High Moments

"Dream with my eyes open. Sleep when I'm dead. Love who my hearts chosen. Conquer what lies ahead." ~RyanK Follesé


4. Paps and Tour

Niall's Pov 

I had to see the lads and Paul. 

"Hey Niall !!! How's your "Love Life" haha" Louis said

I was confused at first but I realised that the walk I just had Skylar.

"Wait-wait... What... How did you know ? I didn't had a love life yet. I just had a walk with a friend." I said

"Look at this !" Louis showed me his phone.

It says.....


"One Direction's Niall Horan has been spotted with some lady ehh.... 
And mostly who is this young lady ?
Some fans spotted and found them "Hanging out" Some people say that her twitter is @Skylar_11 (not a real account) and some People had a photo with him this girl . Check it out ! *Photo of Niall and Sky with some fans*  Some people say that she could be "Niall's Only Princess" Let us check in twitter on who agree and doesn't.”

"@I_luv_Niall4ever: They would be a great couple !!! SIALL 4Ever !!!"

"@1D_lover911: She is gorgeous !!! Niall already found his princess !!! I'm so proud. #Siall4ever"

"Nice comments for Siall. Now lets check other comments and Ouch ! This looks bad. I guess some you will agree and some don't. Lets check it out !!!“

"@Niall_loves_me_4EVER: EWWW !!! Who is this "Girl" that Niall is hanging to with ? She ugly. Niall would choose me than her. Ha"
"Hey hey hey !!! This tweet receive a lot of comment which are good"

"@Niall_loves_nandos: Shut up @Niall_loves_me_4EVER Niall loves everyone. Just shut up a never talk like that young missy ! :3"

"@I_luv_niall97: @Niall_loves_me_4EVER If you hate them, then why the hell are you talking ? Just keep it to yourslef bra ! Don't sass with me."

I felt horrible ! What will happened if Sky read that ! I mean she is a DIRECTIONER ?!?! For god sake ! She's always updated... Which is good though...

I logged into twitter and tweet :

@NiallOfficial: @Skylar_11 is just a friend of mine. Please don't hate her ! You know l love her as friends and even you guys too !So keep it cool guys ! Not happy bout it :(

Keep it cool hehe.

I was sad that I had tour and I wish Sky was beside me. She's my princess. Well... Not yet but hope so.... I asked Paul if I could bring a friend on tour with me.


Oh.... Excuse my words 


Back to the story...

So since I asked Paul and he said yes... Oh wait that sounds wrong...

That means Sky can go on tour with me !!! 

I texted Sky

To: Skylar 

Hey Love ! I was hoping if you would like to come with me on tour to America. It's okay of you don't want to :)xxx ~Nialler

I press the sent button and waiting for her reply...

Skylar's Pov

My phone vibrate...

A text from Niall...

From: Nialler 

Hey Love ! I was hoping if you would like to come with me on tour to America. It's okay of you don't want to :)xxx ~Nialler

Holy Crap !!! Did he just ask me to come with him in America ?! No way ! You have to be kidding me seriously ?! 

To: Niall

I would love too !!! That would be amazing ! And When ? :)xxx ~Skylar

From: Niall

About 2 days. Better pack your stuff. I will pick you up tomorrow so that the day when we leave we don't have a "Last minute" :) Love you :)xxx~Nialler

Did he just say he loves me ? 
That's an awesome feeling ever !!!

To: Niall

Alright :) I will be packing my stuff :)Love u xxx~Skylar 

I can't believe I told him that I love him ! Wow ! Best feeling ever ! 



Holaaa !!! How's everyone doing ? 
Is my fanfic good ? I hope so :) please leave comments below :) like and fav or Fan. Please tell me if its good or bad so that I could make it better. If you have ideas that would be great ! And one last thing....

I need some people...

I need 

Harry, Zayn and Lou's GF 

And who ever wants to be them will kik me at @HotChelleRae_Sky_11 
Okay... I love Hot Chelle Rae and Mah nickname is Sky and number 11 means my number in volleyball.

Whoever kik's me first on whoever wins ! Thanks guys :)

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