Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


2. Class, class, and more class.

                    I walked out of Physics with Austin, Marilynn, and Zach. 
              "So, what are you gonna do for your free period?" I asked them.
              "I think I'm gonna go to the music room with Celia, Tyler, and Alex. To mess around with the instruments and stuff." Marilynn said.
              "I think I'm gonna head out to the football field and play with Rob and some freshmen." Zach said.
              "Where are you going?" Austin asked.
              "Hm, I guess I might go to the quad and chill for a bit, or go upstairs to the gym." I said.
             "Count me in," He responded.
             We said goodbye to Zach and Marilynn as they headed out together. I walked outside down the side door, and out to the quad with Austin. We sat down at some table under a tree and took out some work we got for Algebra first period.
             "Hey Austin." Some junior girl said to him.
             "Hey Sadie," He said, as she came up to our table.
             "I had a lot of fun at your cookout a few weeks ago, maybe we can hang again. You know just us." She said winking.
             I looked down at my work and didn't say anything, I didn't want to make eye contact.
             "Yeah sure. I'll see." He said.
            "Well catch you around," She said as she got up and waved.
            He smirked then I looked at him, I started to laugh.
             "Since when do you talk to juniors?" I said nudging him.
            He shook his head, "She's just my dads boss daughter, they came over and hes just trying to get a promotion with them or something." He said.
             "That's cool, she seemed interesting." I said, looking down at my work.
             He laughed and we spotted Naleen and Rob. I waved them over. They came and sat at the table with us.
             "Well well well, look at who we have here. Having out alone, AGAIN." Naleen said sarcastically.
             I shook my head, "Hello to you too then."
             "Sup Michelle, I haven't talked to you all day!" Rob said.
             "That's because you sat all the way at the back of class in first period." I said, shaking my head.
             "Hey! He was sitting with me I'm way funner" Austin said.
              I shook my head, "Whatever you say." I said, putting my work away.
             Vanessa came up and joined us, "Hey where were you?" I asked her.
             "I was in the art room helping Mr. Cross with organizing some stuff, and welcoming some new freshman." She said as she sat down.
             We all stayed there talking for a while, "Come with me to the bathroom?" Naleen asked, looking at Vanessa and I. 
              We all stood up, and headed to the bathroom. Leaving Austin and Rob at the table.
              Austin's P.O.V.
              I sighed, as I watched her get up and go. I looked down to my phone. 11:45. I looked up at Rob, who was giving me the death stare.
              "What?" I asked him.
              "You know what." He said to me.
              "No I don't." I said.
              "Dude, when are you gonna ask her out!" He said.
              "I don't know, I wanna see if she likes me first." I say, shrugging.
              "Dude, you can do it. Look at Alex. He went up to Marilynn and just asked her out. He wasn't afraid of rejection, you shouldn't be either." He said.
              "Yeah but we're good friends. I mean shes been there since the beginning of freshman year." I say.
              "Then if she says no, just accept it. Then slowly crawl your way back into her life." Rob said with a smirk.
              I take a deep breath, "Fine I'll do it." I said.
              "When?" He asked.
              "I'm thinking after lunch, when you announce that huge party you're gonna have. I'll ask her if she can be my date." I say.
              "Deal," He said.
              The girls came back and grabbed their stuff, the bell rang. I walked along with Michelle, I was nervous but I mean, who wouldn't be? If you're asking out your crush you should be nervous. I sighed as we got into line for lunch. I got 2 slices of pizza, jello, and a bottle of Gatorade. We sat down at the lunch table. I sat in between Michelle and Tyler, who was too busy with Celia to even look at us. We eat and Rob goes up to the microphone at the front of the cafeteria.
                "Attention, attention." He said sarcastically, tapping onto the microphone. "Listen up. I'm having a party this Friday and every single one of you is invited. Invitations go out after last period. So all of you guys go get yourself a date, because this is gonna be the party of the year." He said, stooping down from the microphone.
                Everyone started talking and looking over at our table. Rob comes and sits down, looking at all of us.
                "So who are you guys thinking of bringing?" He asked.
                "I know I'm bringing Marilynn." Alex said, smiling at her.
                "Celia's with me." Tyler said.
                "Zach? Austin?" Rob asked.
                 I rolled my eyes, "I don't know yet. I'll see by the end of today." I responded.
                We spent the rest of lunch talking about the party and stuff like that. The transition bell rung and we all stood up and head to our next period class. I stopped Michelle on the way there.
                 "Hey, uh. You going to the party on Friday night?" I ask her, looking down to the ground.
                "Yeah, why?" She asked, smiling.
                "Oh, well I was just wondering if, you might want to. Be my date?" I ask her.
                She smiled, "Yeah, of course I will." She said, gripping onto her books.
                I took a deep breath, "Great, I'll see you last period." I say.
                "I'll see you too." She said blushing, turning around walking to her next class.
                I turn back around and walk over to my next class. English. I walked in and took a seat in the back. I spotted Rob walking in so I motioned to the desk next to me and he sat down.
                "What did she say bro?" He asked.
                "She said yeah." I said, with a smile on my face.
                "See I told you! Now all I have to do is ask Naleen." He said.
                "Wait you like Naleen?" I asked.
                "You have no proof." He said, as the class started.
                It went by pretty quick, since we just introduced ourselves and talked about class for the year and stuff. When we got out I went to my locker and put my stuff away and closed my locker. I walked down the hall over to Michelle's locker, to see her by herself.
                "Hey," I said, leaning on the locker next to hers.
                "Oh hey," She said, putting her stuff away and checking her phone.
                 She shut her locker and we began walking, "How was Social Studies?" I asked.
                 "It was cool, I talked to Marilynn the whole time." She said.
                 "As usual," I said, winking.
                 She shook her head, "And how was English?" She asks.
                "It was nice, Rob's in that class." I said, opening the door to the stairs for her.
                "Thanks, and that's great to hear." She said, then she looked at me, "I can't wait for Friday night." She says, smiling.
                I smile, putting my hands in my pockets, "Yeah, neither can I." 
                We walked into the gym and spotted Tyler, Marilynn, Celia, Alex, Zach, and Vanessa. They called us over and we sat next to them in the bleachers.
               "Hey love birds." Celia teased.
               "Shut up Celia." Michelle said, sitting down next to me.
               We all talked until Mr. T called for our attention.
               "Alright, so you guys are going to have me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You guys have art Tuesday, and Thursday. Since you didn't know we had gym today we are going to watch a sports movie. So just chill, do whatever. Just don't get too loud." He said, turning around and putting the movie on. 
              We all just took out our phones and started playing each other in Fun Run. We talked the entire time and I was texting Michelle the whole time.

               To: Michelle <3
                You look boredd :)
               From: Michelle <3
               No I don't you do! :(
               To: Michelle <3
               Whatever you say ;)
               From: Michelle <3
               Omg, I hate when you do that lol :(
              To: Michelle <3
               You still love me though right? :D
               From: Michelle <3
              Of course I do Austin :)

              We looked up at each other when I got the text and smiled. The class got dismissed and we all went to our lockers meeting out on the quad.
               "Let's all go to mines?" Tyler said. "We can play basketball."
               "Sure," Zach, Alex, Rob, and I say all together.
               We all go and say goodbye to the girls, since they were all going to Marilynn's house.
               "Bye Michelle." I said, walking up to her and hugging her.
               "Bye, text me. I'll see you tomorrow." She said smiling and walking off.


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