I'll Always Protect You

Rachel and the whole glee club are at Brittany's for a zombie movie marathon but what happens when it turns into real life


1. Sleeping Alone


" I want daddy." Everyone heard Rachel mutter to Blaine.

" I know you do sweetie.. Why don't we try calling him?" Blaine said as he picked up his phone.

Rachel nodded and used his phone to try and call her daddy Leroy, but he never answered.


Rachel whimpered when she got his voicemail. Everyone but Santana and Quinn looked at her.

" Why is she so scared?" Puck questioned as Rachel tried to burrow deeper into Blaine.

" None of us know. Not even her dads." Blaine answered shifting so that Rachel could burrow into his side.

" Rachie?" Brittany asks staring at her with teary blue eyes.

When Rachel looked up everyone could see the fear in her eyes.

" Come here." Brittany says patting her lap.

Rachel quickly gets up and starts to move toward Brittany, only to be pushed to the ground by an angry Santana.

" WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Santana screams moving toward a terrified Rachel.

" I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to make you mad." Rachel whimpers through her tears.

Brittany gets up and shoves past Santana; kneeling down she lifts Rachel into her arms and carries her up to her bedroom. Quinn and Santana followed pissed off at being ignored.


Brittany gently lays Rachel down on her bed and climbs in next to her; wrapping her arms around the small girl.

" Shh Rachie.. You're okay I've got you." Brittany says in a gentle voice while running her fingers through light brown hair.

" I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry." Rachel whimpers into Brittany's chest.

" Shhh baby no need to be sorry." Brittany mumbles pulling Rachel higher up on her body and holding her tightly.

Just then Santana and Quinn storm into the room. Santana grabs Rachel's left arm and tries to pull her away from Brittany, but both Brittany and Rachel are holding onto each other tightly.

" Britt let her go.. She is going to explain now!" Santana growls out pulling harder on Rachel causing her to yell out in pain and let go of Brittany.

" Stop it S!" Brittany and Quinn yell when they see the fear and pain in Rachel's eyes.

Santana quickly lets go and Rachel curls deeper into Brittany's side trying to hide behind her..

" I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry. Please I'll do anything.." Rachel cries out into Brittany's chest scared to death.

" Shh.. You're okay.." Brittany speaks softly; rocking Rachel back and forth after pulling her onto her lap.. " See what you did Santana!" Brittany growls with a frown on her face.

" She needs to tell us the fucking truth!" Santana growled back.

" Yeah well you don't have to hurt her!" Quinn growled climbing on the bed and wrapping her arms around Rachel.

Brittany continues to rub Rachel's back as Rachel slowly calms down and falls asleep.

" Why can't you just be nice to her?" Quinn asks.

" I am being nice to her.. I just want to know what is going on." Santana says looking down.

" Do you think we don't? At least we aren't hurting her." Brittany says quietly.

" San I think you should sleep alone tonight." Quinn whispers.

" What!" Santana says disbelievingly.

" Please?" Both Quinn and Brittany ask her.

" Fine." Santana growls walking into a separate room." Sleeping alone." She whispers to herself in a sad tone.

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