Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


9. Undercover Lovers.

Rob's P.O.V.
I look over to Austin who is sitting with Zach and Alex, trying to get them to talk everything out.
"I'm gonna go check on Michelle." I say, as he nods.
I walk out of the cafeteria doors and turn the corridor. After searching the entire floor, I head into the library. She's always coming in here for some reason, no one knows why though. I catch her in the back, next to the window scrolling down her window. I walk up to her and sit down, she looks at me and smiles.
"I love how you can't stay mad at me forever." I say.
"Oh shut up Rob." She says.
"You didn't have to get mad though." I said.
She nodded, "I didn't wanna get into another cat fight with her again." She said.
I laughed and wrapped my arms around her, embracing her into a hug.
"So when are we actually gonna let people know about this?" I ask.
"Don't worry, I just...well Rob I told you. I don't think this is a good idea." She says.
I sigh, "Have you ever wanted something so bad for the longest time? But then right when you were about to get it something else comes into the picture and it seems like whatever you wanted isn't going to come to you since it's already found it's place?" I ask.
She gave me a look, "Rob I never knew you felt like that."
"Well come on. I've known you since the 7th grade! Don't you think that's enough time to learn that you really like somebody?" I shrug.
"Then how come you didn't tell me all of this sooner?" She questions.
"Well, I had to call bro code. Austin told us on Halloween night that you were the one he liked and that he was gonna ask you out. So, since he's my friend I couldn't go after you." She smiled.
"I love how you're so loyal to everyone." She says.I laugh, "It's wrong not to be loyal to someone. But look at this, I'm breaking a promise I made to the entire crew." I say, sighing.
"What do you mean?"
"Well before we set out for the first day of ninth grade, we all promised each other that since we were going to get into our own serious relationships that we wouldn't interfere with the others." I say.
She nods, "Rob, I don't want to be the reason you break the promise and lose your friends, this isn't right." She said, frowning.
I nod then rub the back of my neck, "So how about we wait? Wait until everything is cleared up and then we get together when everyone is okay with it." I suggest.
"I like that, good idea Villa." She agrees.
"I'm breaking up with Naleen today, since she doesn't want to even work this out." I blurt.
"I'm only breaking up with Austin if he gives me a reason to, since I'm really happy with our relationship." She adds in.
"Well how about one kiss? Until the day we finally make it official."
She smiles and we both lean in, meeting for a very short kiss. She pulls away and laughs.
"I hope that keeps you waiting!" She says.
I chuckle and she gets up and walks out of the library and I try to recap everything we talked about. I smiled at the thought of how we would be together, but frowned at the thought of the time we would have to wait.
Vanessa's P.O.V.
My jaw drops as I see Michelle walk off and away. What did I just see? Michelle and Rob were keeping this from everyone and nobody had a clue! I walk over to Rob and sit next to him.
"Oh hey V!" He said.
I smirk, "Listen Villa, I saw and heard everything that just happened here."
His eyes wide, "Don't tell anybody, please. It's complicated alright?"
I nod, "Don't worry I'm as guilty as you are. I've been meeting up with Alex on the down low too. Ever since the party." I say, relieved that I got it off of my chest.
He nodded, "This is not going to end well. I just hope we're all good and settled before the winter formal."
I agree and look at my feet, "Yeah, hopefully I can go with Alex and you can go with Michelle."
He smirks, "Yeah that does seem nice, doesn't it?"
"Totally, but we need to head back to the cafeteria. Who knows what they are doing to poor little Austin." I say.
He gets up and we both walk to the cafeteria. We see Tyler and Celia sitting at one table with Zach and at the other table we see Austin, Michelle, Alex, and Marilynn. We spot Naleen heading over to Zach so we go ahead and do the same.
"Vanessa, babe I'm sorry I did that. I was just too angry and didn't listen to you." Zach says.
I sit down and half smile. "It's okay now I guess. But what you really have to do for me is go apologize to Alex, now." I say, folding my arms.
He sighed and got up walking over to the other table.
Michelle's P.O.V.
"OVER?" I hear Naleen shout.
I look over at her and Rob who are sitting alone at a table.
"Naleen, if I'm not making you happy and you're over here sobbing for something I did then I don't want to waste your time. Don't worry, you'll find someone better than me." Rob said.
She opened her mouth to say something then closed it.
"Rob just tell me one thing then." She said softly.
He nods, "Sure anything."
"Just tell me the truth. Are you leaving me for her?" She asked, staring right at him.
He sighed and nodded, looking down at his hands that were folded carefully on the table.
"I didn't want us to end like this you know." She said, grabbing her things and getting up.
"Yeah, neither did I." Rob said.

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