My Guardian (One Direction)

Kayla is a very important person, but even she doesnt know why, all she knows is she now has a guardian who has to stay be her side 24/7 . Kayla lives with an abusive foster family, she runs away one day and everything about her life changes, she finds out about family secrets and suddenly Kayla is no longer safe! Ends up having to be protected by her one and only guardian.


1. Prologue ~


The place i lived in wasnt very safe, or sha'll i say not safe at all.There was never a point when you could put your guard down completely.. sounds scary doesnt it? well trust me its worse, it wasnt only dangerous because of murders,stabbings,and robberies.There are some supernatural tsightings and claims. Do i believe that? of course i do. Well thats just my village.

I walked out of house full with anger! My foster folks abused me again tonight, "GAAAAAH, i hate them!". I wonder how my real folks were i never really got to "Meet" them, people said they were killed when i was born, but i always thought otherwise. So i went for a walk,it was pitch dark, it was dark by now.. Even how dangerous it was i really didnt give a damn anymore!

i decided to sleep in a dark alley tonight, i was so furious i wasnt thinking at all. I layed my head on the wall and my eyes slowly closed until.. "Hey guys , we found her!! over here". "W-what! me?". i was frightened ,what looked like 6  tall big men approached me. i screamed to the top of my lungs "HELP!!!". Before my eyes a guy appeared right infront of me, and covering me,"He's protecting me?" the mysterious man was so fast and strong it was like he was superhuman. He took out 6 big,strong men, they all laid on the ground. The guy grabbed my hand and said "Hurry lets get going!" and we ran off.

We kepts running till we stopped infront of this house, he pulled me into the house. We sat on the couch, and awkwardness hit us. I finally got  up the courage and said "Thanks for.."till he cut me off "ARE YOU AN IDIOT! GOING OUT LIKE THAT AT NIGHT ALONE?" "I wasnt thinking,, i said quietly. "OF COURSE YOU WASNT! WHO WOULD DO THAT?". "You dont have to be so harsh".. "You are an important person, so i must keep you safe, now do me a favor? use your brain next time"."Okay." i said resisting the urge to cry, his words were so harsh it hurt me. What have i gotten into?

Before we fell completely silent i asked..." Whats your name?.." . "Hmmm, if you must know Zayn, well go sleep now, i will be by your side the whole time" . "The whole time?" i said in my mind , but for some reason i felt safe with Zayn.

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