It's about a girl who is in love with one direction but has never got the chance to meet them as her parents can't afford it. Little does she now, that is all going to change...


4. Liam's date

The boys' have just left and I am sat anxiously waiting in my room for 8:00 to come. I feel nervous but excited at the same time. 


15 minutes until my date. I have butterflies in my stomach. What if Liam doesn't like me anymore? No Jess, think positive.


I am all ready for my date. I walk down the stairs and say goodbye to my mum. The oak tree is just opposite my house so it isn't far to walk. I cross the road an lean against the old oak tree. All of a sudden these flowers are held in my face. I look round and behind them it was Liam! He says "hello gorgeous". I replied with "hello Liam" and winked. We sit down and have a talk. Liam puts his hands round my waist. Liam says "I love you". Just as I am about to reply I see Harry walking across the road. What if he heard why we said? It could be all over for me! I must know! I leave Liam and run over to Harry...

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