Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


1. I'm Pregnant

Rachel Berry was walking through the halls at school a few days after a party at Puck's. She had gone because of a fight she had with two of her three girlfriends. She has been dating Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, and Brittany Peirce for close to a year now.

The fight was about how Santana and Quinn didn't want to come out with her as a couple. She still couldn't believe that they had both smacked her and called her vulgor names.


Rachel, Santana, Quinn, and Brittany were all laying on Santana's bed after a round of sex.

" Rae are you okay?" Brittany asked tightening her arms around Rachel.

Santana and Quinn turn to look at Rachel when she doesn't answer. When they look over Rachel is just staring up at the ceiling.

" Rachel?" Quinn asks as Santana moves to see her better.

Rachel hums in response and looks towards Quinn.

" You keep zoning off." Santana responds before the other two can say anything.

" Sorry.. I'm just thinking." Rachel replies with a small forced smile.

" Rae what are you thinking about?" Brittany questions when Rachel looks back at the ceiling.

" Are you guys ashamed of me?" Rachel asks in a small voice.

" Why the hell would you think that!" Santana screams as she sits up pulling the sheets with her.

" You guys don't want to come out with me.. You insult me instead of being my friends at school or my girlfriends. So sorry if I want to know if your ashamed of me." Rachel whispers climbing off the bed and looking for her clothes.

" Where the hell are you going.. Stop being a bitch Rachel." Quinn growls out getting off the bed and forcefully grabbing her wrist.

" I'm being a bitch? Really! Look in a mirror Fabray!" Rachel yelled, stumbling back when Quinn slaps her really hard.

" Shut the hell up manhands!" Santana yells also getting up and slapping her.

Both Quinn and Santana gasp when they realize what they did and step forward to apoligize.

Rachel laughs humorlessly and starts putting her cloohes on. " Glad you love me!" She says as she spits out blood. " Look I'm going to Puck's party.. So don't talk to me if you see me there." Rachel growls out as tears fall from her eyes; she then runs out the door missing the regretfull looks of two cheerios and the sad look of the third.

At Puck's Party.

Rachel is completely drunk and dancing with Puck when he calls her beautiful they end up kissing in his room.

The next morning Rachel wakes up in his arms and gasps when she remembers what happened. Quickly waking him up and then grabbing their clothes.

" I'm so sorry Rach.." Puck exclaims as he hugs her after they get dressed.

" It's fine Noah." Rachel mumbles.

End of Flashback.

Rachel gets to her destination which is right infrot of Lauren, Puck, Mike, and Tina. Lauren knows about what happened and isn't angry. Mike and Tina found out when Rachel told them about the fight and what happened afterward.

" Noah." Rachel says tears filling her eyes at what she is about to tell him.

" What is it Rach?" Puck asks as her hugs her seeing the tears.

" I'm pregnant." She whispers only loud enough for the other four to hear.

" Shh it is going to be okay... We'll help you take care of the baby." Lauren says in a soft voice nobody has ever heard her use.

" Yea Rach we promise." Tina and Mike say in unision.

" We need to get to Glee club and I have to tell the girls." Rachel whispers.

The other four nod and follow her to Glee.


When they get into the room Rachel walks over to the three cheerios with the other four following.

" Can we talk?" Rachel asks quietly.

" Why are they following you?" Santana questions in her HBIC voice.

" They already know about us." Rachel whispers.

" WHAT!" Santana and Quinn shout at the same time and then they start yelling at her at the same time.

" Just shut up! I need to tell you something!" Rachel growls.

When both cheerios go quiet and look at her she continues.

" I went to Puck Party a few days ago me and Noah had both been extremely drunk and ended up sleeping together.. I was just so angry and hurt at what you did and that you had hit me.. When I got to the party I just drank everything I could find.. Noah and I started dancing and he called me extremely beautiful and for the first time I felt beautiful.. Now I-I'm pregnant.." Rachel finishes in a whisper.

Santana blows up right when the rest of the glee club walked in.

" You slut! How could you cheat on us and now you're pregnant with a bastard child! We are so through!" Santana yells and then slaps Rachel hard.

" I can't believe you! You whore! You slept with Puck who is in a relationship with Lauren! We are so through!" Quinn also yells slapping Rachel just as hard.

When Brittany walks toward Rachel she backs away and whimpers but Brittany just brings her into a tight hug.

" I know baby.. It is not your fault." Brittany whispers in her ear softly while rubbing her back.

" Britt! She fucking cheated on us! Of course it is her fault!" Santana yells.

" No it is yours and Quinn's fault! You shouldn't have slapped her and called her mean names!" Brittany yells back sitting down with Rachel on her lap.

" She accused us of being ashamed!" Quinn yelled.

" Whatever." Brittany responded standing up with Rachel. " Mr. Schue I'm taking Rachel home." Brittany said walking out carrying Rachel with Puck, Lauren, Mike, and Tina following.


Three months later.

Rachel walked into the choir room and walked up to Mr. Schue.

" I'm sorry.. I have to quit I just can't handle it and then she runs out.

" See what you guys do! She is so in love with you and you hurt her and now she is giving up the one thing she loves besides us!" Brittany yells and runs after Rachel with everyone else.

Quinn and Santana think for a second before running after them.

" Rachel wait!" Santana yells.

" Rach baby.. We are so sorry." Quinn says when they catch up to her.

" We didn't mean what we said. We were just upset that you thought we were ashamed of you." Santana says quietly.

Rachel stares at them for a second and then hugs them Brittany and the other four joining the hug after a while.


Six months later Rachel gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Naya Elizabeth Berry- Puckerman.

8 lbs 6 ounces.

Beautiful brown eyes and a puff of brown hair.

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