High Moments

"Dream with my eyes open. Sleep when I'm dead. Love who my hearts chosen. Conquer what lies ahead." ~RyanK Follesé


3. Surprise !

Sky's Pov

"OMG !?!? Y-Your Ni-Niall Horan !!! No. Seriously, Are you ?!?! I said 
"Yes. I'm Niall Horan" he said and smiled at me.
I was freaking out and I'm like freakin fan girling like an idiot.
"Fan girling ?” He said 
"Super ! I had no idea this would happen ! And I have your phone number ! Which is amazing ! Aka AMAZAYN !” I said and he smiled

I felt a vibrate in my hand and there was a text from Anne 

From: Anne 

Heyyy :3 Where are you ?! I came home and you weren't there. I thought you said just for a couple of hours ! Please go home !!! Love you ~Anne xxx

I text back.

To: Anne

Hola Sis ! Sorry ! I'll be home in a couple of minutes. Sorry for a long wait hehe xD I just met someone that's why I'm not home early... Ps. I kept it PG !!! >_< You'll be excited when you met him. Love You ~Skylar xxx

I sent it and I could hear Niall laugh.
I smiled but sadly to tell him that I have to go.

"Hey Niall ! Umm I don't really know but I have to go now." I said 
"I could bring you home, is your house just near ?" He said 
"Yeah, just a couple of minutes. I just need to walk to get there." I said
"Then... Let's walk together !” He said 
"Okay !”

We just walk as friends and at least... No Paps !!! As we kept walking, there were some Directioners who took some Pics with Niall and it was weird that one girl was asking me to join the photo. Why ? They don't know me,

They also ask for my twitter account, it's not like they are gonna stalk me or something, Well... They are now because I'm with Niall AS FRIENDS... So they will be gossiping in Twitter.

"Thank you so much for taking a picture with us !!! FYI your Bestfriend or GirlFriend Sky is really  pretty ! hehe" A Directioner said

I blush " No. We are just friends hanging out" I smiled 
They walk away from us and continue to walk to my house...

"Hey ! Thanks for walking with me. I really had a great day. Anyways would you like to come inside and meet my sister and have a drink ?”
I said
"Sure ! Sounds fun." Niall said

Niall's Pov

We both went inside and have a drink. I met Anne and I could really see that she's a Directioner.
I stare at Sky and she looked amazing ! Well... Beautiful.
Every second I watch her move, makes butterflies all over my tummy. She's really amazing. I would never EVER leave her by
my side. Like ever....

I had to go because I have rehearsals..... Dang... I wish she would come to the tour with us.

"Hey Sky ! I have to go now. I have rehearsals tomorrow. Maybe.. We could catch up tomorrow ? I'll text you. Goodbye" I hug her and Anne then I left.

Man... Today was amazing !

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