I swore to never fall in love ~1d love story~

I'm Alexis Moore,the girl everyone thinks is the odd ball,that never fits in,who doesn't listen to the latest pop song,the one everyone called names,the school joke with no friends,well I used to be popular until I just stopped trying since my mom died,my dad just lost,he would always go on buisiness trips to earn more money than necassary,since my mom was gone, and I only see my dad a week out of the whole year, I just wanted nothing more,but a parents love and affection, or anyone's love and affection, I thought i found that,but ever since Josh,ugh! what he did to me it just made me lose my trust on love, I swore to NEVER EVER fall in love again, I hated love, well, I woke up to the song Chelsea Smile-Bring The Horizon~ Look it up Im just sure you'll love it, I went inside my closet, I grabbed a off-the-should grey sweatshirt with some tights underneath,and to top it off with my hair that never wants to stay the right way, a white beanie, oh don't forget my white vanz.


2. There's More ?

The bell to second period got me to snap out of my thoughts, I hate sitting by him because there is girls surrounding mine and his desk, when the bell finally rang I ran out the door to my locker to get my reading and English book,then straight to second for me, Im just going to avoid him, thank god none of his other band mates aren't here well at least I hope not, I walked into reading and to the back of the room, no one has made fun of me today, maybe because there to busy screaming Henry I means Harry name, but what about the boys? Everything is just so confusing today,the bell to get in class finally rang, so everyone rushed in, more screaming girls some weren't even in this damn class, I just put my head down, "Girls settle down or detention for a week!" Mr.Korns yells,"Mr.Kornes there not gonna care for detention it's their idol" I say annoyed,"You don't seem so happy bout them being here" he says starting to focus his attention on me,"Them!? There all here are you serious! If everyday of the year there screaming girls Im moving schools!" I scream, the screaming suddenly stops, Mr.Kornes smiles,"Class have a seat, and Mr.Malik, you may sit by Miss.Moore" Mr.Kornes says, "What? No! Than there will be screaming girls at my seat, just like first period!" I yell disagreeing,"Please Miss.Moore your the only girl, who wouldn't scream in his face, you'll treat him like any other new kid, not like Zayn Malik from One Direction" my teacher says calmly,"Fine" I give in,"As for you class if anyone! And I mean anyone treats Zayn like he's not normal will have detention,if that doesn't bother you suspension, if you don't care about that either say hello to a new school!" He yells, Zayn walked over to sit next to me. I put my books on my desk and then started paying attention to the board, when someone throws a paper at me, great here comes the bullying can my day get any worse? After five minutes no one threw another one at me, maybe it could have been a note? I pick up the paper and read it,'We haven't talked in a while so what's up? ~Chris', Chris was one of my best guy friends,but I just cut him off,'Why are you talking to me?' I turn around to see where I have to throw it, he was just in back of me though, I don't remember him being in back of me, I threw it at him, and then went back to the board, but before that happened I saw Zayn drawing on a notebook,"You're a good drawer" I say quietly,but loud enough for him to hear,"Thank you, you're- I don't know what your good at how about you tell me?" He ask,"Well, I play soccer,volleyball, and softball, I love doing hair,but as you can see I'm not very good at it,so that off the list, I just like messing with hair, I guess" I say pointing to my hair,"You play soccer? Maybe I should watch a game sometime" he says,"Well if you like being screamed at by girls you should" I say, that's when Chris passed the note again,'Just miss my old friend, wanted to talk to her see how she's doing, so how are you doing?' Should I really tell him how I'm doing? Or just say fine? I went with fine,'Im just great, same old same old(:' I say throwing it back, he gave me a weird look like he didn't believe me, then he looked back down at the paper, he quickly threw at me again,'Same old? No what's wrong? Don't say nothing because I know you're not fine, something is hurting you!' I didn't feel like explaining my feelings now,'I'll tell you later text me, 6615550987' I then threw it, Zayn didn't seem to talk to me he just took a few glances at me,as soon as the bell rang he spoke up, "Hey can I get your number?" He ask,"Oh my gosh! Zayn Malik wants my number ah!" I say sarcastic,"Yes Zayn Malik really wants your number" he says smiling,"I'll think about it" I say kissing his cheek, then walk away, wait did I just do that? I let someone in actuatly two people, almost three with Henry, I mean Harry, I grabbed my English books ahead of time smart of me huh? On my way to class I was stopped by a blonde,"Hey can you help me I'm kind of lost" he says, he seems so scared,"Yeah what class do you need to get to?" I ask,"Mrs.Rodriguez" he says,"Yeah me too! We can walk together if you like" I say nice and calm,"Wow your the only girl who hasn't freaked" he says,"Yeah,I guess I'm not the obsessive type" I say,"There dedicated" he says defending them,"More like dedicated to being obsessed" I say,"Well without them,I wouldn't be Niall Horan from One Direction, just Niall Horan" he says,"Well,that's true,but there also the reason your ears are hurting" I say laughing,"Yes that is also true" he says laughing along with me,he had a cute laugh,"So you're not even a fan?" He ask,"Just don't like your kind of music,but I guess Justin Bieber is ok" I admit, the only reasons Justin is alright, is because my mom,she loved him, I listen to his music when I'm down, or just simply miss her,"But still wouldn't flip if I seen him" I say shrugging it off,"We'll see about that one" he says smirking,"Im not even that big of a fan I just listen to him when Im like down and miss my mom" I say walking away, he quickly followed behind,"Your mom?" He questions,"Yeah, I don't feel comfortable telling a complete stranger, so lets just get to class" I say grabbing his hand so we can go past a crowd without loosing each other, "And were here" I say, walking into the classroom, we have assigned seats in this class, so I had no choice,but to sit in second row. Niall gave Mrs.Rodriguez his schedule,"Hm? So my class is boy girl boy girl, so you may have a seat by,Alexis or Vanessa" she says pointing to me and then Vanessa,"I'll sit by Alexis" he says, why do all these boys wanna talk to me? Ok Alexis,you can be a friend nothing more,"No problem" Mrs.Rodriguez smiles, Niall walked towards me and took a seat,"Hey do you want to go eat after school with me and the boys?" He ask,"I guess" I say, wow this class is really boring,"Well here's my number" he says, grabbing a piece of paper writing on it,then handing it to me,"I'll text you if I remember" I say, he just nods his head, ugh I hate this class,and now I'm super hungry, after this class we can have have lunch, I just wanted class to end already, after a while the five minute bell rang, yes five more minutes, wait why am I so excited I don't eat school food, the bell finally rang I got up from my seat and Niall followed me like a lost puppy, Niall saw his band mates, and asked if I wanted to meet them, "Eh" I say unsure,"Come on they don't bite" he says carefully pulling me towards them,"Alright" I say walking behind him, we arrived to there table,"Hey guys this is Alexis, and I invited her to eat with us" Niall says,"Yeah,but just call me Alex" I add,"So that's your name" Harry says,"Is this the girl you were talking about?" A boy with brown hair and blue eyes said,"Yeah" he says, wait Harry was talking about me? "Well nice to meet you Alex" that boy says,"Nice to meet you to- um what's your name I'm sorry?" I ask,"Louis, but Lou is fine" Lou says"Well tell me about yourself Lou" I say,"Well my names Louis Tomlinson,Im from Doncaster,I was born on Christmas Eve, I love carrots, oh and girls who eat carrots, I love pranking people, and playing truth or dare, if we hang more you can find out more,tell me about yourself?" Louis says,"My names Alexis Moore, Im from Los Angeles,my birthdays December 28th, I like oranges, oh and the color orange is cool too,but my favorite is purple, pranking people can be fun, but I'm not very good at it, oh I love truth or dare!" I say,"Lets play truth or dare!" A boy with a buz cut says,"Im done" I say,"Me too" Zayn said,"I'll play also" Harry said,"Of course imma play" Louis says,"Niall are you going to play?" I ask,"Yeah" Niall says,"Ok Alex truth or dare?" Louis says,"Hm I'll pick truth just for this one round" I say,"If you did have to pick who's your favorite one direction member?" Louis asked,that got me        thinking if I had to pick who would I pick?

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