I'll Always Protect You

Rachel and the whole glee club are at Brittany's for a zombie movie marathon but what happens when it turns into real life


2. The Truth To Why


" San I think you should sleep alone tonight." Quinn whispers.

" What!" Santana says disbelievingly.

" Please?" Both Quinn and Brittany ask her.

" Fine." Santana growls walking into a seperate room." Sleeping alone." She whispers to herself in a sad tone.


" Hey San. Are you okay?" Brittany asks as she sits down next to Santana after she had made sure Rachel was still asleep.

" I just don't want her to be lying and cheating on us with Blaine. I want to understand what's wrong but she won't tell us." Santana mumbles.

" Maybe she is just scared." Quinn says as she walks over to both of her girlfriends.

" Yeah. But why is she always scared now?" Santana looks up at them with confused dark brown eyes.

" We don't know San. But you hurt her and that scared her." Brittany replied thinking about how scared Rachel was and how she curled into her side.

" I didn't mean to hurt her I just let my anger and confusion take over." Santana whispered quietly.

All three girls jump up and run to Brittany's room when they hear Rachel screaming for Santana.

Santana quickly climbs onto the bed next to Rachel and wraps her in her arms tightly.

" Shhh. I got you baby Berry." Santana whispers in Rachel's ear while running her fingers through Rachel's thick brown hair.

" Don't leave me." Rachel mumbles curling into Santana's body.

" I'm not going anywhere baby girl. I just want to know why you sleep more and why you are scared all of the time now." Santana whispers tightening her arms around Rachel.

" When I was little a man raped me and beat me. I never told my dads or Blaine because I was saved by a girl name Rosalie." Rachel says curling into Santana more.

Quinn and Brittany sit on both sides of Santana and put and arm around both girls.

" Did he ever get caught?" Brittany asks her lower lip trembling just thinking of her girlfriend gettig raped.

" I don't know." Rachel replies in a sleepy voice,

" You still haven't told us why you are so tired angel." Quinn says running her hand up and down Rachel's back.

" I keep having these nightmares except for when I'm in Your's, San's, or Britt's arms." Rachel says through a yawn.

" Why don't you get some sleep baby girl." Santana says as she lays back on the bed and puts Rachel between her and Brittany.

" Thank you. I love all three of you." Rachel says curling into both Santana and Brittany instantly falling asleep.

" I would kill for all three of you." Santana whispers looking into Brittany's pale blue eyes.

" I would kill for all three of you too." Quinn whispers wrapping and arm around Santana's waist.

" We should get to sleep." Santana whispers kissing Brittany, then Rachel on her forehead, and then kissing Quinn.

" Night." Brittany and Quinn reply at the same time after each kissing Rachel on the forehead and then kissing eachother.


It was five-thirty am when Rachel woke up without either of her girlfriends in bed with her. Looking around she sighed in relief when she heard the bathroom shower running.

Getting up Rachel knocked on the bathroom door.

" San? Britt? Quinn?" Rachel asked through the door.

Getting no answer Rachel went back to the bed and curled into herself before she started crying.

" Baby what's wrong?" Santana asks walking out of the bathroom with Quinn and Brittany all three wrapped in towels.

" Nothing." Rachel replies turning her back to all three of her girlfriends.

Climbing onto the bed behind Rachel; Santana wrapped her arms around her tightly.

" You didn't think we left you did you?" Santana asks tightening her arms when Rachel nods.

" We could never leave you baby." Brittany says laying infront of Rachel and hugging her tightly.

" Promise?" Rachel asks insecure.

" We promise." Santana, Quinn, and Brittany reply in unision.

" Tell us the truth to why you think we would leave you baby." Santana says as she runs her fingers through Rachel's hair.

" Because I'm damaged goods and I'm ugly." Rachel says looking into Brittany's pale blue eyes.

" No you aren't." Brittany replies burrying her head in Rachel's neck.

" But I am." Rachel says running a hand through Brittany's long blonde hair.

" Don't think about yourself like that." Santana growls putting her face in Rachel's back.

" That's the truth to why." Rachel replies.

" We should go back to sleep we have some time." Santana says in a whisper.

After the other three agree they are all asleep not knowing what is going to happen next.

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