Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


5. Party!

               "Michelle, what's wrong?" Austin said to me.
                I looked at him and smiled, shaking my head. "Nah, I'm fine." I say.
           He walks me into the house, grabbing a seat with me in the living room. He squeezes my hand, causing me to look up from the ground.
           "I'm gonna go get us something to drink, stay here." He said, getting up.
           I nodded and pulled out my phone, I looked through my contacts and found Rob. I sent him a quick text.
           To: Rob 8)
           Yo, where you at?
           From: Rob 8)
           I'm upstairs with Alex, how bout you?
           To: Rob 8)
            In your living room, the couch. Sadie is staring me down, help.
           From: Rob 8)
           Come up to my room, me and Alex need to tell you something.
           To: Rob 8)
           I stood up and brushed myself off, I gave Sadie a death glare and faked a smile. I turned down into the hall and up he stairs. I got to Robs room and walked in. I saw Alex sitting on the windowsill and Rob in his computer chair. I shut the door behind me and sit on the bed.
          "What's going on guys?" I say with a smile.
          "Nothing but, listen we need to tell you something." Alex said.
          "Alright?" I nod.
          "You can't go out with Austin." Rob said. 
          "Wait, what? Why?" I ask.
          "Well, not now anyways. Not with Sadie on both of your backs. I mean, she's going to do something to you Michelle, you need to stay away from him." Alex says concerned.
          "I'm not scared of Sadie. I never was, she's annoying. I can handle her." I say, standing up.
          "Michelle, I'm warning you now. Don't mess with her. We only want you safe." Rob says.
          I sigh and stand at the door, "Just know, that tonight I'm not gonna let Sadie go without a fight."
          I walked out and down the stairs, the music pumping loud through everyone's ears. I looked around to see Austin sitting, with an empty seat next to him. I went over and sat down, giving him a faint smile.
          "Where were you?" He asked.
          "Oh, just upstairs. With Alex and Rob." I say.
          He gave me a weird look, "Oh, Alex."
          I nodded as he handed me a drink. "What's wrong?" I asked, "You seem distant."
          He chuckles and shakes his head, "Nah nothing, I'm just kind of tired." He said.
         I half smile and tap my foot to the music, taking a sip of my drink. Austin placed his hand on my thigh, making me squirm but he just laughed. I look over to my left to see Zach and Vanessa coming in through the door. They all greeted everybody and I smiled at her. Zach came up to Austin and he stood up. 
          "Hey Michelle." Zach said with a smile.
          "Hi Zach." I say, returning the warm smile.
          He smirks and looks at Austin, "I'll be back." Austin said, looking at me.
           I nod as he walks off, I pat the seat next to me and look at Vanessa. She sits down and we start to talk.
          "So where are the girls?" She asks.
          "Naleen and Marilynn are in the kitchen with some people, and Tyler is on his way to get Celia now." I say, tapping my foot.
          "Oh, well what's happened with Austin so far?" She said nudging me.
          "Well, he went to get me a drink but he took a while. I went upstairs to talk to Alex and Rob and then they were telling me about how I can't go out with Austin because Sadie's gonna try pulling something. I don't know they were saying weird stuff." I said.
          Her eyes widen, "What the hell is Sadie going to do to you? She's nothing compared to us." She said, giving Sadie a dirty look.
          I laughed, "You're too much. But I don't care, I'm still gonna go out with him if he asks me. Sadie isn't going to ruin anything for me." I say confidently.
          She laughed and I notice all of the boys walk downstairs. To my surprise the girls came in too, Celia had appeared a while ago. Her and Tyler came through the back door. Rob stands in the middle of the place asking to lower the music.
          "Alright guys! We're gonna play a little game. Anyone up to 7 minutes in heaven?" He asked.
          I look over to Vanessa and we both yell "Meeeeeee!" 
          We walk up along with the rest of our crew of 10. Rob turns the music back on and we all walk up to his room. 
          "Alright, so it's just us. I'm gonna put our names in a hat and pull them out. It's only gonna be 5 minutes, and we're not gonna be able to go in with our dates." He said looking at us, smiling. "This will be fun."
          He shook the hat around and pulled out a folded piece of paper, "First up, Alex anddd." He stops, grabbing another name. "Vanessa!"
          They both get up and walk out and down the hall to the guest room. Rob closed the door, and turned on the timer.
           Vanessa's P.O.V.
            We both sat down on the bed awkwardly. I look at Alex, giving him a warm smile. He returns the favor and chuckles a bit. "So we have 5 minutes, anything you wanna do?" I ask him.
            "Anything. What happens here, stays here." He said.
            So I shrugged and edged closer to him, he leaned in and so did I. Our lips met at an instant, and it was actually pretty fun. My hands had slipped around Alex's neck and his down to my waist. After a while we finally separated, looking at each other smiling. I take a deep breath, trying to catch some air, I hear the door about to open and stand up.
            "Happy one month." I said as we got out of the room.
            We walked in and sat down on the ground in silence, Rob grabbed the hat. "Next up," His eyes widen with a smile, "Me! aaaandd," He looked over at us. "Michelle."
            Michelle's P.O.V.
            I stood up, looking at Austin. He shakes his head and I walk out with Rob. Tyler shuts and locks the door, "Okay, times starting, Now." He said from the other side.
            "This was totally unintentional" He said, walking up to me.
            I smile, "I can tell."
            He laughed then put a stand of my hair behind my ear, inching in closer to my face. I hesitate a little bit before going along but I did it anyways. Our lips touched and my eyes shut immediately. I wrap my arms around Rob as he does the same. We stay like that for a while. We pull apart and he smiled at me.
            "You know there can be an us." He said.
            "Yeah, but not now." I said, inching away.
             Tyler opens the door and we walk outside. I wipe my lip as soon as I sit down and glance at Austin, he smiled. I look over at Rob, he winked at me causing me to laugh.
             "Alright, next pair going in. Tyler and Marilynn!" He said.
             Marilynn's P.O.V.
             I sigh and get up, walking into the room with Tyler. Rob following behind us. He opened up the door then locked it, telling us it was time. I sat down with Tyler on the bed and looked at him awkwardly. He smiled and then tried leaning into me for a kiss. I put my hands up.
             "Hold up Stanush." I say.
             He looked at me, confused. "What? It's just a game." He said.
              "I am not cheating on Alex, what do I look like?" I ask him.
             "Someone who didn't get anything for their anniversary." He said, causing me to look up.
             "How did you know?" I asked him, curious.
             He shrugged, "I noticed, you looked sad." 
             I half smile and look over at the door, "Well, I hope he turns around. He's Alex he always saves the day." I say.
             He nodded, putting his hands in his pockets. Both of us getting up and walking over to leave.
             "I'll talk to you later, save me a dance." He said.
             I nod, "Will do." 
             Rob opened the door and we walked out into the room silent. Rob jumped into the room, grabbing the hat. "Okay next pair isssssss....Austin and Celia!" He said, motioning them to get up.
             Celia's P.O.V.
             I get up and brushed my hair out of my face. We were closed into the room and stayed there. Austin looked at me weird then started to inch closer, I shake my head, causing him to step back.
             "Austin let's be honest here, we know we both don't want to do this alright? So don't feel like you're forced to because you're not. Sit down." I say pointing to the bed. "Tell me about Sadie, now."
             He takes a deep breath, "Well. My dad is working for this guy and she is that guys daughter. I kind of have to hang out with her and stuff because she said if I don't she will get my dad fired and I don't wanna be the reason he gets fired. I just hang out with her sometimes but nothing more, we don't like kiss and stuff because, you know. I like Michelle, but they hate each other." He said.
              I nod, "I see I see, you do have a bit of a situation there. Just stick around until your dad gets his promotion. When he does, ditch Sadie and then there you have Michelle!" I say.
              "That seems like a good idea, thanks. I know she'll wait for me, she likes me too, right?" 
               I nod and smile, "Of course she does. Everyone knows, even Tyler!" I said.
               He laughed and the door opens, Rob leads us out and we file into the room. The last 2 left were Naleen and Zach. They both headed out and were enclosed in the room.
               Naleen's P.O.V.
               I walk in with a big smile, "What's good Zach!" I say.
               He smiled, "It's all good." 
               I sat down, "Hows you and Vanessa?"
               "Fine Actually, I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said Yeah." He said confidently.
               "Well I guess you can't be the player you are anymore." I said, laughing.
               He walks up to me and plants a kiss on my lips, "Sure I can't." He said.
               I laughed, "You still got it Dorsey." 
               He brushed off his shoulders, "And so do you. This reminds me of that time last year when we played spin the bottle." He said laughing.
              "Oh yeah when Marilynn had to kiss you and Michelle had to kiss Alex! Those were hilarious." I say laughing.
              We talk about some funny things that happened that night and then we were told we could leave. We walked into Rob's room, wiping tears of laughter from our faces.
              Michelle's P.O.V.
              "Now wasn't that fun?" Rob asked.
              "Totally!" Naleen said.
              "VERY fun." Vanessa said.
              "Yeah it really was." I said, smiling at Rob.
               We got up and filed downstairs, everyone was dancing and the party was still as live as ever. I went out to the dance floor with the girls, we started to dance all about. Naleen practically started twerking with Vanessa while me and the rest of the girls laughed and danced. The boys came and joined us, we all danced with each other. A slow song came on and we all froze, looking for someone. I turned around and spotted Austin, grabbing Sadie's hand and bringing her out. I walked out and up the stairs into Rob's room. Sitting on his bed, just processing everything that happened. I shake my head and start looking at the posters hung upon his wall. I stand there arms crossed, looking at every frame. I smile and feel someone walking up behind me. Rob walked in confused.
               "What are you doing up here?" He asks.
               "Sorry I couldn't stand watching Austin dance with Sadie. I left." I say.
                He gave me a look, "Wait. He danced with Sadie for the slow song?" He asked.
               "Yeah?" I said.
               "You have got to be kidding me. He asked the DJ for that song to dedicate it to you and dance with you. He told us, but he actually had the guts to do that?" He said.
               "He did? He was going to do that?" I ask surprised.
               "Yeah, but he didn't." Rob said, coldly.
               I take a deep breath, "Rob, take me home." I say.
               "Wait, wha-" I cut him off, "Take me home."
               He shrugged and grabbed the keys to the car, slipping out through the back. We got in the car and headed out quick. I didn't talk the entire ride. He dropped me off home and I fake a smile.
                "Good night, see you Monday." He said.
                "Yeah." I say shutting the door to the car, and walking inside.

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