Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


3. Pregnant and unprepared

Rachel and Santana were walking to the choir room from different sides of the school. They were thinking of how they would tell their girlfriends, yes girlfriends they were pregnant. Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray, and Brittany Peirce. They were all four dating. It had been two years since they had started dating.

They didn't know what to say to their girlfriends.

They had gone to a party at Puck's for the glee club after winning regionals. Santana had gotten drunk and slept with Noah 'Puck' Puckerman while Rachel had gotten drunk and slept with her best friend Mike Chang.


As all four girls met up in the choir room Quinn and Brittany had noticed both Rachel and Santana looking down.

" Hey.. What's wrong?" Brittany asks wrapping her arms around her smallest girlfriend while Quinn wraps her arms around Santana.

" I'm pregnant!" Santana and Rachel blurt out at the same time.

" What!" Brittany and Quinn shout backing away from their girlfriends.

" Wait your pregnant?" Santana and Rachel ask eachother at the same time. " Yes." They answer again.

" You cheated on us?" Quinn asks as tears slowly fell down her cheeks.

" Baby I didn't mean to. I was drunk." Santana says as she walks toward Quinn.

" So was I. I'm so sorry." Rachel says as she walks past them and curls into a corner.

" Rach?" Brittany asks as she walk over and bends down next to her girlfriend.

" I didn't mean for it to happen we were just talking in the guest room, and then one thing led to another, and I woke up the next day to find out Mike and I had slept together. I found out today that I was pregnant with his baby." Rachel mumbled while still curled into a ball in the corner.

" Who did you tell first?" Brittany asks with a sad face.

Rachel's flashback to earlier that day.

Rachel was walking down the street the street to the school when she walked into Mike and Tina on their way to school.

" Mike." Rachel says in a quiet voice.

" Hey Rach. What's the matter?" Mike asks as he takes in the painedd look on his best friends face.

" I'm pregnant with your baby." Rachel whispered with tears in her eyes, she then looked at TIna. " I'm so sorry Tina." Rachel sobbed out.

Mike and Tina stopped walking and pulled Rachel into a hug.

" It's going to be okay. We will help you take care of the baby." Tina and Mike replied as they pulled away.

" I have to tell the girls." Rachel whispered a scared look crossing her face.

" Do you want us to come with you?" Mike asked as he wrapped an arm around both Tina and Rachel.

" No this is something I have to do alone." Rachel replied as they got to the school.

End of flashback.

" You told Mike and Tina before us?" Brittany asked her lower lip beginning to tremble.

" I'm sorry." Rachel said in a whisper.

" What about you Santana?" Quinn asked with a look of disgust.

Santana's flashback to earlier that day.

Santana was walking down the school hallway when she saw Puck and Lauren standing next to eachother at Puck's locker. Heading over to them she stops and looks at them.

" Puck." Santana says in a whisper tears in her eyes.

" What Santana?" Puck asks annoyed.

" I'm pregnant and your the father." Santana whispers as she tries to hold back a loud sob. " I'm so sorry."

" Shhh. Hey it's okay." Puck whispers as he wraps an arm around her.

" Lopez it is fine. We will help you with the baby don't worry." Lauren says as she pats Santana's arm.

" I need to tell the girls." Santana whispers to herself.

" Do you want us to come with you?" Puck asks as he lets go of her.

" No this is something I have to do on my own." Santana whispers.

" Okay." Puck and Lauren reply giving her hugs and then walking away.

End of flashback.

" You told Puck and Lauren before you told us." Quinn growls out glaring at both Rachel and Santana.

" I told my parents also." Rachel and Santana whisper at the same time.

" God you both are sluts! We are so over." Quinn yells running out of the room.

Santana and Rachel slide back down the wall and both start crying while hugging eachother.

" Hey. I'm not leaving." Brittany says as she kneels back down infront of both girls.

" Why not?" Rachel asks looking up at Brittany.

" Because I may be upset but I still love you and atleast you told me the truth." Brittany replies pulling Santana and Rachel into a hug.

" What happened when you told your parents?" Brittany I asks after a while.

" They want me out of the house by tonight." Rachel mumbles curling into Brittany's right side.

" Same here." Santana mumbles curling into Brittany's left side.

" I will ask my mom if you can both move in with me she loves you." Brittany replies.

After school at Brittany's after the girls' got their stuff.

" Mom!" Brittany yells as they walk into the house.

" What is it baby girl?" Sue sylvester says walking into the living room only to see Brittany with her arms wrapped around two crying girls.

" Can they live with us? Their parents kicked them out because they are pregnant." Brittany replies sitting on the couch and pulling her girlfriends down with her.

" Of course they can. Santana I'm sorry I have to kick you off the cheerios." Sue says as she pulls all three girls into a hug.

" Thank you." Rachel mumbles through her tears.

" Thank you and its okay I understand." Santana mumbles hugging back.

Three months later.

" Rach!" Brittany yells as the diva paces back and forth while Santana gets her altra sound.

" I'm scared." Rachel mumbles looking up with fear in her eyes.

" You will be fine and so will the baby." Brittany replies pulling Rachel into a hug.

Santana, Brittany, and Rachel all three smile when they hear the heartbeat of Santana's baby.

" Alright Ms. Lopez you are having a healthy baby boy." Dr. Robbins a tall blonde with blue eyes says standing up and handing Santana a towel to wipe off the gel.

" Really!" Santana asks with an excited smile.

" Yes hun." Arizona smiles back." Okay it's your turn." Arizona says turning to Rachel with a smile.

" Okay." Rachel replies getting up on the table with help from Brittany and Arizona.

" Okay this is going to be cold." Arizona says after Rachel lifts up her shirt; putting the gel on Rachel's stomach and giggling when she shivers.

" I'm hoping for a baby girl and I hope she looks a little like her father and me." Rachel says with a beaming smile.

" Well hun it looks like you got your wish you are having a healthy baby girl." Arizona says with a smile.

The room goes quiet when they hear the heartbeat bringing tears to all three girls' eyes. Arizona smiles and helps Rachel wipe off her stomach and then helping her off the bed.

" If you ever need anything call me or Calliope." Arizona says giving all three girls her and Callie's numbers.

" Thanks." Santana, Brittany, and Rachel reply before walking out of the room.

An hour later.

" Britt why does Quinn hate us?" Rachel asks in such a small voice Santana and Brittany aren't even sure she was talking.

" She is just upset that you guys cheated on us." Brittany replies unintentionally upsetting Santana and Rachel.

" Sorry." Rachel mumbles before walking upstairs and curling under the covers in her Santana and Brittany's room.

Brittany and Santana get up and follow her to their bedroom.

" Rach I'm sorry I brought it up." Brittany says climbing on the bed and wrapping her arms around her smaller girlfriend.

" It's okay." Rachel replies when she feels Santana climb on the bed behind her and kiss the back of her head.

" I was thinking of baby names." Santana said after a few minutes.

" Me too. I was thinking for my daughter her name could be Naya Elizabeth Berry-Chang." Rachel said looking back at Santana. " I talked to Mike and he agrees with me for if the baby was a girl." Rachel finishes with a smile.

" Well me and Puck were talking and for a boy we were going to name him Lucas James Lopez-Puckerman." Santana says with a small smile.

" Those are cute names." Brittany says with a huge smile.

At school the next day.

" Oh look it's the sluts." Quinn says with a smirk and slushies Rachel.

" Q! You are off the squad!' Sue Sylvsters yells walking up and wrapping her arms around Santana, Rachel, and Brittany.

" WHAT!" Santana, Brittany, Quinn, and Rachel yell at the same time,

" I said Q you're off the squad. Nobody hurts my daughter's girlfriends." Sue says as she walks off.

" Britt how could you stay with these sluts?" Quinn asks as she looks at her ex-girlfriends with disgust.

" Because atleast they told me they were pregnant. You lied to us about you being pregnant." Brittany says with a glare.

" Whatever." Quinn says and then she walks away.

Three more months later.

Everybody is sitting in the outside waiting for Mr. Schue when Rachel and Santana let out pained gasps.

" Dude did you both just pee your pants?" Finn asks looking at the ground disgusted.

" No our water just broke." Rachel and Santana reply gasping in pain.

" Shit!" Puck, Mike, and Brittany yell quickly getting up and helping Santana and Rachel up getting them to Brittany's car and starting it.

" Puck call my mom and run to my house grab the pink bag for Rach and the blue bag for San." Brittany orders pulling Mike into the car to sit next to Rachel.

" Hang on girls we will be there soon." Brittany says as she speeds to the hospital.

When they get there Brittany picks Santana up while Mike picks Rachel up. As soon as they get in both girls are put in the same delivery room because they won't let go of the others hand.

" I want Quinn too." They both cry out.

" Shhh. I will call her don't worry." Brittany says quietly.

At 3:30 in the morning.

Baby Naya Elizabeth Berry-Chang and baby Lucas James Lopez-Puckerman were born.

" Knock knock." Quinn says standing in the doorway of the room.

" Come in." Brittany whispers staying quiet while both of her girlfriends and the babies sleep.

" Sorry I couldn't get her sooner." Quinn says quietly as she sits next Rachel who wakes up and smiles.

" Hey." Rachel whispers in a hoarse voice.

" Hey baby girl." Quinn whispers leaning in to kiss Rachel.

" Hey." Santana says having just woke up.

" Hey angle." Quinn says after kisses Rachel,

" You came?" Santana asks.

" Of course I did." Quinn replies leaning over to kiss her.

" Okay."

" Knock knock." The rest of the glee club say standing at the door.

" Hey come in." Brittany says with a smile handing Naya to Rachel and Lucas to Santana.

" Congradulations Rachel you actually have a beautiful baby." Kurt says with a smile.

Rachel's lower lip starts to tremble and she looks at Quinn, Santana, and Brittany.

" Get the hell out Hummle." Mike says pushing Kurt out.

Five days later when they leave the hospital.

" Thanks for coming back Quinn." Brittany says with a smile while running her fingers through a sleeping Santana's hair.

" I couldn't stay away." Quinn replies running her fingers through a sleeping Rachel's hair.

After the babies were born Sue bought Quinn, Santana, Rachel, Brittany, Puck, and Mike an apartment so they could take care of their babies together.

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