Just us.

Austin, Alex, Tyler, Rob, and Zach. Michelle, Marilynn, Celia, Naleen, and Vanessa. Just 10 average teens, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas. They were there for each other. But could entering Sophmore year mean new crushes, relationships, arguments, and tension in this big group of friends?


7. Back to school.

Michelle's P.O.V.

I finish getting ready and fix up my outfit, my converse with jeans and this random NYU sweater I found in my closet. I let my hair flow down as I braid the bangs and pin them back, I slip my backpack on and walk downstairs, grabbing a granola bar. My phone vibrates and I pull it out of my pocket to check the message.
From: Austin <3
Come outside :)
To: Austin <3
Okay :)
I say goodbye to my mom and walk out the front door, closing it behind me. I see Austin standing there so I walk over to him and give him a huge hug. 
"Morning babe," He said, grabbing my hand.
"Good morning." I reply.
We start to walk and he quickly engages in conversation, "Ah, I forgot to tell you. This Thursday we're gonna go on that group date your friends were mentioning. I talked about it with the boys." He says.
"That's great! Where we going?" I ask, eagerly.
"We were thinking Friendly's and Bowling, but if you girls don't want to we can change it up." He said, shrugging then looking at me.
"No, aw. I think that's so cute. You guys are the best." I say.
He coughed, then kept looking forward. I shrugged and walked along. He looked over at me and half smiled.
"Michelle, I have a question." He said, causing me to look over immediately.
"Go ahead, ask me." I say.
"What's going on with you and Rob?" He asks.
I look down quick and then look away, "We're just friends, why?" I say.
"Oh nothing, just wondering." He said.
I laughed nervously as we walked into the school, we walked down the halls hand in hand. Passing by everybody who got in our way without a care in the world. We were approaching the cafeteria until we passed by Sadie and her crew. She looked over and laughed, I stopped in my tracks and walk over to her.
"Is something funny?" I ask her, looking her up and down.
"Yes, hilarious!" She said, looking at her friends. "A little sophomore thinks she's so cute going out with Austin!" She said.
I rolled my eyes, "You're older than me by 10 months. The only thing that makes you different from me is the boob job." I said.
"What the hell did you just say?" She said coming over to me.
I stand a bit taller, charging over to her. Obviously I was ready to start swinging at her, throwing her around. I was stopped when Austin grabbed my forearm. 
"Let me go Austin, I can handle her." I say.
"Michelle, don't do it." He said, holding me back.
I try fighting my way out of his grip, a crowd forming. Sadie is waiting for me to do something to her, standing there like the little hoe she is. After I make my way out of his grip I shove Sadie into the lockers, causing her to stumble down to the ground.
"I said that the only damn thing that makes you different from me is your boob job! Did you hear me that time? Or want me to repeat it again?" I said, louder than I should have.
By the time she got up I was already walking into the cafeteria sitting down with the others. 
"Damn Michelle, what got into you?" Alex asked.
I laughed, "She pisses me off." 
They all started to laugh and it all died down after a while, until Rob spoke up.
"So, yeah we were talking about that group date thing you girls wanted." He said.
Naleen looked at him, smiling. "You serious?" She said.
"Yeah, what do you guys say to bowling and Friendly's on Thursday?" Rob said.
Our faces lighten up, looking at one another. Breakfast gets dismissed and we all get sent to the auditorium. I sit down next to Celia and Marilynn.
"Oh my god I'm going to kill Rob." Celia said.
"Why?" Marilynn and I ask her.
"Because he came to our cousins party and stained my favorite shirt. I was just remembering about it right now." Celia said, scolding Rob.
"Wait wait wait, you and Rob are cousins?" I asked her.
"Yeah, from my dads side apparently. We just haven't told anyone." She said shrugging.
I was about to speak until the assembly started, "Good morning guys, how has your weekend gone so far?" Ms. Phillips asks into the microphone.
We respond with a bunch of mumbling and wait until she finally calms us down, the lights dim and she clears her throat again.
"We're just going to be watching this movie on healthy relationships since a lot of you out here are in the middle of very," She paused, "Interesting relationships." 
We all looked around at each other, laughing. She just sighs and signals to play the movie. It all goes quiet and we just sink in and watch.
Rob's P.O.V.

The lights come back on and I stretch a bit. I was talking to Tyler the whole time because Alex was talking to Marilynn the entire time. 
"Yeah I don't know how someone could cheat on their girlfriend like it's no big." Alex said, engaged in conversation with her.
All of the boys gave him a look and looked away shaking our heads.
"Yeah, but at least I know you won't do that to me. Right baby?" Marilynn said.
We all burst out laughing as she looked around at us in confusion. Alex coughed awkwardly and shook his head.
"Nah, never." He says quickly.
Alex starts tapping his foot, "Alex, don't lie to me. I know when you're lying." Marilynn said, giving him a death glare.
"I'm not lying to you, trust me." He said.
"Who is she?" She said, sitting up higher.
He looked away and laughed nervously, "Alex. I said, who is she?" Her voice getting louder.
"No one Marilynn she is NO ONE." He said, louder than he should have.
She looks at all of the girls and stands up, "It was one of you!" She shouts.
Michelle and Vanessa stand up, walking up to her.
"Why are you accusing me though?" Michelle says.
"You have no damn right to go about accusing all of your closest friends for making out with your bum ass boyfriend." Vanessa said, causing all of us to laugh.
"I know it's one of you, you guys are all fishy and suspicious anyways." She said.
"What the hell do you think you're talking about? Calling me fishy? Marilynn don't even try pulling this with us nobody knows who it is, right Vanessa?" Michelle asks.
She looks up, "Yeah, uh of course!" She says, trying to pull it off.
I get up, "Guys, this is just enough. Why would Alex cheat?" I say.
"Rob don't try pulling that with any of us, cause all the boys know about what you did." Tyler said.
"What did I do Stanush? Tell me right here, right now." I say, as he gets up.
"You want me to tell everyone? Cause I will right now, in front of the whole crew Rob." He says.
"Go ahead do it, I have nothing to hide." I say, crossing my arms.
"You talk about how Alex wouldn't cheat when you went around cheating on your girl Naleen with Michelle. EVERYBODY knows that you like her, but you're just too scared to face Austin about her and just let him have her." Tyler said, causing everyone to look at her.
She shook her head and put it down, I look over at Tyler.
"That's why you tried kissing Marilynn and she denied you because she was going out with Alex! You really tried cheating on my cousin? Really Stanush, MY family?" I say.
"Like you said, 'it's just a game' Villanueva. Don't get all happy because she kissed you back!" Tyler said.
"THAT'S IT." I shout, clenching my fists and making my way over to Tyler.
Alex stood in front of me and pushed me back by the chest and held me. "Rob, don't do it. It's not worth it," Alex said softly.
"Nah Alex, he forced it. Tyler wanted a fight so I'll give it to him!" I yelled.
"Rob, sit down. Now." He said, "Look at Naleen and Michelle, they're about to start swinging at each other because of what just happened. Don't you think their relationship would be harder to fix that yours and Tyler's would?" Alex asked, looking over at the girls.
I walk up to Tyler, "We'll deal with this later." I say quietly, walking over to them.
Austin walks up behind me and we stand in front of them.
"Naleen babe, calm down it was just a game." I say.
"A GAME WHERE YOU SUPPOSEDLY GOT RANDOMLY PICKED TO BE WITH SOMEONE BUT YOU SOMEHOW ENDED UP GETTING PAIRED WITH THE GIRL YOU APPARENTLY LIKE?" She yelled, looking over at Michelle, "I JUST WANNA-" She get's cut off, since she just charges into Michelle, throwing them both down to the floor.
They're all over the place, hair pulling, kicking, punching, grabbing, EVERYTHING. Everybody starts to pile in and grab their phones to film what was going on. Me and Austin jumped in, grabbing each of the girls. I grab Naleen and walk her over to an empty seat trying to calm her down. While Austin brings Michelle outside. I shake my head and look over at Naleen.
"I'm so sorry, can we please talk it out?" I ask her.
"I don't want to talk to you right now, just go do something with yourself. Leave me alone Rob." She said, looking away.
I sit down next to her and she shifts to the seat next to her, I lay my head back and sigh. I look at the rest of the crew who were all looking at me with the same astonished and dissapointed look.

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