Hey guyssss!!! Erm, the cover is wrong. It should say Harry+Charlotte so yeah.. Um so this is really about Harry and Charlotte and their relationship soo read at your own risk;)
*ages 17+


9. Harry

*Charlottes POV*

  I walked into the dress store, looking for something to wear to a movie premiere. As I walked the through the store, I saw a girl. About 13. She walked over to me and said something that made my day: "oh. My. Gosh. It's Charlotte!!!! I ship you and Harry so hard!! You two are so amazing together!  You're so beautiful!! Can I have a picture?" "Of course hun!" I said. I took a picture with her and she asked why I was here. "I'm going to a premiere with Harry" I said pulling out a pretty, knee length red dress. "Oh!! That dress is perfect for you!! Go try it on!!" I walked into the dressing room and came out with the dress on. "You look beautiful!!" She said "Thank you so much!!" I told her. I went with that dress, hugged the girl goodbye, and left the dress store with a big smile on my face. 

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