Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


13. Details!

Michelle's P.O.V
Just as expected I got a call right at 9 from Vanessa.
"Hello there." I said,
"Michelle, this date was terrible. It was too funny." She said.
"Tell me what happened."
"Well first of all Rob and Naleen came out with matching shirts. Naleen's said "Rob's girl." and Rob's said "Naleen's man." And she was being super controlling and Rob looked so frustrated, all Zach and I could do was laugh because it was too much. It was honestly a bad date, but I had fun." Vanessa said.
I laughed, "Oh wow. You came back quick too I was surprised."
"Yeah, I wanted to get out of there. I can't believe that just happened." She said, laughing.
I sigh, "Well Vanessa I'm gonna have to let you go since I'm tired. Since tomorrows that field trip to the museum we'll all be seeing each other so we can talk about it then." I say.
She sighs, "Alright, sleep well, don't let the Naleens bite!" She chuckled.
'Bye Vanessa." I roll my eyes.
As I hang up the call, another one appears. It's Robert. I pick up immediately knowing exactly what I'm going to say.
"Hey Rob, what's up?"
He takes a while before talking, "What's up with us."
"I'm sorry Rob but I can't, that was some stupid stuff that I did. We shouldn't be together, and I'm really happy with Austin so I think we should just stick to that brother and sister type thing that we had. You're my bro and all but you need to chill out." I let out quickly.
"Okay, now that that's taken care of, I guess I have to respect your decision. I'll back off, I'll get over you. Just don't do anything that will make me want you all over again." He chuckled lightly.
"Well that was easy," I say, relieved.
"Yeah, well I'm gonna go. Gotta pick out some fly outfit for the trip tomorrow, Night Mich"
"Night Rob" I reply quickly as I hang up.
Wow, what a relief. I didn't think he would take that well. I mean...we only kissed once while I was with Austin but I feel terrible for it. Even though I ended it, I can't take back what I did. I guess that's something I have to get over though.
I slip under my covers and turn my TV on, starting to watch cartoons until I drifted off.

I woke up in a surprisingly good mood. After doing my morning rituals I slipped on my Vans and skipped downstairs.
"Hey honey." My mom says, embracing me into a hug.
"Morning mom" I say as I grab some yogurt from the fridge.
"So what are your plans for today?"
I laugh, "Nothing mom I have no life. We're going to the museum and I have no idea what's going on after school."
"Oh stop it you have some nice friends! Especially that Austin boy you always talk about!" She teases.
"Mom stop it! That's it I'm leaving!" I say through giggles.
It's 8:10 and I decide to just walk to school by myself. When I got there all the Sophomores going on the trip were gathered on the quad. I made my way through the crowd until I found Austin. My face lightens up and I walk right over to him.
"Hey babe" He says, giving me a kiss on the forehead.
"Hey, how are you?" I give him a hug.
"I'm fine, sorry I didn't text you yesterday I was playing ball with my dad." He apologizes.
"No no it's okay! Don't worry about it" I assure him.
We wait there together as everyone arrives and we all get called onto the bus. The museum is a good hour drive away so, of course, we all decide to sit all the way in the back.
I made my way into a seat next to Austin, across from Vanessa and Zach, and sadly behind Robert and Naleen. I buried my head into Austins shoulder and took a deep breath.
"This is going to be a long day," I say into his shoulder.
He starts to laugh and picks my head up, "Don't worry about it, you'll be fine. I mean you are sitting next to the hottest guy at Lady Bird High."
I burst out into laughter, "Keep thinking that Austin," I tap his shoulder.
"You trying to tell me? Austin Mahone? That I am NOT the hottest guy to ever step foot onto school grounds?" He said sarcastically.
"You need to quit," I say, rolling my eyes.
He laughs and I lay myself against him and take my phone out, quickly going onto the Quizup app. It is seriously my new addiction and I'm finally level 26 in the Michael Jackson category.
Austin watches me play in amusement as I get every question right and win match after match. After about a good amount of matches, I decide to turn off my phone and look up at Austin. He was fast asleep, so I decided to take this opportunity to take a picture of him. He needs something to be blackmailed with.
I slowly turn myself to face Vanessa, who is bored while Zach is knocked out right next to her.
"Psst psst," I call.
"Michelle I'm right next to you what the hell do you want." She snaps, causing me to laugh.
"Kid I'm super bored, I wish Celia was still here and didn't have to take up that catholic school in East Side." I complain.
Vanessa frowns and looks at me sadly, "I know, she was so funny. I'm glad she left Tyler though, he was such a dick to the whole crew. We needed a break from him."
I look over at Austin, and rub his arm. "I'm glad he didn't make Austin go ape shit, even though that's what I wanted him to do. You know how he gets when he's angry."
"Oh my god," She mutters between chuckles, Vanessa always thought of Austin as an idiot.
"Are we even there yet?" I ask, glancing at my watch.
She shakes her head, "Nah, we got a good 15 minutes left on here."
I pout, "I want Austin to wake up."
"Shut up Michelle you're mad annoying," Vanessa says, making me roll my eyes.
We have a very interesting relationship that often causes people to think that we're fighting all of the time. That'ts what I like about our relationship though.
"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" We hear Ms. Phillips call from the front of the bus, "We'll be arriving at the Museum in about 5 minutes. When we get there, we will all exit the bus and form groups of 6. When you have gotten into your groups, you can come up to me or any other teacher to get a map and you'll be on your way to roam the museum. Remember, we meet in the parking lot at 1 to get back onto the bus and go to the city for some lunch. That is all."
I glance over at Vanessa and she points to all of us, except for Naleen and Rob.
I laugh and nod, confirming our group for the day. When the bus arrives I nudge Austin lightly so that he can wake up.
"Austin....come on...wake up...we're here," I whisper.
He slowly wakes up and I signal him to get up and walk out of the bus with him. I tell him about what Ms. Phillips said and we get into our group.
Marilynn, Alex, Vanessa, Zach, Austin, and I get into a cluster. We get our map and head on our way. We catch a glance of Naleen and Rob, who were looking at us desperately.

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