Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


7. Hello World

It was in the middle of glee when Rachel got the call. It was her daddy Leroy him and her other dad Hiram had been in a car crash with her three year old daughter Naya Elizabeth Berry.

Naya has short blonde hair and green eyes she was. Rachel was raped when she was fourteen.

But let start from the beginning shall we?

Earlier that morning with Rachel at her house.

" Good morning dad and daddy." Rachel says as she walks down the stairs and into the kitchen with her three year old daughter Naya following and holding her hand.

" Morning princess. Morning baby girl." Both Leroy and Hiram say smiling when they see their grandbaby.

" Mornin' grandpa and pappy." Naya says in her adorable little voice.

Naya is wearing a beautiful little yellow sundress with her white cardigan that Rachel had picked out. Rachel was wearing a pink sundress with a purple sundress, Naya had pointed to it saying she wanted mommy and her to look the same.

Quickly kissing Naya and her dads Rachel grabs and apple and her bag.

" I have to go to school baby girl.. Mommy will see you after grandpa and pappy are going to take you to the park for a but before Ashley gets here." Rachel says when Naya reaches for her hand.

" Otay. Bye mama." Naya says giving Rachel a sloppy kiss.

Rachel walks into the school and everyone stops and stares.

Nobody knows about Naya not even her three girlfriends, Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, and Brittany S. Peirce they are out as a couple but only in glee club.

Glee practice is early in the morning today since it is Monday and the first day of school after summer break.

" Hey Rachie.." Brittany says hugging her shortest girlfriend tightly.

" Hey Britt-Britt." Rachel replied before pulling away and heading toward the choir room.

" Hey Rach Britts." Santana says as she saunters up to them.

" Hey San." They both reply at the same time.

Quinn is the last of the girls to walk up.

" Hey Baby, Ducky, and San." She says as she walks up to them.

" Hey Q." Santana replies.

" Hey Quinny." Brittany says.

" Hey Quinn." Rachel answers before walking into the choir room quickly followed by her three girlfriends.

" Nice of you girls to join us." Mr. Schuester says in an annoyed voice.

" Can it Schue.. " Santana replies in an annoyed voice.

" Alright then if anybody has a song to sing come on-" Mr. Schue is interrupted by a phone going off..

Rachel quickly answers after seeing her daddy's picture.

" Daddy?" Rachel asks in the phone.

" Rachel there's been an accident." Leroy starts.

" Is everyone okay!" Rachel asks in alarm catching everyone's attention even more.

" Rachel your dad died on impact and Naya isn't breathing." Leroy replies.

" Oh god! Please let her be okay!" Rachel sobs out.

Santana quickly wraps her arm around her girlfriend and tightens it more to show she is there..

" Baby I need you to get to the Lima General Hospital now!" Leroy shouts into the phone before hanging up.

Rachel grabs all of her stuff and runs out of the room without a goodbye.

Santana, Quinn, and Brittany go to follow her but Schuester being the ass he is makes them stay.

At Lima General Hospital.

Rachel runs into the hospital and right up to her daddy.

" Is she okay?" Rachel asks quickly falling into her daddy's arms.

" She is fine princess. But your dad has passed away." Leroy whispers tightening his arms around Rachel.

Just then a blonde female doctor comes up to them on heelies.

" Naya is doing great but she keeps asking for her mama." Arizona robbins says smiling politely at them.

" Thank you. Will she be able to go home tonight?" Rachel asks quietly.

" Yes. Your father just needs to fill out some paper work. Naya has a broken arm but other than that she is perfectly fine. My wife Calliope told me to mention that you need to be careful with her arm when you pick her up or bathe her." Arizona says all in one breath.

" Okay thanks. Can I go see her now?" Rachel asks.

" Of course." Arizona says instructing Rachel to Naya's room.

" MOMMY!" Rachel hears Naya screaming as soon as she gets close enough to the room.

" Baby girl mommy is right here." Rachel says as soon as she sees her daughter.

" Mama go home now?" Naya asks in an adorable way.

" Yes." Rachel replies gently picking up Naya and walking out of the room after changing her into some clothes Arizona had handed her.

Rachel walks into the choir room holding Naya after they leave the hospital.

" Rachie who is she?" Brittany asks.

" Uncle Noah!" Naya yells once she sees Puck.

" Uncle Noah?" Santana asks looking at Rachel.

" Mr. Schue I have a song I would like to sing." Rachel says ignoring Santana.

" Go ahead." Mr. Schue says waving towards the floor.

" Okay so I thought of this after little Naya here got into a car accident with my dads. Daddy survived but Dad died." Rachel says nodding to the band.

"Traffic cars, cell phone calls, talk video screams at me
Through my tinted window
I see a little girl, rust red minivan
She's got chocolate on her face, got little hands
And she waves at me, yeah, she smiles at me

Well, hello world, how you been?
Good to see you, my old friend
Sometimes I feel cold as steel
Broken like I'm never gonna heal
I see a light, a little hope in a little girl
Well, hello world

Every day I drive by a little white church
It's got these little white crosses
Like angels in the yard
Maybe I should stop on in, say a prayer
Maybe talk to God like He is there
Oh, I know He's there
Yeah, I know He's there

Well, hello world, how you been?
Good to see you, my old friend
Sometimes I feel as cold as steel
Broken like I'm never gonna heal
I see a light, a little grace, a little faith unfurls
Well, hello world

Sometimes I forget what living's for
And I hear my life through my front door
And I breathe it in
Oh, I'm home again
And I see my wife, little boy, little girl
Hello world
Hello world

Well the empty disappears
I remember why I'm here
Just surrender and believe
I fall down on my knees
Well hello world
Hello world
Hello world"

When Rachel finishes everyone claps loudly.

" Rachel who is Naya?" Santana asks looking at her girlfriend.

" She is my three year old daughter from when I was raped at the age of fourteen." Rachel replies.

" Mama sing Hewwo worwd again." Naya claps.

" No baby I have to let others sing now." Rachel replies.

" We are just glad you didn't cheat on us Rach." Brittany, Quinn, and Santana say before each kissing the diva.

" Hello world." Rachel whispers.

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