Break ups & Back ups

Austin has become so busy that it seems he has no time for Ally or his friends so when Ally breaks up with him what will he do sequel to pickles and pancakes


2. Breaking up & Breaking hearts

(Ally, Dez, and Adam walk into the cd signing) 

Ally: Austin Monica Moon! 

Austin: uh oh 

Ally: I can't believe you would do that to me!

Austin: Ally I'm so sorry I couldn't cancel 

Ally: no you know what Austin I'm done we're through 

Austin: Ally...

(Ally runs out with tears running down her cheeks) 

(Dez and Adam follow her)

Austin: what did I do?! 

(Goes to the practice room) 

(Adam and Dez run in) 

Adam: Als? 

Ally: Adam you need  to go home you too Dez I already called Trish to come over

Dez: we just wanted to make sure you were ok

Ally; thanks guys

(they leave)

(Trish walks in) 

Trish: where is he I'm gonna punch him so hard

Ally: no Trish I just need some one to talk to

Trish: I'm here for you Ally 

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