Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


4. Getting ready.

                 Michelle's P.O.V
                 It was Friday and the last bell rung. I grabbed my backpack from my locker and put it on. I was walking down the hallway, I saw Zach and Vanessa holding hands. I walked over to them but they turned down the hall before I could even say hi. I sighed and turned around to the front doors of the school. I saw Austin leaning against a tree looking like he was waiting for someone. I smiled and walked over to him, causing him to look up from his phones screen.
                "What are you waiting for?" I asked him.
                "Sadie. She said she would meet me up over here." He says quickly.
               "Oh, alright. I'll see you tonight then." I say.
                "I'll pick you up at 7." He said, giving me a hug.
               I walk off home by myself, seeing that everyone is already on their own path. I get home and walk right up to my room. I hang my bag on the rack and lay onto my bed grabbing my phone and calling Naleen.
               "Hey girl." She said.
                "Hey, where did you go after school?" I asked her.
               "Ms. Phillips kept me back to talk about getting some kids to start after school programs. You know random stuff like that." She said.
               "Ha, when are you going to come over to get ready?" I ask.
               "I'll go at 5, Rob said he was gonna pick me up at 7 so I'll just tell him to come to your house with Austin." She says.
                "Alright," I say with a sigh.
                "Hey what's up with Austin? He was talking to Sadie on my way out. He always walks you home." Naleen said.
                "I don't even know, he told me she was like his dad's boss daughter." I say, sighing.
                "Well, you better watch her. She is a nasty one." She says.
                 I laugh, "Yeah I bet she is."
                 "Well, mom's home. I gotta go see what's up. I'll be over at 5." She said.
                 "Alright, see you." I say, hanging up the phone.
                 I put my phone down and go over to my desk, opening up my laptop. I log into Facebook and post a status.
                 "Rob's party later :)" 
                I post it then look down my news feed, I see that Austin posted something.
                 "Confused. :/" 
                I roll my eyes and shut the laptop off. I go downstairs and see that I'm still home alone. I turn on the radio to the local station. It starts playing 'The Way' by Ariana Grande and I pull it up on full blast. I start to dance around the kitchen. I grab some bread, ham, and cheese then start making a sandwich while screaming the lyrics. I look at my phone which is right on the table and see that I have a missed call from Marilynn. I take the and call her back.
               "Hello?" She says.
               "Hey Mara." I say. "You called?"
               "Yes, I need to tell you something." She said.
               "Go ahead, shoot." I say.
               "Alex didn't say anything to me and it is our one month anniversary." She said.
               "Oh, um. Maybe he's saving something for later. You know Alex, he loves to go over the top. I bet he is gonna wait till the party to do something for you." I say comfortingly.
              "You think so? I don't know." She said.
              "I'm sure of it. I'll talk to Alex if you want?" I ask.
              "No don't, it's alright." She said.
              "What time is it?" I asked her.
              "It's 4:30." She says quickly.
               "Oh alright, well I'm gonna let you go. I need to clean up a bit before my mom gets home." I say.
              I hang up the phone and walk over to the plate I had my sandwich on. I wash it and do the rest of the dishes. I sweep around the kitchen and living room, I go outside to sweep the porch. I look up to the other side of the street to see Alex playing basketball in his driveway. I wave to him and he waves back.
              "ALEX COME OVER HERE!" I yell from the porch.
             He nods and drops the ball, kicking it into the grass. He crosses the street and comes up the steps. He's all sweaty which is pretty funny.
             "Ew Alex don't touch me you're all nasty." I say, threatening him with the broom.
             He hugs me and I fight out of his grip, "Ugh I hate you." I said.
             He laughed, "So what did you need?" He asks me.
             "Oh I just wanted to know what's up with you and Marilynn? Aren't you two a month today?" I ask.
             "Yeah we are, I bought her this necklace but I'm gonna give it to her at the party." He says.
             "Okay, phew. That's cute." I said.
             "I guess. But are you ready for tonight? Tonight is the night you and Austin finally find out what's going on between you guys." He said nudging me.
             "I don't even know. I saw him waiting for Sadie after school." I said.
             "Wow, he would." Alex said rolling his eyes. "I don't want him messing with her, she's nothing but trouble to the both of you. She knows what's going on between you. At the cook out she didn't even look at Austin." He explained.
             I took a deep breath, "We'll see at the party." I said.
             "Wanna come and play ball?" He said, looking over at his house.
             "Nah, I can't Naleen is coming over any time now cause she wants me to help her get ready for the party." I say, leaning on the broom."You know I would though."
              He laughs, "I'll see you at the party alright? Text me if anything." He says.
              "Alright, bye Constancio." I say.
              "Don't call me that!" He yells while he crosses the street.  
              I laughed and walked inside shutting the door. I finish sweeping the house and stop when I hear the doorbell ring. I look through the eye hole and see that it's Naleen. I put the broom aside and open up.
              "Hey Nay." I say, as she walks in.
              "Hey." She said, "Wheres your mom?" She asks.
              "Work probably, I've been alone since I got home from school." I said.
              We walk upstairs into my room, I grab the laptop and we plop onto the bed. I open up my computer and go onto Facebook again. I get a notification and a message. I click on the notification. "Rob Villanueva, Zach Dorsey, and Austin Mahone like your status." Ugh great. I click on the message,
             Rob V: Heyyyy
             Me: You couldn't text me Rob? -_-
             I press send and look over at Naleen, "You need to handle your man!" I said.
             She pulls out her laptop from her huge bag, "Oh just in case you didn't know, I'm sleeping over." She said giving me a huge smile.
             "Alright, I don't mind." I shrug, as my computer makes a sound that I got a message.
             Rob V: Don't be so mean to me Michy :'( You still coming 2nite?
             Me: Of course I don't have anything better to do :)
             Rob V: You are soo nice aren't you -.-
             Me: But you lovveee meee, :D I'm with your girl btw ;)
             Rob V: I know she told mee like 2 seconds ago :p You are soooo laatteee.
             Me: Ugh I hate talking to you :( you always judge me rob.
             Rob V: haha you got a point :) 
             Me: What time you coming to pick up Naleen? 
             Rob V: I'm goin with Austin at 7 lol 8)
             Me: Okay that gives me just enough timmmee. But I'll ttyl since I'm gonna start gettin ready since I needa straighten my hurrr :)
             Rob V: K peace shawty :)
             I close up the laptop and grab 2 towels. I throw one at Naleen then keep one. I head over to my closet and look for what I was gonna wear.
             "Naleen, should I wear pants or a dress?" I asked.
             "Wear pants, you're gonna be dancing all night." She said.
             I grab some light pink pants that I was going to roll up to above my ankles, some tan Sperrys, a white ruffled shirt, and a tan cardigan. I pull it out and hold it in my hands. I put my phone on the charger and walk out into the bathroom. I go in and close the door. I connect the straightener and put it on the counter while I slipped into the shower. I washed my hair and showered for a while. I got out and dried myself off, opening the cabinet and putting some lotion on and spraying some new perfume I had. I put the clothes on and rolled up my jeans. I slipped on the shoes and I let out my hair. I sprayed it with some heat protection products and took out my blow dryer. I roughly moved it around and through my hair. After that I started to straighten my hair, making sure it came out as straight as possible. When I finished the last strand I looked in the mirror satisfied. I slipped on a small light pink headband and headed out of the bathroom. As soon as I got into the room Naleen looked at me.
               "Girl Austin is gonna go crazy when he sees you!" Naleen said, snapping her fingers.
               I laughed, "Please. Just go get ready." I tell her.
               She gets up and closes herself in the bathroom. I slip on some bracelets and earrings that I had on my desk and sit down at the computer. I go onto Skype and make a video call to Vanessa. After about four rings she finally picks up.
               "OH MY GOD AWWWW." She said, looking at me.
                I rolled my eyes, "You look nice." I say looking at her.
               "You think? I hope Zach likes it." She said.
               "Ugh, don't worry I'm sure he will like it. I mean, he's Zach why wouldn't he?" I say.
               "So where's Naleen?" She asks me.
               "In the bathroom getting ready. She needs to hurry up it's 6:30 and Austin and Rob are coming at 7." I say.
               When I finished saying that Naleen walked right in, "Speaking of Naleen, look who just came in!" I said.
                Naleen was wearing some ripped jeans, with some black Dr. Martins, a Coca Cola crop top, and a leather jacket on top. She had her hair set in a high bun, her glasses steadily set on her face. She hangs her towel up and comes over sitting next to me.
                "Vanessa what up!" She says.
                "Nothing just waiting for when I'm going to leave." She said.
                "Tonight better be fun, if not. I'M BLAMING ROB!" I yelled.
                 Naleen nudges me, "Hey! Watch it." She said.
                 I groaned, "Shut up Naleen!"
                 Vanessa starts laughing hysterically like always, causing us all to laugh. I see my phone vibrate and open the text.

                 From: Austin <3
                 I'm at Alex's house with Rob. I'm walking over right now. 
                "Vanessa, gotta go. Rob and Austin are coming right now." I say.
                "Well bye! See you there." She said.
                I hung up the call and closed the laptop. I put my phone in the pocket of my pants. I looked over at Naleen.
                "Let's wait downstairs." I said.
                She nodded, and we walked out of my room. We went downstairs into the kitchen, sitting at the counters. I took a sip of a water bottle then put it back in the fridge. I offer Naleen some but she didn't want any. We heard a knock at the front door and I walk over to it, opening up.
                "Hey Austin," I say, giving him a hug.
                "Hey Rob!" I say, doing our handshake and giving him a hug.
                "Hey Michelle, you ready to go?" Austin asked.
                I nod, "Naleen get yourself over here now!" I yell.
                She walks up and looks over at Rob, "Hey you!" She said giving him a hug.
                "Whats going on Austin?" She said, hugging him as well.
                We both walk out and I lock the door, putting my keys away. I walk with Austin right across to Alex's house. They opened the back door right into the kitchen. We sat down, waiting for Alex to come back with Marilynn.
                "You look cute." Austin said in my ear.
                "Aw, thanks. So do you." I say.
                He laughed, like always he had that huge smile on his face. Rob and Naleen were in the living room watching TV. I looked over at Austin who looked at me right in the eye.
                "I was so nervous before getting you." He said.
                 I laughed, "There's no need to be nervous, you've known me for like a year now!" I say.
                "Yeah, but I never have asked you out before." He said, smiling.
                 "You do have a point. It's alright though, don't be nervous." I say, trying to comfort him.
                We hear the back door open, we see Alex and Marilynn walk in. I make eye contact with her quick, we both smile cheekily at each other. Rob and Naleen turn the TV off and finally head over to the kitchen, where we're all at the counter.
                "So you guys all ready to go?" Rob asked.
                "Yeah," We all said.
                He shrugs and we walked out. Rob lived pretty close so we all didn't mind the walk. Everybody was walking with their pairs, just in silence. Austin caught my hand in his, intertwining our fingers. Just walking ahead, occasionally squeezing my hand. We finally got to the house and there was a huge group of kids outside. Rob opened the doors and we all finally filed in. Austin led me into the house, still holding onto my hand. Not noticing the look on my face when my eyes met with Sadie's.

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