Hey guyssss!!! Erm, the cover is wrong. It should say Harry+Charlotte so yeah.. Um so this is really about Harry and Charlotte and their relationship soo read at your own risk;)
*ages 17+


4. Charlotte

*Harry's P.O.V.*

i walked into our bedroom to see Charlotte with tears in her eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked. She handed me her phone to show me a text from her friend Stephanie 

"You little whore. I've seen pics of you with every member of that band. Harry deserves more than a little slut with no boobs. I fucking hope you rot in hell. You bitch-ass cunt"

I looked at Charlotte with tears in MY eyes as well. How could something like that happen to someone as all-around amazing like her. I held her in my arms to show her I was there. And that I wasn't going to leave her. Ever. No matter what. "Forever. I will stay by your side. I will kiss you and hug you and sing to you. I love you Charlotte. So much." I whispered to her. She nuzzled in closer and slowly fell asleep.  

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