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Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


3. Middle of the week.

              It's lunch time and it's Wednesday, the week has gone by pretty quick. All of the boys except for Rob and Zach had their dates for Friday and we were all wondering when they would ask Naleen and Vanessa. Everybody has been thinking me and Austin are the new 'It couple' but I just trail off whenever somebody talks about it. I was waiting until Friday to see what happens with us since all of the girls know that I like him.  I broke the silence we had by talking to Zach.
              "So Zach who are you bringing to the party?" I asked, so that everyone could hear.
              "Well, I'm thinking of asking Vanessa. But that's only if she says yes." He said looking at her.
              "Aaaaaw." The whole table said in unison, we all looked at Vanessa.
              "Aw, yes. I'll go with you." She said.
              Rob cleared his throat and looked at all of us, "Well. I think we all know who I'm gonna ask to be my date to the party." He said looking at Naleen.
              She smiled, "And I guess we all know who I'm going to say Yes to so that I can be their date to the party." Naleen said, confidently.
              Rob winked at her, "So will you go with me?" He asked.
              "Hell yeah I will!" Naleen said, causing us all to laugh.
              So it was official. Everyone in this group of friends had a thing for each other. Everything was starting to unfold.
              "Guys, lets be real. You don't honestly think it will work out if we're all dating each other." Celia said.
              "Well it won't hurt to try." Austin said, smiling at me.
               I smile back and then look over at Alex, who was too busy whispering something into Marilynn's ear. It must have been good since her face turned completely red. I shake my head as the bell rings, I stand up and start walking to Algebra. Austin came up next to me and grabbed my books, holding onto them while we were walking.
               "You're always carrying this heavy load." He said.
               "Aw," I say, taking my stuff back. "It's cool, I can carry it though. Thanks anyways." I said, smiling.
               He shook his head, smiling. "It's funny how all of the boys asked all of the girls out to that party." He said.
               "I know, I wasn't expecting you to ask me." I said, laughing.
               He chuckled, "I didn't think you were going to say yes." He said.
               We walked into the classroom and took seats next to each other, "Why wouldn't I say yes?" I say.
              Our attention went back to Rob, who came in and sat next to me. "Sorry I'm late guys, was just handling my girl." He said.
               "What were you and Naleen doing now?" I ask him.
               "Well we were going around advertising ourselves for class couple duh, how are we not going to win I mean look at us." He said.
               I look over to Austin, "Yeah alright."
              "We have no competition, Alex and Marilynn don't even want to run. Zach and Vanessa are nowhere to be found. Celia and Tyler just care about themselves and each other. Then you and Austin aren't even a couple." He said.
               Austin and I exchange looks, "You never know." Austin says, causing me to smile.
               The class starts and we hand in our home work and get some class work assigned. Austin, Rob, and I group up. We sit at the back of the class just talking.
                "So Austin, Michelle. How about you guys tell me what's going on between you two." Rob says.
               I look down, "Uh, I don't know." I said.
               "We'll just see on Friday bro." Austin says, smiling at me.
               I smile and just do my work quietly, "Way to make things awkward Rob." I say.
              "Hey hey hey. I'm just curious, I mean everyone has been talking about you guys." He said.
               I sigh, "So what?" I said.
              "Well I just wanted to know from you guys what the real thing is." He said.
              I shake my head and pack up my stuff since I'm done with my work. The bell rings and I walk out going right to my locker. I take out my gym bag and put my books inside. I make my way through the halls to the girls locker room. I get inside of a stall and start to change into my shorts, sneakers, and t shirt. I hear some girls come into the bathroom gossiping, so I decide to stay in and listen to what they were saying.
              "Yeah did you see her with Austin? I mean I didn't know they were dating. Ugh I don't even know, him and his entire crew all have girlfriends. How are we supposed to fit in now?" One of them said.
             "Her and Austin are probably fighting, I didn't see him at her locker a usual. She looked pretty mad too, the sooner they break up the better." The other said.
              Enraged, I grab my bag and walk out of the stall. I stood there, with my arms crossed looking at them.
              "Excuse you?" I asked.
              "What?" One of them said.
              "I'm going to advise you to keep your mouth shut since you don't have a clue about what you're talking about. I don't wanna catch you saying something about me or my friends again. You got that you little piece of freshmeat?" I said, giving her a death glare.
              "Yeah...I-I got it." She said, as she sped out of the locker room.
              I shook my head and walked out, slamming the door behind me. I walk into the gym and see everybody sitting down waiting for Mr. T. I sit down with them and Alex comes up to me.
             "What happened? You look pissed." He said.
             "Some stupid freshmen girls in the locker room were talking about me and Austin, and how all of us were taken and that the sooner I 'broke up' with Austin the better." I say, raising my hands and doing air quotes when I said broke up. "I mean, I don't even go out with Austin. I don't even think he would want a relationship with me." I say to him.
            "Are you crazy? Austin has had a crush on you since last year! When we all went trick or treating, he went crazy when he saw you in your costume." Alex said, causing me to blush.
            I laugh, "Are you serious?" I asked.
            "Totally. I mean he's my best friend. I know these things." He says.
            "Yeah well, I'm waiting till Friday to see what he does." I tell him.
            Before he can even respond Mr. T blew his whistle. "Everybody file out and head to the track. We're running laps today." He instructed.
            I groaned and met up with Marilynn, Vanessa, and Celia. Alex left to go hang with the boys. We started to jog and talk about our days.
            "So what's up with you and Zach?" I asked Vanessa.
            "We're okay I guess. He walked me to both my classes after lunch." She said, smiling.
           "How about Tyler?" I ask Celia.
            "The same. He's coming over today, to meet my mom." She said, groaning.
           I laughed, "How about you and Alex?" I asked Marilynn in between laughs.
           "We're really good, we make a month on Friday so that's nice." She said.
           "But now for the real question, how are you and Austin?" Vanessa asked me.
           "I honestly don't know. He asked me to be his date for the party and we've just been really close lately. People think we go out but, I don't know. Alex told me that Austin has liked me since last year!" I told them.
            "No way," Marilynn said.
            I shrugged, we kept jogging and we were approaching the boys. When we were passing them they all looked over at us. I made eye contact with Austin then laughed and looked away. I kept jogging ahead, leaving the girls behind and meeting up with Austin.
            "You seem to run fast," He said.
            "Yeah, but you run faster." I said, looking back.
            "I wanted to talk though, about us." He said.
            I looked at him, "Yeah, what about us?" I asked.
            "Well, I just wanted to know where we stand." He said.
            "I've been asking myself the same thing you know." I said.
            "Yeah, lot's of people have been asking me but I just don't know what to say." He said quickly.
            "I see what you mean, but don't worry I'm as confused as you are." I say.
            "You know, a little bird told me that you had a crush on me." He said.
            "Oh really? Cause someone told me you liked me too?" I say, smiling.
            "Well what would you say if that was true?" He asked me.
           "I would say that what you heard was true too." I said.
            Right when he was about to start talking I sped up, trying to see if I could catch up with the girls since they seemed to speed right by us. I caught up with Celia.
            "What was that all about?" She said looking back at Austin.
            "That is something that for me to know and for you all to find out." I say.

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