Break ups & Back ups

Austin has become so busy that it seems he has no time for Ally or his friends so when Ally breaks up with him what will he do sequel to pickles and pancakes


3. Guilty & Gingerbread men

(Goes to Austin's room) 

Austin: Dez I messed up bad I never wanted to hurt her 

Dez: well you did Austin and I'm mad at you 

Austin: so is everybody else Adam and Trish already told me off 

Dez: I told them to 

Austin: Dez! 

Dez: it was for your own good 

(goes to sonic boom) 

Dez: hey Ally! I made a gingerbread house

Ally: you do that every week 

Dez: I know pretty awesome right 

Ally: (giggles and rolls her eyes) 

(Austin walks in) 

Austin: Ally can I talk to you 

Ally; no Austin 

Austin: please! I love you Als

(Ally runs off) 

Adam: great job Austin 

Austin: Adam I'm sorry I'm just so busy

Adam: that's exactly why you can't have Ally because you'll forget about her

Austin: that's not true I love her to much to forget about her

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