittany skips into her girlfriends bedroom.

" Hey Quinnie." Brittany says laying on Quinn's bed and pulling the smaller blonde into her.

" Hi Britt-Britt." Quinn says with a smile as she snuggles into Brittany's warmth.

"I thought I would never find the girl I love. Guess that's what happens when two different gangs collide." Quinn says after a few minutes with a smile.

" I would always choose love over war." Brittany says with a small smile.

" Me too Britt-Britt. Me too." Quinn replies kissing Brittany passionately.

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