High Moments

"Dream with my eyes open. Sleep when I'm dead. Love who my hearts chosen. Conquer what lies ahead." ~RyanK Follesé


8. Meet The Lads...

Skylar's Pov

It's been a day ! Me and Nialler slept all day! Now... I'm Bored, I have nothing to do so yeah...

I just realized that Niall wasn't beside me though...Just a wondering... I got up and look for Niall and I can't find him... This is really weird... I got my phone and text Niall



To Nialler <3

Heyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!! Just woken up :DD I can't find since I woken up and Where are you ? and I'm bored -_- Have any plans today ?

xXx -Skylar



I waited for a couple a minutes and got a text for Nialler


From: Nialler <3

Morning Sunshine ! Sorry I had a meeting about the tour. Anyways... I do have a plan... A plan to suprise you !!! Now... Take a shower and go dress up !!! I Love You xXx ~Ni Ni <3

I looked to the words that Niall told me... I Love You... Those 3 Words.... He's Adorable...


Since he told me to get my ass in the shower... I did... I was done with everything and I Just have to Dress up and put a bit of make up.

i don't really use too much make-up, I only use mascara and lip gloss and I was wearing a shirt saying 'Move Your Ass" I got the shirt from Nike Store... then i wore shorts and Converse.

i dried my hair and text Niall back.

To Nialler <3

I'm done with everything... Now what ? i can't wait !!! xXx -Skylar



From Nialler <3

I'll be there in 10 Minutes. Love Youu !!! xXx -Ni Ni <3


So.... 10 Minutes.... I'M BORED !!! I got my Beat by Dr. Dre and listen to her new album called "Demi" It was actually my fav !

She's really awesome and really pretty but i felt sad for her past too ! My favorite song in her album is 'Warrior' It really made me cry though but she's amazing !

Niall came in our hotel room and run to me to hug me and kiss me.


"Hey Babe ! Ready to go ?' He said

"Ready to go where ?' i said

'I tell you later when we are near..'



"Okay.....It's been 8 Minutes I think we are almost near......" I said


"Seriously ?!"


We were already their in their Hotel and me and Niall just parked and I'm quite nervous......


"Here's a fruit and a maker" Niall said as he gave me it to me....

Okay ! I'm weird... I write a face on a fruit to keep me calm.... It does work though..... (A/N IT REALLY WORKS !!! I got the idea from ICarly alright ?!)

"Do you feel better now ?"

"Uhh... Yeah...Let's go" I said as we get out of the car

We were in front of their room.... Niall knocked on the door, Liam opened the door and let us in...


"HEY GUYS !!!! WE'RE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!" Niall screamed

'Hey !!!!" Everybody said

"This is Skylar guise !" He said

"Hey Guys !" I said shyly

"No wonder why Niall won't shut up about Skylar" Louis Said

"He says everything about you !" Harry Said

"He truly does !" A girl with Long wavy brown hair and glasses said

"Oh yeah that truly minds me a lot.... This Bali My Girlfriend..." Liam said

"This is Kacey my Gf" Harry said

"This Is Kat my Gf as you might know..." Louis said

"And lastly my beautiful GF Biance" Zayn said

"Hey nice to meet you guise !" I said

"*Ahem* Why not we let the girl know each other" Niall said while smiling

"Ohh !!! That gives me an idea !!! LET'S GO SHOPPING !!!" Kacey said

"Sounds Great !!!" I said

We said our goodbyes or laters and some kisses and hugs to the lads...


* Car*

"So Skylar....We don't really know you that much so let's get to know you !" Kat says while driving...




"Aww.... I feel sorry about you for your past..... but no worries you'll get over it" Biance said while hugging me...


"WE ARE HERE GURLS!!!!" Kat said


We got out of the car and headed to Forever 21 !!!!!!!!!!!! We choose some cute dresses and T-Shirts and some shorts, jackets, swim wear and hats !!!


So we decide to buy the clothes and wear them

Mines : http://www.forever21.com/images/zoom_model_more/46139575-03.jpg


Kat : http://www.forever21.com/images/zoom_model_more/42820377-03.jpg

Kacey : http://www.forever21.com/images/zoom_main_productpg/47542978-02.jpg

Biance : http://www.forever21.com/images/zoom_main_productpg/42107291-02.jpg

Bali : http://www.forever21.com/images/zoom_model_more/47887416-02.jpg

We had so much fun !!! We bot a ton of clothes but we stopped because we we're all tired so we stopped at Starbucks...

We ordered our drinks and relax.....


After our relaxing we headed back to the hotel room...


Best. Day. Ever.






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