High Moments

"Dream with my eyes open. Sleep when I'm dead. Love who my hearts chosen. Conquer what lies ahead." ~RyanK Follesé


7. Not A Chapter *Notice* Winners


Hello Guys !

So I have the winners now !

Harry GF- Taken by Kacey Kelley (1DLover2019)

Zayn GF- Biance Flores (Doesn't have an account)

Liam GF- Bali (1D.wonder)

She is my friend and i know she loves Liam :3

Louis GF- Corina Odom (Kat) (Friend of Kacey Kelley)


I'm still working on the chapter ! It takes time !!! I'm trying to make it long so yeah... Whatever....

So i hope you enjoy my fanfic ! There will be a lot of twist and stuff so yeah....

Bye !

Thanks !!! ~Skylar Rea ! x


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