Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


1. First Day of School.

                        Michelle's P.O.V
                   I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing loudly from some text messages. I look to the time to see that It's 6:45. I lay my eyes on the text and smile.

                   From: Austin 
                   Good morning youu ;)
                   To: Austin 
                   Morninggggg :)
                   From: Austin ♥
                   You just woke up?
                   To: Austin ♥
                   Yeahhh, I'll text you when i'm done getting ready though :)
                   From: Austin ♥
                   Alright :)

                   Austin was the sweetest thing ever. I've been having this huge crush on him since freshman year, but I don't think he knows yet. It was the first day of our sophomore year and I was thinking of telling him soon. I sigh at the thought and walk into my bathroom. I brush my teeth then slip into the shower. I get out after a while and go to my closet. I grab a dark blue and green plaid shirt, with some jean shorts, and some blue low top converse. I sit down and put some lotion and chap stick on. I pull out my straightener and connect it, letting it heat up while I make my bed. I head back and start straightening my hair, making it look nice for my first day. I put on some stud earrings and stand up looking at the time. 7:50. I had 20 minutes to spare since school started at 8:30. I walked downstairs and headed into the kitchen, mom had set up the table with pancakes and stuff. I sit down at the table and smile at her.
                  "Morning mom," I say, taking a sip of orange juice.
                  "Hey! Ready for your first day?" She asked with a smile.
                  "Totally. I can't wait to see everyone again." I said.
                  "You hung out with your friends all summer Michelle!" She said.
                  "That doesn't matter, I still missed them though." I said, smiling.
                  I felt my phone buzz and I looked at it.
                  From: Vanessaa
                  Hey, we walking?
                  To: Vanessaa
                  Sure, come by. I'm ready.
                  From: Vanessaa
                  On my way, wait for me on your porch?
                  To: Vanessaa
                  Will do.
                  I walk up the stairs, grabbing my backpack and swinging it over my shoulders. I put a hair tie on my wrist just in case I needed it, and sprayed myself with perfume. I held onto my phone as I walked outside onto my porch. I stood there, scrolling down instagram. I waited for about 5 minutes until Vanessa came into my sight.
                  I meet her up at the side walk and we start walking.
                  "Aren't you excited. It's a whole new year. Which means I can see if Zach is into me." She said happily.
                  "Oh god, you really do like Zach don't you?" I ask her.
                  "Ever since the Eighth grade, when Ms. Smith paired us up in science." She said, sighing.
                  I shake my head, "I bet he does, I mean have you seen the way he looks at you!" I said as we crossed the street.
                  "Stop it Michelle! What's going on with you and Austin?" She asked me.
                  I look at my phone quickly to avoid the topic. I pull up Austin in my contacts and send him a quick text.

                  To: Austin 

                  On my way to school :)
                  As I try to put my phone away Vanessa grabs it.
                  "What is up with all of these texts girl! Good morning? Winks? A heart next to his contact name? You have got to be kidding me. You really do like Austin!" She said, nudging me.
                  I grab my phone and put it into my pocket, "So what. You act like Austin likes me." I said.
                  She shrugged, "You never know." She said smiling.
                  I sigh as we make our way up the front steps of the school, stopping in the front courtyard.
                 "So do we wait for them here or see if they're inside?" I ask her.
                 "Let's go inside, I wanna grab a seat." She said.
                 We walked inside, into the big cafeteria. I looked around to see if I spotted anyone and there they were. Alex and Marilynn were sitting at the table holding hands like always.
                 "Hey love birds." I said as I sat down next to Marilynn.
                 "Hey Michy. What's up?" Marilynn asks.
                 "Nothing, just tired. I didn't sleep much last night." I said.
                 "I wonder why," Alex said, winking.
                 "Shut up Alex you know nothing!" I said as I looked down at my phone.

                 From: Austin ♥
                 Come to the library :)

                 I get up and excuse myself from the table. I walk past the swarm of kids through the cafeteria and walk up the stairs to the third floor, which was creepily empty. I open the doors to the lit up library and look through to find Austin. As always he's sitting in the windowsill at the far back.
                "Hey you," I say as I walk up to him.
                He gives me a hug and I sit down next to him.
                "You look nice," He said looking at me, smiling.
                "So do you." I said in return.
                I laughed a bit and looked down, damn. If only he knew how I really felt about him.
                "How was your summer? I heard you went to Florida for a while." He asked me.
               "Yeah, I did. It was good actually. I got tanner." I said, smiling.
               "I can see that," He said, laughing.
                "How was Cali?" I asked.
               "Great, got to see Hollywood and tour and stuff. It was fun actually." He said.
               I smiled and nodded, I checked the time. 8:20. I looked at him then stood up.
               "Lets go meet the crew downstairs, before they think I got kidnapped." I said laughing.
               He followed me and we walked down together. We went to the table and Rob, Tyler, Zach, Naleen, and Celia were there. They all looked at us, then gave each other funny looks.
               "You owe me five bucks Rob!" Naleen says.
               Austin and I sit down next to each other. I see Rob pass Naleen the money as we all laugh. We all sat there talking about our summers and what we did when we weren't together. I kept looking over at Austin, he caught me a couple of times but would only laugh. We heard the school bell ring and we all headed to the Auditorium as instructed. I sat in between Austin and Marilynn. I turned over to her and started talking.
               "You and Alex are the cutest no doubt." I said to her, as I nudged her arm.
               "Yeah, but you and Austin beat us by a land slide." She said, causing me to blush and turn around, Austin started to laugh.
                "You're so embarrassing!" I tell her.
                "Hey! I'm just stating facts." She said.
                 Ms. Phillips, the principal comes up to the microphone and starts talking to us.
                 "Ah, welcome welcome. Class of 2015, I would like to start off by saying good morning to you all. For those who don't know me, my name is Ms. Phillips and I am the principal here. I am glad to see so many familiar faces in here, as well as so many different ones. I wanted to break down the day for you all so you would know how it would work. You will have 2 classes, until 11. At 11 you will go to study hall, or your free period, until 12. At 12 until 12:45 you will go to lunch. You have 15 minutes to spend in the quad as you wish. then you will have 2 more classes after which will conclude your day at 3. Staff will be now handing out your schedules, and that is all. I wish you all a wonderful day." She said as she stepped way from the microphone. 
                 "I hope we get classes together." Austin says to me.
                 "Yeah so do I, I'm going to need someone to make me laugh." I said, nudging him.
                 He smiled as someone handed him his schedule. I looked over and waited until I got mines. We looked over at each other and compared them.
                 "Alright so we have Algebra 2, Physics, and Gym together." He said to me.
                 "Aw that's great. I won't be so bored in math like I always am." I said.
                 He laughed then compared schedules with Zach. I looked over to Marilynn.
                 "Oh! We have all of our classes except for Physics together!" I said.
                 "Yes. At least I have you, I only have gym with Alex." She said, frowning.
                I shake my head, "Marilynn. This is going to be one hell of a year." I said to her.

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