Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


8. Love and Exs

Santana Lopez, age 24, was in her favorite clothing store, in Seattle, her home. She was casually in her little bubble, flicking through the clothing racks, looking for anything to impress a certain someone when her bubble was burst and her world came crashing down

"Santana?" A tall bubbly blonde asks.

'Oh god, I'd recognize that voice from anywhere.' she cringed before putting on a brave face and turning to face the girl that broke her heart 6 years ago.

"Brittany!" she exclaimed happily

'You idiot.' she scolded herself 'Way to act like your normal self Santana.' It wasn't until she was facing her ex that she faltered

"and wheels." she shook her head "I mean Artie." she looked apologetic... Again not her normal self

"What are you two doing here?" She asks.

"Well we wanted to go shopping." Brittany answered easily.

"I think Santana was asking what we were doing in Seattle." Artie said softly with maybe a hint of nervousness as he nudged his glasses up with his index finger, sliding them up to the bridge of his nose.

"Oh we're on vacation." Brittany replied with a smile.

"We really wanted to see the city , seeing as the last time we were here it was for Schue's wedding and we wanted to see more of the city. We just got engaged." Artie said as if he just had to tell her that.

'Is he smirking at me?' The Latina sneered internally.

'If he weren't in a wheel chair I'd-" her own mouth cut her off.

"Congratulations, that's great, I'm happy for both of you!" She replied happily.

Suddenly Santana felt someone press against her back, and arms wrap around her middle, the person's hands locking on top of her stomach.

"Hey baby, sorry I'm late." was husked into her ear.

"Berry?" Brittany and Artie say a little surprised.

" Yeah hey. Babe I really am sorry I am late I was kept late at the hospital." Rachel says kissing Santana gently.

Santana just smiles thankfully at Rachel.

"What the hell are you doing on my Sanny?" Brittany asks with a confused look.

" Well Santana and I got together after graduation." Rachel replied coolly as if nothing happened


" Babe where are the girls?" Rachel asks noticing Rachel twin daughters are missing.

" Genesis and Naya are with Callie and Arizona and little Sophia babe." Rachel replies.

" Who are Genesis and Naya?" Artie asks.

" Oh they are our twin three year old daughters." Rachel replies before looking back at Santana. " How was work today sexy?" Rachel asks Santana looking at her hungrily.

" It was great but sad. I got a new case today and I don't know if she will live or not Zona is helping me." Santana replies with a happy smile.

" Wait where do you work?" Brittany asks really confused.

" I work at Seattle Grace- Mercy West hospital." Santana replies.

" You work at a hospital with actual people?" Artie asks surprised.

" Yeah I do got a problem with that wheels." Santana growls out.

" No, I actually work at a comic book making business." Artie says with a smug smile.

" Rach here works at the hospital with Callie in ortho." Santana replies smugly.

" I work at a dance studio." Brittany jumps in.

" That's great." Santana replies.

" San! Rach!" Arizona and Callie come running towards them with Genesis, Naya and Sophia quickly followed by Teddy Altman and her wife Addison Altman.

" Hey guys. Hey baby girls." Santana says picking Naya up while Genesis runs to Rachel.

" Hi mama and mommy." Genesis and Naya say at the same time.

" So where is my hug?" Arizona says with a pout causing Callie to hug her while the other four girls laugh.

" Sorry we don't know your names." Callie says looking at Artie and Brittany.

" This is Brittany and Artie we used to go to school together." Santana replies.

" So.. Bestie where is my hug?" Addison asks looking at Santana with a pout.

" Come here." Santana replies laughing and hugging Addison.

" Rach you okay?" Teddy asks looking at the short brunette.

" Yeah I'm fine just thinking." Rachel replies.

" San I'm still in love with you!" Brittany blurts out.

" Well I am married now been married for three years." Santana replies.

Later the night at the Lopez house.

Rachel had just gotten Genesis to go to sleep in her own bed while Santana was fighting with Naya who wouldn't go to sleep.

Walking into Naya's room Rachel sits on the bed.

" Nay you have to go to sleep mama and I have work in the morning." Rachel sighs.

Naya shakes her head quickly and makes pincher motions to Rachel with her hands.

Picking her up Rachel starts rocking her.

" Please baby we need you to go to sleep, Why won't you go to sleep?" Rachel asks tiredly.

" I wan' Gen." Naya whines out.

" Okay come on." Rachel says carrying Naya out of her own room and to Genesis' room.

" Genesis baby can Nay sleep here with you." Rachel whispers to her now awake three year old.

Genesis just nods and moves over opening her arms to allow her smaller sized twin to curl into her both girls falling asleep instantly.

" Come on San." Rachel whispers pulling her wife into their room.

" Guess this is what happens between love and exs" Santana whispers kissing Rachel gently before the both go to sleep.

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