Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


2. I'm sorry and I love you

Santana walked into the choir room to see Rachel already there. She smiled at Rachel they had gotten back together after a fight they had had March 13th.

" Hey babe." Santana says her smile growing when Rachel looked up at her.

" Hey. San there is something I need to tell you." Rachel says in a whisper when Santana sits down next to her.

" What is it babe?" Santana asks feeling kind of nervous.

" IsleptwithBrittany." Rachel says as fast as she could hoping Santana doesn't hear her.

The smile slipped off Santana's face. "You slept with Brittany?"

Rachel looked down. "I thought you should know," she started, hesitantly reaching out to take Santana's hand, "I… I want to be completely honest with you."

"Jesus!" Santana ripped her hand away, pushing back in her chair. "We… We were only broken up for two weeks, Rachel! And you…" She stopped, swallowing. "When?" she asked, voice thick.

Rachel bit her lower lip, tears gathering in her eyes.

"When?" Santana demanded again.

A tear slid down Rachel's cheek as she looked away. "March 13th," she whispered.

When Santana spoke, her voice was cold. "That was the day we broke up." Tightening her jaw, she stared at Rachel. "Wow." Head shaking, she clenched her eyes shut, blinking back tears a second later. "I'm done with you," she muttered, standing up, "I am done with you."

"San!" Rachel jumped up, "Please – "

"No." Santana shut her down completely, dark eyes burning black, "You know what? You don't get to ask me for anything." Voice rising, she took a step backwards, fists clenching at her sides. "Guess this," she gestured between them with quick, angry flicks of her hand, "Really wasn't anything, huh?"

Rachel flinched, taking another step forward. "We were, we were broken up," she tried to explain, "I was crying in the bathroom, and Brittany found me. She… She comforted me, and she took me home, and… But, but you and I weren't together anymore!" Her voice broke as she begged Santana to listen.

"For two fucking hours!" Santana roared, throwing her hands down violently. She took in a deep, shuddering breath, the tears she couldn't hold back anymore spilling down her cheeks. "And now I know why you broke up with me. What? You wouldn't be out with me, you didn't know if you were over Finn yet, 'you weren't even sure you liked women'," Santana snarled in impression of the words Rachel had told her two weeks ago, "But you turn around and fuck Brittany? Yeah, you don't like pussy, you fucking hypocrite!"

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Rachel sobbed, digging the palms of her hands into her eyes, "But I was so confused and afraid, and – " She forced Santana to meet her eyes, the pain she saw on Santana's face making it hard to breathe. "I was scared. I was so scared."

Santana ripped her gaze away and buried her face into her hands, fingers digging into her scalp. She shook her head, screaming at the top of her lungs. She screamed until she couldn't draw breath, until she felt lightheaded. "For two weeks," she begged with the little air she had left, "I wanted to know what I'd done wrong. Maybe I hadn't shown you how I felt, or I wasn't good enough. Maybe it seemed like I was ashamed of you. I didn't fucking know! So I chased you, tried to get you to talk to me. I wanted to show you that it was okay to be with me. Dammit, Rachel," she gasped out, "I just wanted you."

Dissolving into coughs as her lungs constricted, Santana stiffened when cautious arms slid around her. With weak but determined hands, she pushed against Rachel's chest. "Get back," she protested, "You can't, you don't get to touch me, either. I don't want you to touch me! Get off! I don't want… I don't want you!"

Rachel hugged her tightly, pressing her face into Santana's shoulder, almost crawling onto Santana's lap when they sunk to the floor.

Santana's body sagged, and she let Rachel hold her. "Get off. I don't want you," she mumbled again, starting to cry again, her uncontrollable anger bleeding into defeated sadness.

"I know… I know." Whispering quietly, her voice and body trembling, Rachel pulled Santana's head down to rest her forehead onto her shoulder. "I know, honey," tears continued to drip down her face, "I know."

" Why would you do this to me?" Santana asked breathlessly.

" I don't know San I really don't know.. But I'm so sorry. I'll do everything and anything I can to fix this." Rachel replied as she moved so that Santana was fully on her lap. As she ran her fingers through dark hair.

" Please. Tell me if you love me because I'm so confused." Santana responds as her brething starts to even out.

" I love you Santana so much. Sleeping with Brittany meant nothing to me.. You are the only one I want baby.. Only you." Rachel mumbles into the darker girls neck.

" Please don't do that again." Santana asks as she snuggles more into Rachel's side.

" I promise baby.. I promise you." Rachel says as she tightens her arms around the darker girl.


March 13th.

Santana and Rachel were in the choir room fighting about their relationship when Rachel said something that broke Santana's heart.

" I think we should break up." Rachel mumbled.

" What? Why?" Santana asked pleadingly.

" I just don't know if I am over FInn or if I like girls." Rachel said quietly.

" I-I hate you!" Santana yelled running out of the room to hide her tears.

Rachel walked to the nearest girls' bathroom and slid down the wall crying.

Brittany was walking by the bathroom when she heard crying. She walked into the bathroom to see Rachel crying.

" Rachie are you okay?" She asks kneeling down next to Rachel.

" San and I broke up and she hates me." Rachel mumbles through her tears.

Brittany hugs Rachel tightly. " I'm sorry Rachie.. Quinn and I had a fight about coming out to the school."

" I just want to go home." Rachel cries into Brittany's chest.

" Okay." Brittany says, she stands up and pulls Rachel with her as she walks out of the bathroom and they grab their stuff.

At Rachel's house.

" I just don't understand Britt.. I am just so confused how am I supposed to know if I am in love with Finn or Santana if I don't even know if I like girls?" Rachel asks as she lays in her bed next to Brittany.

" I don't either Rach. I mean Quinn tells me she loves me and yet she doesn't want to come out to the school with me. She doesn't even want to come out to the glee club with me." Brittany says as she looks towards misty; light; brown eyes.

Before they know what's happening they are both making out. Five minutes later Rachel is topless along with Brittany.

They end up having sex that afternoon until they fall asleep and wake up two hours later. When they realise what had happened they both apologize and then Brittany leaves while Rachel drive to Santana's.

End of flashback.

" YOU DID WHAT!" Quinn screams out as her and Brittany are sitting in her car after an intense make-out session.

" I'm so sorry Quinn. I was just so upset. I mean you didn't want to come out with me to the school or the glee club so I though you were ashamed of me." Brittany says looking down with tears in her eyes.

" So you cheated on me with Rachel?" Quinn asks full on crying.

" It just happened. I mean we were both upset. I found her crying in the bathroom and then we went to her house and started talking. I didn't mean for any of it to happen." Brittany speaks through her tears.

" I-I can't.. You cheated on me! With my best friend!" Quinn screamed though her voice was a bit hoarse because of crying..

" I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry baby." Brittany cries wrapping her arms around Quinn tightly.

" No! No! You don't get to do this to me!" Quinn rasps out as she tries to push against Brittany's strong grip.

" Baby please. I'm sorry it meant nothing to me I was just so upset. I'll do anything to ix this please what do I need to do?" Brittany pleads.

" Please. Tell me if you love me because I'm so confused." Quinn responds as she slowly starts to calm down.

" I love you Quinn so so much. Sleeping with Rachel meant nothing to me.. You are the only one I want baby.. Only you." Brittany mumbles into the smaller girls hair.

" Please don't do that again." Quinn asks as she snuggles more into Brittany's side.

" I promise baby.. I promise you." Brittany says as she tightens her arms around the smaller girl.

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