High Moments

"Dream with my eyes open. Sleep when I'm dead. Love who my hearts chosen. Conquer what lies ahead." ~RyanK Follesé


2. Hey ! Nice to meet you

I was is the house lonely while Anne is in her room ready for her date with Josh (Anne's BoyFriend).

I told her that I'm just going to Starbucks and relax my day
While she's out with her boyfriend and there's me, alone .


I order Mocha Frapp. And a sandwich.
I was just sitting alone reading my book which I truly loved and listening some songs until a guy just bother me. He looked really weird. He asked if the seat beside me was taken I said "No. You can take it" Then I smiled at him. After a few minutes he was staring at me which really bother me. I asked him if I was bothering him but all he said was a "No" but then he said to me that I was beautiful. I blush, I said "Thank You"

We talked for a long time...
He knows my name but I didn't know his... We were talking about life and relationships. It was a lovely conversation if you asked me.

I'm really bother on how he looked, I'm not saying he is ugly, it's just you know weird.... For some reason...

We change numbers and I asked for his name but he whispered in my ear "My names Niall" It's weird that I was fan girling in my mind cause I love 1D and I had know idea there was an "Another" Niall but he looks similar... Really similar.

"Hey ! Wanna hang out at the park ?" Niall said. I wasn't really sure about this because we all know where this is going... I have to say yes Because nobody's home and I have nothing to do soo why not ?

"Sure ! I would too ! Sounds fun !" I said, he smiled
"Okay let's go" 

We headed to the park which is quite near to my house and the mall.
We walked around talk and talk about everything like we are, very close friends. We sat at the bench, just relaxing and looking at little kids playing around having fun.

"Hey Sky ! I need to tell you
something." Niall said 
"Uhh sure ! Anything ! What is it ?” I said
"Do you like 1D ?" He said 
"I don't like them.... I LOVED THEM !!!" I said, he smiled
"Well... I guess you should be happy.." He said while I wonder
"Why ?"
He took off his shades and hat

Holy Chiz !


Author's Note

Heyy :3 Is this good ? I'm trying to get a better idea than my others.
Chapter will be out Tomrrow or a few minutes.... Like, Comment , Fav and be a fan for more! !!!

Love you Guys :) 

*posted April 19  1:05 PM

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