Hey guyssss!!! Erm, the cover is wrong. It should say Harry+Charlotte so yeah.. Um so this is really about Harry and Charlotte and their relationship soo read at your own risk;)
*ages 17+


16. Harry

*Harry's POV*

     I looked at Niall in shock. "W-what?" My voice shook. "I. Love. Charlotte. " he yelled. Charlotte entered the room with tears in her eyes. "I can't believe you Niall." Charlotte ran out of the room. "See what you did?" I glared at Niall and ran after Charlotte. She was on the couch, crying. I walked up to her, picked her up, placed her on my lap and held her. Her body shook with sobs. I couldn't believe Niall was trying to split us up like that. He was my best mate. 

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