Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


6. Secret is Out.

achel Berryand Brittany S. Peircehave been dating secretly since freshman year. It is now Sofmore Lopez told Brittany she loved her in junior year but Brittany couldn't say it back.

Rachel walks into the choir room covered in blue rasberry slushy and notices her girlfriend of three and a half years sitting next to Santana.

" Oh my god! Are you okay Rachel?" Quinn asks getting up to check on her best friend.

" Nothing." Rachel mumbles in a quiet voice.

" Come on lets go get you cleaned up." Quinn replies wrapping an arm tightly around Rachel.

Quinn knows about Brittany and Rachel and supports them 100% but she knows Brittany is afraid of how Santana will react.

Quinn walks out of the room with an arm tightly wrapped around Rachel's waist.

" San I'm going with Quinn." Brittany says before quickly following.

With Brittany, Quinn, and Rachel in the girls' bathroom.

Brittany rushes in after Rachel and Quinn.

" Rach who slushied you?" Quinn asks the small brunette.

" Santana. She said nobody would ever love me and that not even my dads love me. I don't know how she found out about my dads." Rachel replies in such a quiet voice you wouldn't have heard her if it wasn't so quiet.

Rachel's dads had left her at the beginning of freshman year to live in New York. Rachel started living on her own with her two min pin's Macey and Rockie when she was atleast 14 or 15 years old.

Brittany clenches her fist and walks fully into the bathroom and up to Rachel.

" She is wrong about the nobody ever loving you Rach. Because I really love you." Brittany says as she turns on the water and gently starts to wash Rachel's hair.

Rachel looks up at Brittany with tear filled brown eyes. " I love you too." She replies.

" Quinn can you get Rachie's slushy kit from her locker?" Brittany asks the shorter blonde.

" Sure." Quinn replies before leaving and coming back with Rachel's slushy kit.

" Thanks." Rachel replies picking out a pair of dark skinny jeans and two shirts. One is blue and says I'm with Sexy. The second is a black vest like shirt that goes over the shirt but doesn't clothes.

Once Rachel is change they walk back to the choir room.

" Wow you finally manage to look good manhands." Santana says with her normal wide smirk.

" Shut up Santana!" Brittany yells shocking her best friend and everyone in the room.

" Whoa Britts why are you defending the dwarf?" Santana asks looking at the tall blonde.

" Because she is my girlfriend and you're being a bitch." Brittany replies wrapping her arms around a shocked Rachel's waist.

Rachel turns and looks at Brittany with confused eyes.

" Britt you didn't have to do that." Rachel whispers.

" Of course I did baby. I'm no longer afraid of what Santana thinks." Brittany replies gently kissing Rachel.

Santana's eyes start to water and she looks down. " That's why you wouldn't say you loved me back." She whispers before running out of the room.

Quinn who has been in love with Santana freshman year sends Brittany and Rachel a weak smile before chasing after Santana.

Quinn finds Santana in the Cheerio's locker room sitting on the bench next to their lockers.

" San, she didn't say she loved you back because she knew how I felt about you." Quinn whispers sitting down on the bench next to the fiery Latina.

" Why would anyone love me?" Santana asks in a whisper.

" Because you are smart, you are beautiful, and you know how to make me smile." Quinn replies with a smile and then leans in and kissed Santana's on the cheek.

" You think I'm Beautiful? I have only ever been called sexy or hot." Santana whispers lifting her head and looking at her blonde bestfriend.

" Of course I think You're beautiful San. I also think that if you would let me I could make you feel loved. So be my girlfriend?" Quinn says looking into the deep teary brown eyes looking back at her.

" I would like to be with you to." Santana whispers leaning in and kissing Quinn deeply.

Quinn wraps her arms around Santana before slowly pulling away from the kiss.

" Now lets get back to the choir room for glee and you need to apoligize to Britt and Rachel." Quinn says slowly standing up.

Holding out a hand for Santana to grab. Santana grabs it and they both leave the locker room and head back to the choir room. When they get there Santana looks at Quinn with fear in her eyes.

" Are you going to hide that we are together?" Santana asks in a quiet voice.

" Of course not. I'm not ashamed as someone as beautiful as you." Quinn replies.

Quinn opens the door to the choir room and walks in with Santana.

Santana looks at Brittany and Rachel and sees how happy they look, walking up to them with Quinn by her side she looks them both in the eyes.

" I'm sorry I was such a bitch. I just felt hurt that nobody could really love me." Santana whispers.

" It's fine San." Brittanys says at the same time Rachel say, " You don't need to apoligize I know how you feel."

Quinn walks to the front of the room with Santana.

" Everyone I am dating Santana don't judge or say a fucking thing." Quinn says before kissing Santana and pulling her to the back of the room with Brittany and Rachel.

Brittany looks at Rachel. " Well the secret is out." Brittany says looking at her girlfriend.

" Yea it is." Rachel replies.

In the end all four girls had somebody to love.

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