Guns and Roses

What if it was Andrea who got shot instead of Carl. What if Andrea almost dies when they meet the Greene family. What if Maggie falls for Andrea.


7. The Past


"Then stay here with me." Andrea replies.

"Wake me up if you need me." Maggie whispers kissing Andrea quickly before settling down to go to sleep.

"I will." Andrea whispers back before going to sleep herself.

The group is in the room with Andrea again. Amy and Maggie sitting next to her on the bed on either side.

"I thought we could talk about the past. What we did and stuff." Amy whispers.

Everyone agrees and Andrea volunteers to go first.

"I was a civil rights Lawyer. Lived in a small apartment with my little girl and her father. Her father was my best friend since high school. One night we got really drunk because of a case I had and then I ended up with my baby girl. I had told him I was going on a road trip with Amy and that I would see them when I get back. I had no clue any of this would happen." Andrea whispers.

Amy and Maggie both put and arm around her.

"I was in college and had a boyfriend his name was Zach we were studying to become police officers. We were together for the first three years of college and were in our fourth year. Zach asked me to marry him and I said yes. Then Andrea and I decided on a road trip and I haven't seen or heard from him since." Amy says.

"I was in middle school. My mom came to pick me up. She told me that my dad had been shot. Then all this happened. While we were in a camp near Atlanta Andrea and the group she was with brought him back to me." Carl says.

"My daddy used to beat me and my mommy. Shane made him stop. Then we had an attack at the camp and he got killed. I have a dolly see." Sophia says and then shows them the doll.

"I was married to a wonderful woman. She was my whole life. Two weeks before this happened she died in the hospital from cancer." Dale says.

"I was in the army." Samantha says.

"I had just gotten home from college to visit for Thanksgiving." Maggie says.

"I was in middle school. I was a straight a student." Beth says.

Everyone else goes around and says what they did before the end of the world. Then they all start to leave the room. Andrea lays in the bed while Herschel changes her bandage.

"It looks to be healing perfectly. Tomorrow you should try walking a bit. Not to much and then go on from there." Herschel replies.

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