Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


6. Confessions.

                   Rob's P.O.V.
                   I yawned and checked the time, it was 12 pm. I looked around to see the boys crashed everywhere in my room. Alex right next to me, Austin on the ground, Tyler in the computer chair, and Zach on the floor next to Austin. I woke them up slowly, and well all went downstairs. The house wasn't that trashed so we cleaned it up real quick. We all took turns in the bathroom and got ready. We all sat in the living room and looked at each other.
                   "That game of 7 minutes in heaven was fun." I said, starting conversation.
                   "Yeah, it really was." Alex said, flipping his hair.
                   "How about we all tell each other what happened?" I ask.
                   "Okay, but. We can't get mad at each other, and it stays between us." Zach said.
                    We all nodded, "Austin how about you go first." I suggest.
                    "Uh, I didn't do anything with Celia. She just told me like 'we both don't want to do this' random stuff like that, and she told me that I should just wait till the promotion to make it official with Michelle. I'm thinking of doing that, but yeah. We didn't do much." Austin said.
                    We shrug looking at Alex, "Well uh, Zach. I kinda made out with your girlfriend. Then we swore that we wouldn't tell anyone but I was going to tell you guys anyways so yeah. Sorry bro." Alex said awkwardly.
                     Zach gave him a dirty look, "What about you Tyler?"
                     "Marilynn didn't want to do anything because she told me that she didn't want to cheat on Alex. So that went really well." He said glancing at Alex.
                     Zach coughed, "I kind of kissed ya girl too Rob. Not gonna lie about it bro. It just happened so yeah, didn't mean anything so don't worry about it." 
                     I nodded and looked over at Austin, "So what did you and Michelle do?" He asked.
                    I scratched my neck, "I made out with her, and yeah that's about it." I say.

                         Austin stood up, walking over to me. Zach caught him on his way, "WHAT?" He said.
                   "Woah! Calm down Mahone. There's no reason you should be mad it's just a game." I say.
                   "Rob, you did something to get to her I know you did!" He shouted.
                   "What the hell? I never did bro! I just picked names out of a hat, just calm down!" I said walking over to him.
                   I sat him down and sat next to him, "Austin, you need to do something. Sadie is going to ruin this entire opportunity for you, and someones gonna snatch Michelle right out of your grip." I said to him.
                   "Yeah, you're right. I need to ask her out as soon as I can." He looked around at us, "Guys wanna hit the mall with the girls?" He asks.
                   We all nod, "I'll call Naleen up." I said.
                   Michelle's P.O.V.
                   After Naleen got the call from Rob, we both got up and got ready. I slipped on some leggings, toms, and a huge sweater. I straightened my hair and left it like that. Naleen dressed extra nice so that she can look fine for her "man". She pulled up in black jeans, white vans, and a white sweater with a cross on it.
                    "Do I look fine?" She asks.
                     I roll my eyes, "Yes Naleen, YES." I say.
                     The doorbell rings and I open it up to see Vanessa, Celia, and Marilynn. I welcome them in and we flood into the living room. Sitting down on the couches, Vanessa speaks up.
                     "They're on their way." She said.
                     I nodded, "So uh. How was last night?" I asked.
                     "Fun! Why'd you leave so early?" Marilynn asks.
                     "Something came up, no worries though." I say.
                      They all shrug and we talk about the night and what we did. The doorbell rings and I open it up to see Austin.
                     "Hi." I mumble, looking at him.
                     "Hey! Um, where'd you go last night?" He asks.
                     "I uh- had to do something." I lie.
                     "Oh well, lets go?" He says, I nod.
                     "GIRLS COME ON LETS GO!" I yell.
                     I grab my bag and we all head out into Alex's SUV. Austin and Alex in the front. Zach, Tyler, Vanessa, and Rob in the middle. Then in the back, Me, Naleen, Celia, and Marilynn. I'm sitting directly behind Rob so he turns around and smiles.
                     "Hey, you alright." He said quietly, letting the music and the others singing cover it up.
                     "I'm fine, thanks for yesterday though. Bringing me home." I say, half smiling.
                     "Nah it's cool, I mean I wasn't going to let you walk alone at night." He said, laughing.
                     I start to laugh to and Austin turns his head to look over at us, he catches my eyes and I look away quickly going back to my conversation. "So why are we going to the mall all of a sudden?" I ask him.
                     "The boys wanted to chill, we got bored after cleaning up at my crib." He said.
                     I nodded as we pulled into the mall, each of us getting out and into the parking lot. I fix my sweater a bit and run a hand through my hair. Walking up to the doors with Rob while the girls were all making fun of some guy we passed by on the way here. He holds the door open for me and I smile, walking into the already crowded place. We all gathered in the food court and looked at each other. 
                      "Let's all split up, meet back in the food court in an hour?" Alex suggested.
                      We nodded and everyone started leaving, Austin walked up to me and grabbed my hand. 
                      "I guess you're stuck with me." He said, winking.
                      I laugh and we hop on the escalator. 
                      "Uh, Rob told me what happened last night." He said.
                      "What do you mean?" I ask him.
                      "Well with how you left and stuff, I'm really sorry. I just didn't want to get anyone mad, especially you." He said.
                       I smile, "Yeah, sorry for getting mad. It's just that I don't like that girl." I say.
                       He chuckled as we walked off of the escalator, "Yeah, I can tell. Ever since the first day of school I knew you didn't like her." He said.
                       I rolled my eyes, "Did your dad get the promotion yet?" I ask him.
                       "He better get it after that 4 minute slow dance I had to go through!" He said.
                       I laughed, "You're so mean!" I said.
                       "Look who's talking!" He exclaimed.
                       We ended up walking around the entire mall together hand in hand, he bought me this cute Obey sweater. He held the bag in one hand while he held my hand in the other. We made our way upstairs and into the food court. We spotted the crew near the pizza place, sitting in a corner. We walk over to them and sit down next to each other. 
                        "Girl! He bought you something? That's how you know he's your man!" Naleen said as I sat next to her.
                        I laughed, louder than I should have.Everyone looked at me then started laughing. Alex whispered something into Austin's ear, making him look at me.
                         "Say it to whole table Constancio!" I say playfully.
                         "I was just asking Austin if you guys were dating!" Alex said, causing Austin to punch him.
                         "Oh my god Alex." I say, trying to hide the fact that I'm blushing.
                         "Well you did ask me to tell everyone didn't she guys?" He asks the table.
                         Everybody nods and agrees. I sigh loud and roll my eyes, "I'm gonna go get something to eat." I say.
                         "Yeah me too," Rob said, standing up.
                         He stood up and followed me to the line at the pizza place. We order 2 pizzas for all of us, each of us paying for one. We take our receipts and stand there talking to each other.
                          "So are you going to say yes?" He asks.
                          "To what?" I say.
                          "Well, Austin is asking you out today." He said.
                          My eyes widen, "Really?" 
                          "Yeah, he is. But are you?" He asks.
                          "Of course I am. Everybody knows I like Austin." I say.
                          "Didn't seem like it with that kiss," He said as he grabbed the pizzas and walked off.
                          I sigh and roll my eyes, grabbing the sodas for everyone and heading back to the table. Rob glanced at me and I looked away, he seemed upset. But why is he stressing it so much? He's so lucky to have Naleen though, ugh. I slip right next to Austin and grab a slice of pizza, taking a bite out of it. We all crack lots of jokes and end up being the loudest table in the place, when all the food was done and we were tired we all got up, heading back to the car. I sat in back of Tyler and next to Naleen, who was too busy with Rob. 
                          "Michelle! What's good?" Tyler asks.
                          I laugh, "Nothing much, just mad tired." I say.
                          "You're always tired kid! Go do something like play basketball or whatever!" He says.
                          "Whatever Tyler, I'm gonna go home and lay in bed. Maybe I'll play basketball with Alex later, if I have enough energy." I said, ruffling my hair.
                          He started to laugh as we pulled up into Alex's driveway. We all got out of the house and spread out in his backyard. I ran and laid on his hammock, god it was so comfortable. I laid back for a while just relaxing while everyone else sat on the balcony.
                          "Having fun there?" Austin said, towering over me.
                           I sat up and patted the spot next to me, he sat down. "Yeah totally." I said.
                           He laughed, "So uh I wanted to ask you something." He said.
                           I raised my eyebrows, "Yes?" 
                           "Michelle, do you wanna go out with me?" He asked.
                           I smiled and gave him a hug, "Aw sure I will." I say.
                           He grabbed my hand and chuckled, "Well, that was easier than I thought it would be." He said.
                          "Oh god." I say.
                          He stands up and so do I, he checks the time and looked at me. "I gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow alright?" He said.
                          I nodded, Austin leaned in and kissed my cheek. He let go of my hand and walked down the driveway. I shrug and walk over to the front balcony where everyone was. The girls towered over me.
                          "We saw everything! But we couldn't hear it so, WHAT DID HE SAY?" Naleen asks.
                          "He asked me out." I say.
                          "OH MY GOD!" Vanessa says.
                          I shake my head, "No big deal." I said.
                          "YES BIG DEAL, everyone in the group is taken!" Marilynn said, "You know what that means. GROUP DATE!" She says.
                          Oh god, a group date?

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