Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


14. Museum Adventures.

Michelle's P.O.V
We went into the West wing of the museum, starting off with the Asian art section. We wandered aimlessly around the exhibit. Surprisingly, there were no old people, and the museum was fairly empty. 
"Yo Michelle!" Naffi whispers loudly.
I turn my head, "What do you want kid?"
She laughs obnoxiously, "Come look at this sculpture, it's mad funny!"
I make my way over to the sculpture and start to laugh. Austin and Zach quickly approached us.
'What are you guys even laughing at, you're so loud." Austin whispers.
"The sculpture...she looks...so funny.." I manage to blurt out through giggles.
The guys both shake their heads. I distance myself from the group to control my laughter then Austin approaches me, putting his arm around me.
"You seem to be having fun" He chuckles.
I roll my eyes, "Shut up, I actually kinda like museums. Even though they remind me of how terrible of an artist I am."
"Well..I can't argue with you on that." Austin says jokingly, causing me to hit him in the arm.
"You're such a pain." I nag.
He looks at the others, and signals them over. "Guys how about we go check out the gift shop, I'm getting kind of bored here."
"Let's do it," Alex says.
We all find our way to gift shop and separate, all going into different sections. I decide to go to the T-shirt and sweater section because this museum always has the best ones. I come across many different tees with famous paintings, artists, and prints scattered all over them.
I look over to the right and see Austin looking at some key chains and random stuff, I walk up to him and take the key chain he has out of his hand.
"Do you like that?" He asks, "I can buy you something if you want?"
I shake my head quickly, "No you don't have to buy me anything, I'm all set!"
He took the key chain out of my hand and put it back, "Alright then, I guess we came here for nothing!"
I shrug and make my way out of the shop, sitting on the bench outside. Vanessa trails behind me and sits next to me.
"Kid why are you out here?" She asks.
"I got tired of walking, so I decided to just let Austin wander around." I shrug.
She rolls her eyes, hard. "You're such a lazy ass, get off of your butt!" She says as she hits my arm.
I hit her back and then we start to play fight, to our luck, Mrs. Phillips walks right by us as it's happening.
"Ladies!" She sneers as loudly as she could in a whisper.
We both get as stiff as possible, and wait for her to come up to us.
"Both of you ladies get yourselves on the bus now! When we get to the city you will send someone to buy your lunch and the two of you aren't to get off until we get to the school. When we get back, you two are to go to my office and we will speak about your consequences then." She says.
We both look at each other, then look at her.
"Hurry up! In the bus! Now." She jeers.
We both speed walk to the bus, laughing as soon as we are outside of the museum.
"You idiot, you got us in trouble!" I joke.
"It isn't my fault you're lazy," Vanessa shrugs.
We run onto the bus and sit ourselves down all the way in the back.
"I'm not even mad though, it was too much walking in there anyways," I plop down onto the seat.
"Shut up Michelle you damn well know you were trying to make out with Austin the whole time!" Vanessa teases.
I give her a stink face and turn to my phone, I immediately text Austin telling him what happened. Sooner or later Vanessa and I will get made fun of in the groupchat for it.
"I'm just going to sleep because we're gonna be in here for another hour," I say, getting comfy in my seat.

I wake up when I hear people talking and coming onto the bus.
"Wha-what?" I murmur.
"Move over bad girl," Austin says, as I struggle to scoot over closer to the window.
I sigh and lay my head on his shoulder, trying to catch up on my sleep.
"You didn't miss much," he says, "We just wandered around for another hour and came back here, would have been more fun if you didn't decide to get in trouble"
I groan and play with my fingers as the bus begins to move. It is fairly quiet since we're all bored and hungry. Mrs. Phillips makes her entire speech about how everyone should behave in the city during lunch, I grimace at each word.
"Babe what do you want for lunch, I'll buy it for you." Austin offers.
I shake my head, "Nope, here's my money. I want a foot long with everything you know I like on it with a lemonade and 3 cookies." I say, handing him my money.
He pushes it back into my hand, "If you wanted a foot long, all you had to do was ask." He winks
I scream in annoyance and hand him the money. I fold my arms and lay my back against the seat.
"Get your nasty ass out of here and go get me my food!" I yell.
He laughs while following the boys off of the bus. As soon as I take a deep breath and begin to enjoy the silence, it is interrupted by Vanessa's laughter.
I begin to laugh too, "He is so annoying, oh my gosh."
"That was mad funny! He tries so hard to be cool." She manages to say.
We proceed to talk about all of the boys and how obnoxious they were until we were interrupted by the whole squad coming onto the bus.
"What are you guys doing here?" Vanessa asks.
"We got bored, and decided to just come eat with you guys." Zach says.
Austin hands me my food and I scold him, trying to hold in my laughter.
"Thank you" I say.
He kisses my cheek, "Anything for you."
"Shut the hell up with your lovey dovey selves and eat, I am not trying to throw up after this good of a meal." Alex says, causing us all to burst out into laughter.
"Look whos talking, you're whipped Alex! Marilynn has you on a leash!" Zach adds.
Marilynn starts to laugh, "Well he has to know whos in charge right?"
"Y'all are wilding, you guys don't know what being whipped is until you've been with Naleen. This girl doesn't have a clue about personal space!" Rob complains.
Naleen didn't come on the bus with them, she decided to stay outside since she knew she would be salty and have an attitude if she came up to have lunch with us. We all shook our heads at Rob's comment.
"Dude if you feel like that, you have to tell her. You can't just force yourself to be with her so she won't get mad." Alex suggests.
Rob shook his head, "Man this girl got powers, real talk! She doesn't believe in rejection!"
Vanessa, Marilynn, and I started to laugh. "Rob you need to find some chill and just talk to her about this, you talking shit to us isn't going to get you anywhere. We all know she's crazy but it's Naleen, you have to deal with her." I say.
Rob sighs and nods, "I guess you're right. I'm gonna have to break up with her."
"Is that how you really feel Rob?" We hear a voice from the front of the bus say.
We look up to see Naleen standing in the aisle.
Rob is speechless, "Uh..ye-yeah eh, that's uh, that's how I really feel."
She folds her arms angrily, "I can't fucking believe this! This is unbelievable! What the hell is wrong with you?! Making me look bad in front of all of our friends? Are you fucking out of your mind! Do you know how bad that makes me look?"
"Why do you care so much about what I said, you act like they're going to go tell the whole school and ruin your shitty best couple campaign!" Rob yells.
We all gasp and our mouths drop, "Rob. You know how much that campaign meant to me why are you doing this? Don't you care about me? Don't you?" Naleen asks.
"I do, but you care about yourself more than you do about us." He points to himself and the entire group, "You don't do that shit, you aren't supposed to worry about your image and forget about all of us, and treat us like shit. Look at what you did to Michelle, you got mad that I liked her and wanted to win your campaign so fucking bad you cut off your best friend for years to get your name written in a stupid book." Rob exclaimed.
I look down at my food, then to Austin. I didn't want to say anything now because I knew that if I did, this would end in the same brawl we had in the auditorium.
"Well, you know what. Fuck it, fuck you, fuck this, fuck all of you guys. You guys were bad for my look anyways. I need a group of friends that will make me look better and you know what I'm gonna go out and fucking find one." And with that, Naleen turned on her heel and got off of the bus.
We looked at each other confused. 
"Okay I don't know about you guys, but am I the only one wondering how the hell she got onto this bus and listened to this whole conversation without us knowing?" Alex says, breaking the uncomfortable silence that she left.

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