It's about a girl who is in love with one direction but has never got the chance to meet them as her parents can't afford it. Little does she now, that is all going to change...


5. Decision time

What have I done? I knew this was all a mistake. I should have just made my decision to go with Harry but instead I gambled and went for both. I will speak to Harry and see what he says.

It was the next morning after my date with Liam. The boys' were in my living room playing fifa. All except Harry. "Zayn, where's Harry?" I whispered. "Upstairs I think" Zayn said while trying to concentrate. I ran up the stairs and straight away I saw Harry. He was in my room. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Waiting for you, gorgeous." I had butterflies in my stomach. I sat on his lap. He kissed me. On the lips. 

Now you expect me to say 'it was amazing' but that's not how it felt. It just felt like a friendly kiss. Nothing else. But Harry is so perfect. Is he just my friend? Or is Liam the one?

It's decision time...

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