Guns and Roses

What if it was Andrea who got shot instead of Carl. What if Andrea almost dies when they meet the Greene family. What if Maggie falls for Andrea.


6. Wake Up


After the song they took Andrea's body outside to bury her.

Maggie wakes up with a scream before she quickly runs to the room Andrea is in. Walking over to the bed she quickly sits down and feels for a pulse. When Andrea starts to move she stands up quickly.

"Maggie?" Andrea asks in a cracked voice.

"Yeah it's me." Maggie replies.

"Why are you shaking?" Andrea asks concerned.

"I had a nightmare. You died and I couldn't save you." Maggie whispers.

"I know this might sound stupid. I feel like I've known you my whole life and I've barley known you a day." Andrea whispers back.

"I feel the same." Maggie replies.

Andrea pulls Maggie down to her face and with a smile lightly kisses her on the lips. Maggie smiles into the kiss and deepens it slowly. Andrea slowly pulls Maggie down on the bed in the empty space beside her. That's what Glen walks in on as he comes to check on Maggie.

"Um… I'm just gonna go." Glen says before quickly leaving the room.

Maggie and Andrea burst out laughing before Andrea cringes in pain.

"Are you okay Andrea?" Maggie asks concerned.

"Yeah just hurts to laugh." Andrea replies.

"Okay. I wanna go to sleep but don't wanna leave you." Maggie whispers.

"Then stay here with me." Andrea replies.

"Wake me up if you need me." Maggie whispers kissing Andrea quickly before settling down to go to sleep.

"I will." Andrea whispers back before going to sleep herself.

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