I'll Always Protect You

Rachel and the whole glee club are at Brittany's for a zombie movie marathon but what happens when it turns into real life


3. I love you


" Because I'm damaged goods and I'm ugly." Rachel says looking into Brittany's pale blue eyes.

" No you aren't." Brittany replies burrying her head in Rachel's neck.

" But I am." Rachel says running a hand through Brittany's long blonde hair.

" Don't think about yourself like that." Santana growls putting her face in Rachel's back.

" That's the truth to why." Rachel replies.

" We should go back to sleep we have some time." Santana says in a whisper.

After the other three agree they are all asleep not knowing what is going to happen next.


Rachel wakes up at 3 A.M in the morning and hears movement downstairs. Slowly extracting Santana and Brittany's arms she walks downstairs with a bat.

She doesn't expect to see atleast six zombies.

The zombies look up when they notice her and she screams when they come running/limping towards her.

Everyone runs downstairs with guns or bats when they hear her scream.

Puck shoots two of them when they start getting to close.

Rachel hits one with the bat making the head explode.

Santana shoots three when they get to close to Rachel.

And Mike kills the last two with his gun.

Rachel starts crying and runs back up to Brittany's room.

" You guys board up everything down here and in the basement all over again. We are going to go check on our girlfriend." Santana says before her Quinn and Brittany run upstairs after their girlfriend.

Rachel runs into Brittany's room. Quickly climbing on the bed and hiding under the covers.

Five minutes later Santana, Quinn, and Brittany run into the room and lay next to Rachel who is shaking violently.

" Rach what's wrong?" Santana asks as she wraps an arm around her girlfriend.

" I don't wanna die." Is all they get in reply before Rachel burrows into Brittany and Santana who wrap their arms tightly around her.

" You won't baby girl. I won't let you." Santana mumbles into Rachel's hair.

" Do you guys love me?" Rachel asks in such a quiet voice you wouldn't hear her if you weren't close enough.

" Baby girl you know I love you so much." Santana replies kissing Rachel gently.

" Rachie I love you so much." Brittany replies kissing Rachel passionately.

" Of course I love you angel." Quinn replies leaning over Santana and kissing Rachel soundly.

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