Guns and Roses

What if it was Andrea who got shot instead of Carl. What if Andrea almost dies when they meet the Greene family. What if Maggie falls for Andrea.


2. Amy


When Rick gets closer to the farm house he yells for help. Maggie and her father rushes to meet him. Seeing he is carrying a bloody woman the old man rushes forward.

"Are you Herschel?" Rick asks

"Yes. Is she bit?" He asks.

"No she was shot by your man!" Rick yells.

"Otis? He would never do that." Herschel says.

"Well he shot her." Rick replies.

"Okay let's get her inside. So we can determine the damage." Herschel says as he helps Rick carry Andrea inside the house. "PATRICIA GET MY MEDICAL BAG!" He yells.

Not even a minute and a half later a blonde woman walks into the room holding a bag. As she and Maggie get Andrea's shirt off Rick talks with Rick.

"Herschel I need her sister Amy here only Amy knows her blood type." Rick whispers.

"We will find a way to get her here." Herschel replies.

"Dad I can go get her. I just need the name and where she is." Maggie says.

"Her name is Amy and we are parked on the highway only a few miles away from here." Rick replies.

That's all Maggie needs to run out the door with a bat and hop on a horse. She doesn't want the gorgeous girl to die.

"Mr. Grimes will she be okay?" Sophia asks.

"I don't know." Rick replies to the little girl he forgot was there.

With Daryl

Daryl runs through the woods as quick as he can rushing up the hill and jumping over the rail onto the highway. When he gets there he is out of breath and is surrounded by the rest of the group.

"Did you find them. We heard three shots. Is anyone hurt?" Lori asks holding Carl's hand

"We found them. Andrea appears to have killed two walkers. When we found them Andrea was on the ground covered in blood she had been shot. Sophia was kneeling over her crying." Daryl says.

"Oh god. Not Andrea." Amy says as she breaks out in sobs.

Carol slowly wraps her arms around Amy. Rocking side to side like she does at night when Sophia gets scared.

"Daryl how was she when you left?" Carol asks.

"I don't know." Daryl replies.

Not even five minutes after he says that a woman on a horse is right behind him.

"I'm looking for Amy. Rick sent me, your sister was shot." Maggie says.

"I'm Amy." Amy says quickly walking over to Maggie.

"We have no time we have to get back. Hop on." Maggie says helping the small blonde onto the horse before riding off.

With Rick

"Rick how is she?" Shane asks after rushing in the house with Otis.

"She is breathing but they need to get blood. They need to do surgery." Rick replies.

"We don't have the right stuff to do it though Rick." Herschel says.

"I can make a run to get supplies." Otis replies.

"The only hospital burned down weeks ago." Herschel says.

"Yeah but there is still the school. They had a base set up there when it started." Otis replies.

"I'll go with you." Shane says and before you know it they are both gone.

Rick just looks out the window when he sees Maggie riding on the horse with Amy. He runs outside before Amy is off the horse and tackling him in a hug and sobbing.

"They need blood for her Amy but I don't know her blood type." Rick whispers.

"She's O positive like me." Amy says before rushing inside.

"Amy-" Rick doesn't get to finish his sentence before Amy is inside and all he hears is a scream before he rushes inside.

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