Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


11. Having fun.

Michelle's P.O.V.
I see Rob dig his head into his hands and I look over at Austin.
"Wow, that was bad..." He says.
"Yeah, it really was." I say, sighing.
"I'm gonna go over and talk to him alright?" He says quietly.
I nod and watch him head over to Rob, trying to comfort him. I look up at Alex and give him a warm smile as he does the same. 
"I'm gonna go to my locker, and grab my things for next class." I say.
"I'll go with you." Alex says, slipping out of his seat.
I grab my bag and head out of the cafeteria with him, going down the empty corridor side by side.
"You alright?" I ask him.
He rubs his cheek, "Yeah, he just jabbed me in the jaw though. I'm glad he apologized." He says.
"Yeah so am I, we haven't even been 2 months into our sophomore year and we already have drama." I say, quietly.
"I know, it sucks. I think it must have been that game of 7 minutes in heaven that got us all mixed up." Alex adds, stopping at my locker.
He leans against the locker next to mines as I open mine up and switch my current bag with my gym bag. I check my phone for any messages then slip it back into my pocket. I shut my locker then walk down the hall a bit more to Alex's locker.
"I wish we could all make the most of the time we have now since Tyler is moving and Celia got that student exchange program thing." I say, sighing.
"I know, but we have to work with what we have and right now we have 3 couples and 2 friends, who knows what's gonna happen." He said.
I chuckle, "Yeah, who knows." I say thinking about what Rob and I talked about earlier.
"Honestly, I don't want to go back up to lunch." I say.
"You don't? Neither do I. Wanna head to the gym so we don't have to waste our time roaming around after lunch?" He suggests.
"I seriously love your thinking Constancio." I tease.
"Hey! What did I say about you calling me that?" He chuckles.
"Whatever I'll meet you in the gym, I'm gonna change." I say.
"Alright me too, catch you on the court Michy." He said, winking.
I roll my eyes, Alex is so immature. But he's like one of my closest guy friends in this school. I change into some shorts, a t shirt, and some old Adidas I had. I tie my hair back into a ponytail and slip a headband on. I head out into the gym to already find Alex shooting a basketball on the court. Sheesh, he was quick. I lay my bag on the bleachers and head over to him.
"Pass me the ball Alex." I say and he throws it at me.
I catch it and shoot it towards the hoop, surprisingly I make it in.
"You have a nice shot, for a girl." He said, a cocky grin on his face.
I roll my eyes, "Like you can do any better?"
He throws the ball sloppily and he makes it into the hoop, then raises an eyebrow at me.
"Fine you are good, but still." I say.
He laughs and runs towards me, trying to grab the ball. I shove him and run away with it dribbling it all over the place. The way he's running is actually really funny, cause his hair is swooping all over the place. Alex is one hell of a kid.
Austin's P.O.V.
I sit back down at the table with Rob. Marilynn's the only one there, she's sitting there tapping her nails on the table.
"Where is Michelle?" I ask.
"She just went to grab her things for next period and Alex went with her." She said.
"How long have they been gone?" I snap.
"Well they left when you went to talk to Rob." 
I look over at Rob and stand up, "I'm going to go look for her."
They nod and engage in conversation while I walk out of the cafeteria towards her locker. I don't see either of them there, I try to remember what class we have next. Ah! Gym. I speed walk towards the gym and open the doors. I see Alex and Michelle playing some basketball and laughing so I just walk in.
"Hey guys, what are you up to?" I ask.
They both turn around and walk over to me, "Nothing, Alex was just showing me some tricks." Michelle says, out of breath.
I nod, "Yeah, go get changed and join us bro." Alex adds in.
"Alright, I just need to talk to Michelle for a second." I ask.
She smiles and puts the ball down, she walks with me to my locker to get my things while Alex left to go catch up with the others before class.
"So what's up?" She asks.
"I was just concerned, didn't know where you were. But then I saw you were with, him." I say.
She rolled her eyes, "Austin, for the last time. I don't like Alex. He's like my brother, hence the fact we've been neighbors forever." She says.
I sigh, "I know, I know. I just over think it. I just get jealous." I say, taking out my gym bag.
She laughs, "There is totally nothing to be worried about I promise you. You're my one and only, remember that." 
I nod and laugh, "I'll always remember," I say, grabbing her hand and walking down the hall with her.
She leaves me at the door of the locker room, and walks off to the gym. I walk in to find Rob and Zach.
"Sup guys." I say.
"Nothing, just chilling in here waiting for Coach to come get us." Zach said.
"Yeah, what he said. But dude did you hear?" Rob said.
"What happened?" I question.
"Everyone was talking about Sadie and how she was gonna do something to Michelle in the halls, it was really weird cause everyone was really secretive about it." Rob said.
I give him a look and ruffle my hair, "She just doesn't know when to stop does she?"
They shake their heads, "I don't know how you're dealing with this, you're in too deep." Zach says, as I change and tie my sneakers.
I cough and Coach walks into the locker room, "Guys! Get up and come out to the gym. We're waiting on you." 
We all hop to our feet and walk out to the gym, setting our things at the table and sitting on the bleachers.
"What took you so long?" Michelle asks, as I slide in next to her.
"Nah nothing, just having a conversation with the guys." I shrug, and look up at Coach who's starting off the class.

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