I'll Always Protect You

Rachel and the whole glee club are at Brittany's for a zombie movie marathon but what happens when it turns into real life


4. We Have To Leave


"Baby girl you know I love you so much." Santana replies kissing Rachel gently.

"Rachie I love you so much." Brittany replies kissing Rachel passionately.

"Of course I love you angel." Quinn replies leaning over Santana and kissing Rachel soundly.

It was five the next day when it happened. Everyone was in the kitchen and that's when they noticed it. Finn who had taken watch that night had left the front door wide open and a crowd of what looked to be hundreds of walkers were what they saw. Then Finn being the idiot he is runs up and tries to shut the door. Only to be ripped to pieces in seconds.

"We have to get out of here." Santana says.

Everyone agrees quickly grabbing the bags they kept with them and rushing into the garage where they saw a huge ass truck that could fit everyone. After getting in the car they drive off as fast as they can.

Santana, Brittany, Rachel, and Quinn holding tightly to each other as they drive away. Everyone missing the lumbering idiot but to scared to mourn completely with a horde of walkers.

"You know I used to laugh at zombie movies and say Finn wouldn't make it a week. I really didn't think it could possibly happen." Puck whispers,.

Everyone nods in reply as Rachel starts sobbing and they almost hit a deer.

"Wanna see something funny?" Mike asks.

Everyone nods. When he gets the nods he opens the door as they are passing a walker eating something and knocks it over causing it to flip and roll multiple times. Everyone does laugh but stops when they see the destruction up ahead. It was like a graveyard of cars. They stopped and sucked gas from cars into gas cans for the ride looked for other stuff to take with them. All shocked when they heard a baby cry.

"Rachel is that you?" A tall woman asks while carrying a blonde toddler.

"Shelby?" Rachel asks.

"Yea. I got me and Beth as far as I could but my car ran out of gas." Shelby replies.

Puck seeing Beth finds a car seat and blanket. Brittany finds a baby doll. Quinn finds a small jacket. Santana finds a clean sippy cup and a whole bunch of juice.

"Come with us." Rachel says.

Everyone quickly gets the car seat put in another car fills up the car and Puck hops in as Shelby gets Beth buckled up. Then he sees a small wall that is slowly getting bigger behind them.

"We have to leave. Get in the car." Puck yells everyone gets in the cars and they drive off.

Shelby, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Rachel in one car and the rest of the group following behind.

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