My Guardian (One Direction)

Kayla is a very important person, but even she doesnt know why, all she knows is she now has a guardian who has to stay be her side 24/7 . Kayla lives with an abusive foster family, she runs away one day and everything about her life changes, she finds out about family secrets and suddenly Kayla is no longer safe! Ends up having to be protected by her one and only guardian.


2. My Guardian?

I saw the sun shining through a window, and i awoke. Zayn's he was on my shoulder.. "When he said i'll be by your side, he really meant it. i lightly shook him, and we woke up , he looked so cute ha. "Morning zayn" " Morning Kayla". i was very eager to ask so i did, "Hey Zayn? what did you mean i was important? and who are you exactly?'. " Kayla, did you even wonder about your parents?" "Of course i do". "Kayla your parents arent dead, there alive but in hiding, i cant tell you why or where , you wouldnt handle it well". "But who are you? why do you have to protect me?". "Your parents sent me, they told me to guard you with my life, and i wil!" . "I knew they were alive, and the people who said they were dead were lying!".

"Um Zayn?, you still didnt answer who YOU are?". "Oh right, well i've been watching you ever since a young age , to make sure you never got into danger". Inside my head i was saying "Well thats not creepy at all". " Zayn are you human?, the way you move so fast and your so strong". "Well lets just say im supernatural , so Kayla from now on i will by your side 24/7 i am your guardian".

...... My Guardian? looks like my life wont ever be normal ever again.

pretty short doe.
*ella (: 

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