Guns and Roses

What if it was Andrea who got shot instead of Carl. What if Andrea almost dies when they meet the Greene family. What if Maggie falls for Andrea.


3. Welcome to the Greene's Farm


"They need blood for her Amy but I don't know her blood type." Rick whispers.

"She's O positive like me." Amy says before rushing inside.

"Amy-" Rick doesn't get to finish his sentence before Amy is inside and all he hears is a scream before he rushes inside

As soon as he gets back into the house he is knocked into by Sophia and Amy who are both sobbing. Looking up at Maggie, Patricia, and Beth with a helpless look Rick mouths help.

"Amy..We need you to give blood now." Herschel says as he comes out of the room.

Amy quickly walks into the room and straightens out her arms so they can test for a good vein before sticking her with a needle. While Herschel is taking blood from Amy he realizes it won't be enough blood and looks at Maggie who is also O positive. Maggie quickly straightens out her arms while Patricia looks for a good vein before sticking a needle in her arm.

"Maggie you don't have to do that." Rick says quietly.

"Yes I do. I'm the only other person it seems who has her blood type." Maggie replies.

"I need to get the rest of my group here. Can you tell me how to get here off of the highway?" Rick asks.

Maggie is the one who answers and then Rick is off running and getting the rest of the group.

With the group

"I can't believe Andrea was shot… I mean she did everything I would have done." Glenn says sadly.

"Do you think she will make it?" Carl asks quietly.

"I don't know baby." Lori replies wrapping her arms tightly around her son.

All of a sudden Rick is jumping over the trail and running straight for them.

"Rick! How is Andrea?" Lori asks quickly.

"She is getting a blood transfusion. Everyone get in the cars Glenn are you finished with the radiator hose?" Rick asks.

"Yea just tightening the bolts." Glenn replies.

"Well let's go. The Greene's won't wait for long." Rick says.

They all pile into the cars and head to the Greene farm following Rick as he drives. When they pull into the driveway Sophia runs up to the Grimes' car and when her mom gets out quickly hugs her. Maggie walks outside and toward the group as they gather around mother and daughter.

"Welcome to the Greene's family farm." Maggie says with a smile.

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