Faberitana one-shots

One-shots based on Faberittana.. Pezberry, Brittberry, Faberry, Quinntana, Brittana, FaPeirce, Faberittana, and other ways of coupling them. Rating depends on one-shots


5. Detention Helped Me Love You

"Don't start with me, Lopez! Just because everyone assumes your the school slut,
doesn't mean that none of us have problems!" Quinn yelled. She had tears
brimming her eyes and was about to break.

Four girls, fighting in an enclosed space. Hot, right? Every teenage boy's
fantasy. This was the number one thing on Noah Puckerman's Christmas
. Yeah, so not like how the movies play it out to be.

Quinn Fabray, the ultimate girl and captain of the Cheerio's cheer squad.
Santana Lopez, the girl who everyone wants - and the girl everyone gets-
leader of the lacrosse team. Brittany , the dumbest girl on Earth with
the best dance moves (except Mike Chang, obviously). Rachel Berry -insert gold
star here- everyone sees her as the horrible, stuck up loser who just happens
to win every track competition.

Quinn opened the door to the choir room. The other girls were there, waiting
to begin.

"Nice of you to join us, Fabray." Santana scoffed. Quinn rolled her eyes and
sat down.

"Shall we discuss the funding?" Rachel asked, determined to get the majority
of the budget. The captains had all been told by Principal Figgins to discuss
who got which budgets- $1000, $750, $500 and $200. Everyone knew that no one
could do anything with less than $750.

"Well, I think that dancing deserves the grand because we're the only ones who
don't have a pet as a mascot." Brittany said.

"Lauren Zizes isn't an animal, Britt." Santana told her ex-bestfriend.

"Don't be ridiculous, Santana."

"Oh my God, you are all idiots." Quinn murmured under her breath.

"Excuse me, little miss Hudson!" Santana mocked.

"Finn and I are over, Santana."

"You are?" Rachel grinned.

"Shut up, Berry!" Santana growls.

" Why don't you!" Rachel growls back.

" Both of you shut up!" Quinn yells.

Brittany just holds her head between her hands, shaking it every few seconds.

" Atleast I didn't get pregnant by my boyfriends bestfriend!" Rachel yells glaring at Quinn who recoils.

" Well atleast people actually like me. My parents too!" Santana yells seeing one of her ex-bestfriends with tears in her eyes angers her.

Rachel backs up into the wall with tears falling down her face." My dads love me." She whispers not quite believing it herself.

Brittany stands up having had about enough of them tearing eachother down.

" All of you just shut up! Rachel that wasn't nice. San you need to stop too." Brittany says while pulling Quinn into a hug.

" Oh come on Rupaul are you seriously crying." Santana says with an evil grin.

" Leave me alone Slutana." Rachel says in a growl.

Santana growls and runs at Rachel ready to punch her when Brittany and Quinn run and stand between her and Rachel.

" You are so dead Rupaul!" Santana yells running through Quinn and Brittany.

Rachel back up as far as she can into the wall.

" Santana stop you're scaring her!" Brittany and Quinn yell.

" She deserves it." Santana growls.

That's when Principal Figgins decides to walk in.

" Girls! Girls! Calm down!" Figgins yells watching as Quinn and Brittany hold Santana back from Rachel. " All four of you have detention!" He yells giving them all four a piece of paper. " Detention is after school in the Spanish classroom.

After school in the Spanish classroom.

" Girls I thought we talked about this." Mr. Schue the Spanish/Glee teacher.

" It's Rachel's fault." Santana replies crossing her arms while Quinn and Brittany nod.

Rachel just looks down knowing nobody likes her, not even her teachers. Her only friend is her white husky Lena.

" Rachel you need to stop with all of this drama." Mr. Schue says sticking up for the other three as usual.

" Yes, Mr. Schue." Rachel whispers in a broken voice making all three of the other girls feel bad.

" Alright I am going to be in the teachers' lounge. Behave and no more fighting." Mr. Schue says walking out of the room.

As soon as Mr. Schue leaves the room Brittany speaks up.

" Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

Santana and Quinn look at her and then just shake their heads while Rachel just stares ahead of her.

" You okay?" Quinn asks moving to sit next to her followed by Brittany and a reluctant Santana.

" You were all right." Rachel whispers her voice breaking, not looking at them.

" What do you mean?" Santana asks her ina softer tone.

" Nobody likes me. Not even my dads." Rachel replies and then looks down to hide her tears.

" Of course your dads like you Rachel." Quinn wraps an arm around Rachel.

" No they don't. My dads had a surrogate birth me. I mean I don't even know Shelby and when I tried to get to know her she left me to adopt Beth. My dads don't even live with me. They moved to New York when I was thirteen. The only reason I'm not in a foster home is because nobody has realised any of this." Rachel whispers in tears messing with her sleeves which all three of the other girls notice.

" Rachel lift up your sleeves." Santana says.

Rachel silently obeys showing off an array of cuts on both her arms.

All three girls gasp upon seeing this.

" Why would you do this?" Santana growls.

" Because I knew nobody wanted me around. I tried to kill myself but Noah stopped me." Rachel whispers talking about her fellow Jew.

" Rachel, You are wrong I like you. Your dads are missing out on an amazing girl. I want you to stop cutting." Santana whispers wrapping her arms around Rachel.

" I've tried." Rachel mumbles into Santana's neck where her face ended up.

Taking in the scent of spices an vanilla that is Santana Rachel slowly calms down.

" I miss Beth," Quinn whispers." I never wanted to give her up. I just wasn't ready to be a mom. I didn't want to disappoint her when she was older. I mean I couldn't do that to her. But it hurts so much knowing that she is being raised by someone else." Quinn gets out in a broken voice with tears streaming down her face.

" Maybe you could talk to Shelby about letting you see Beth." Rachel says in a whisper curling into Santana's warmth.

Brittany wraps Quinn into a hug and runs her fingers through Quinn's hair.

" I don't want to hurt you." Quinn replies.

" You won't she doesn't even want me so go ahead." Rachel whispers.

" Rachel stop it. If you told her about your dads maybe she will take you back." Brittany says.

" I don't want to set myself up for heartbreak." Rachel says standing up and walking to the front of the room.

" Rachel, come here," Santana says patting her lap which Rachel walks back and sits on. " I'm going to tell you all something I have never talked about."

" What is it?" Rachel practically purrs from the warmth coming from Santana.

" Do you remember when Quinn came back to the squad and became captain after blurting out that I had surgery?" Santana asks looking at all three girls who nod.

" Yeah sorry about that S." Quinn says.

" It's fine. Anyway the reason I had that done is because I was self-concious I didn't feel pretty. So I decided to have the surgery. But before that my mom had died of breast cancer and I didn't wan to die of it. My dad thought I would be fine but I went against his wishes and told the doctor I was 18 and I used a fake I.D to get the surgery. Then I started sleeping around. Just like how Quinn slept with Puck and lied about it to Finn saying he was Beth's father. I had been pregnant but had a miscarriage." Santana whispers.

"Don't start with me, Lopez! Just because everyone assumes your the school slut,
doesn't mean that none of us have problems!" Quinn yelled. She had tears
brimming her eyes and was about to break.

" I know that Quinn. I was just stating a fucking fact!" Santana yells causing Rachel to jump and try to move away from her. " Rachel please I didn't mean to scare you." Santana whispers tightening her arms around Rachel.

" I don't want to be the steriotype everyone thinks I am. Because they are right. Just because I have two gay dads and now I am in love with three girls who could never love a loser like me back." Rachel whispers still trying to move out of Santana's arms.

" Stop. Who are you in love with." Santana whispers preparing herself for heatbreak.

" All three of you." Rachel whispers finally breaking out of Santana's strong grip and running out of the room leaving behind a shocked Cheerio's captain, a shocked lacrosse captain, and a shocked dance team captain.

" Oh shit!" Santana yells standing up and running after Rachel closely followed by Quinn and Brittany.

Running as fast as they could they caught up to Rachel finding her in the girls bathroom getting ready to cut her wrist.

" STOP!" Santana, Quinn, and Brittany yell in unision scaring Rachel who drops the blade.

Rachel bends down to grab the blade only to have it kicked away from her. Also to be pulled into a passionate kiss by Santana.

Rachel pulls away really fast and backs into the wall.

" Why are you doing this to me?" She asks in such a quiet voice Santana barely hears her.

" Because we love you back." Brittany says in a sad voice.

" But you have all made my life miserable." Rachel says staring at them in confusion.

" We know and we are so sorry." Santana says pulling Rachel's back to her front.

Rachel relaxes into her touch and closes her eyes enjoying the feel of Santana against her body.

" You smell so good." Rachel nearly purrs making Santana, Quinn, and Brittany moan at the sound.

" Mmmm. Rachel we should head back to the detention room." Santana purrs.

Rachel just nods and slowly starts walking with Santana to the detention room where they find Mr. Schue looking angry.

" Where were you!" He yells looking at just Rachel.

" Schue she was in the bathroom getting sick back off!" Santana growls tightening her arms around Rachel gently.

" Santana I will not be talked to in that way." Mr. Schuester says in an authorative tone.

" William let them leave now." Emma Phillsbury coach of the track team says with a sympathetic look to Rachel.

" Yes William let my neice and the other three leave the room." Sue Sylvester says walking forward and putting an arm on Rachel's shoulder.

" RACHEL'S YOUR NEICE!" Everyone but Rachel and Sue yell.

" Yes she is." Sue says with a proud smile.

" Thanks aunt Sue. I will see you at the house." Rachel says before walking out of the room followed by Santana, Quinn, and Brittany; they had all four already grabbed their stuff.

" What happens now?" Rachel asks on her way to her car.

" We go to my house." Santana replies.

Rachel, Quinn, and Brittany nod and get into their cars waiting on Santana to drive so they can follow.

Santana drives off followed by Rachel, then Quinn and Brittany in Quinn's car.

At Santana's house.

" Rach stop pacing you're making me dizzy." Brittany says watching Rachel pace back and forth.

" Sorry. I just can't believe you guys like me back. I mean I'm Rachel 'Rupaul' 'Manhands' Berry." Rachel replies in a quiet voice before sitting down on the ground.

" Hey. Stop. Don't think like that." Santana says sitting down and pulling Rachel onto her lap.

" I can't help it. You and Quinn taught me to be insecure about myself." Rachel mumbles curling into Santana.

" I am so sorry." Santana and Quinn say in unision.

Two months later in Glee.

Rachel is sitting in the room waiting for her girlfriends when Finn walks in with an angry expression.

" I still can't believe you chose those three over me!" FInn yelled glaring at the tiny girl.

" Yous best be steppin' away from my girl Finnept." Santana growls shoving the giant boy away from her scared girlfriend while Brittany pulls Rachel into a hug.

" What is going on here! Rachel I told you not to start anymore drama." William Schuester says glaring at the small diva.

" William what have I told you about talking to my neice like that it is obvious the jolly green giant was trying to intimidate her," Sue Sylvester says with a glare to ." Q, S, and B take Rachel to my house now!"

Not wanting to get in trouble all three girls get in Santana's car and drive to the Sylvester mansion.

At Rachel's.

" Rach baby I love you." Santana, Quinn, and Brittany say in unision.

" I love all three of you also." Rachel replies.

" Detention helped me love all three of you." Santana says.

" Detention helped me love all three of you also." Rachel says.

" Detention helped me love all three of you too." Quinn says.

" Detention helped me love all three of you." Brittany says kissing all three girls.

" Forever and always." All four girls say in unision.

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