Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


12. Chilling.

Michelle's P.O.V
After a long day of classes, I was with Vanessa.
"Michelle, you totally need to kiss Austin. You've been dating for like two weeks now." She says.
I roll my eyes, "Vanessa, relationships aren't all about making out."
"Yeah but, those are the benefits of being in a relationship, being able to kiss the one you like."
We both started laughing and walking down the street. All of a sudden, Naleen walks up to us. She scolds me and then smiles at Vanessa.
"Hey Vanessa, I was wondering if you and Zach wanted to join Rob and I later on tonight for some Pinkberry?" She asks her.
I roll my eyes as we keep walking, "Wait, you go out with Rob again?" She asks.
"Yeah, I ended up forgiving him. Even if we broke up a couple of hours ago, I know he couldn't stand being without me." She said.
I laughed and kept walking, she gave me a nasty look and turned back to Vanessa, "Anyways, tonight at 6?" 
Vanessa nodded, "Yeah, I'll just get ready at Michelle's house."
"Oh you can get ready at mines!" Naleen suggests.
"Nah, it's okay. I think I can get ready at Michelle's." Vanessa said, causing me to chuckle.
"Okay then, see you tonight." Naleen said, walking off.
I take a deep breath and start laughing, "She's an interesting creature." I say.
"Yeah, I know. But do you have a problem with me going?" She asks.
"Nah it's totally fine, I'm gonna be with Alex tonight." I say.
I open up the door on my porch and head into the house, as usual mom isn't home since she gets here at 4 so I text her telling her Vanessa's gonna be over for a while and that I'm hanging out with Alex after too.
"Let's go upstairs, we can Skype with the crew and try finishing up that Bio homework." I say.
We drag out backpacks up the stairs and go into my room. I open up my laptop on the desk and pull up Skype. I see that my group "Crew" is online and make a call. After a couple of rings the call is finally up. The only people on the call are Alex, Zach, Marilynn, Vanessa and I. 
"Constancio what's up!" I say, making him roll his eyes.
"Hi guys!" Zach yells.
Vanessa is the only one laughing so we all end up laughing at her.
"Marilynn hey!" Vanessa shouts, Marilynn replies with a simple wave and continues to do her homework.
"Alex, want to come over later?" I ask him.
"I'm really lazy so, how about you come over here?" He suggests.
I laugh, "Fine I'm going at 6, I'm bringing food."
"YES!" He said, dancing in his seat.
I shake my head and take out my homework, doing it now with Vanessa while we're on the call.
When she finishes Zach hangs up the call to get ready for later. It's about 4:30 so Vanessa get's up and packs her things.
"I'm gonna shower Michelle." She says.
"Kay, some of the clothes you've left here are in the second to last drawer." I say, signaling to my bureau.
She nods and grabs a towel. She heads out while I lay on my bed and grab my phone. I end up Facetiming Austin. His face appears on the screen, his snapback perfectly placed on his head. 
"Hey you!" I say, laughing.
"Hey what's up?" He asks me.
"Nothing, waiting for Naffi to get out of the shower so that I can go over Alex's house." I reply.
He nods, "Oh."
I roll my eyes, "Austin, don't tell me you're jealous."
"N-no I'm not! Why would I be jealous?" He said.
"Yeah sure, okay. You're such a little kid." I said, making fun of him.
He shook his head, "Am not!" He pouted.
"Is to." I say.
We go on forever and Vanessa comes back, her hair out and a casual little dress.
"You look so nice Vanessa." I say.
"Thanks Michy." She said.
I look back to my phone, "Austin I'll text you later alright?"
"Alright bye, love you." He said.
"Love you too." I say as I end the call.
"You guys are so adorable! Cutest couple at Lady Bird High." Vanessa teases.
"Stop it, you're embarrassing."
I check the time to see that it's 5:45.
"Well I'm gonna go, bye Michelle!" Vanessa said, hugging me.
"Bye, tell me what happens when you get home." I say, as she walks out.
I grab a bunch of junk food from the kitchen and put it in a bag. I grab my phone and head out the door, locking it and putting the keys in my pocket. I cross the street and head over to Alex's. Since his parent's cars weren't there I go through the back and open the door. I close it behind me and set the food on the table. I walk up the stairs and into Alex's room, I open the door to find him laying on his bed.
"You look super comfy." I say.
He sits up, "Yeah I really am."
"I have powdered donuts downstairs." I say.
His eyes widen and he gets up, "Really!?" He exclaims.
I laugh and watch him dart down the stairs. I follow behind him and sit at the kitchen counter.
"So Alex, how's you and Marilynn?" I ask, grabbing a donut.
"Good..great actually. We're doing really well. How are you and Austin?" He asks.
I laugh, "Well we're good I guess, it's just annoying how everyone's been coming up to me asking about Austin." I say.
"Yeah, I know. I mean, even the seniors have their eyes on Austin, it's crazy isn't it?" Alex says.
I nod and then shrug, "Yeah, I don't blame them though."
Alex starts laughing and we bring all of the food upstairs to his room, I plop onto his bed and grab the remote.
"ALEX, SCARY MOVIE IS ON." I yell, we've always loved this movie series.
He jumps onto the bed and turns it up, "This is hilarious." He said.
"I know, hence the fact we watch this every time we're together." I say chuckling.
I turn off the lights and sit down on the bed while the movie starts.
Vanessa's P.O.V.
"You look great," Zach says.
"Thanks so do you." I say, walking up to him and hugging him.
I hop into his car and we drive over to Rob's house. I call Naleen to let her know that we're outside and they both come out. They're both wearing these black shirts and I couldn't make out what they said. Once Naleen turned around to grab her bag that she left, I read that the back of her shirt said "Rob's girl." I rolled my eyes and mumbled to myself, "Are you serious?"
"What happened?" Zach said.
"Naleen and Rob have matching shirts, and hers says 'Rob's girl' on it." I say.
He bursts out laughing as they get into the car.
"What's so funny guys?" Naleen asks.
"Nothing, just your clothing selection for the night." Zach said.
We high five each other as Naleen rolls her eyes and Rob slumps down in the backseat. The drive was short, surprisingly. We got out of the car and walked around for a bit. Zach bought me a tank from H&M and some matching earrings. Rob got Naleen this casual dress and a necklace to match. Honestly, he looked devastated. Once we were in Pinkberry, Zach and Naleen ordered first, getting their things and sitting down at the table. I stayed at checkout waiting for our stuff to be ready with Rob.
"Rob, what's wrong? And why are you wearing a shirt that says 'Naleen's man?'" I asked.
He sighed, "Dude, she was going crazy. I just decided to apologize and go back out with her so she wouldn't be all crazy about it." He said.
I nod, "What about Michelle?" I ask.
"She looks super happy with Austin, I don't think we could be like they are." He said, grabbing his yogurt.
"You never know." I said, as we approached the table.
"You never know what?" Naleen asks.
"Nothing Naleen, nothing." I say, digging into my yogurt.
She rolled her eyes, "I think I should know if Rob's my boyfriend." 
"Naleen, you should give me the privacy I deserve since I'm your boyfriend." Rob said.
Zach and I chuckle as Naleen gives Rob a dirty look. 
"Whatever then, we'll talk about this when we get home Robert." She said.
"Yeah whatever Clingy queen." He said.
I start laughing and Naleen gives me the signal to stop, but I don't care. She thought she was running everything, but let's see how this works out for her once Rob leaves her again. 
"So you guys ready to go?" Zach said, after we all finished.
"Yeah, let's go." Rob said.
We all got up and threw our things away, walking towards the car. I send Michelle a text.
Me: OMG So much I have to tell you.
Michelle: Alright, call me at 9 I'm still with Alex.
Me: Kaay.
I lock my phone and set myself in the passengers seat. We drive the happy couple to Rob's house.
"I'll text you Zach, bye Vanessa." Rob said.
"Bye guys!" Naleen said.
They closed the door and I let out a deep breath.
"They're so happy together don't you think?" Zach said.
I laughed, "Yeah very happy."
He drove me home, I kissed him goodbye and got out of the car. Once I closed the door I ran to my room to get ready to tell Michelle about the date.

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