Jeff the Killer (love story)

Hi guys yes I know I haven't finished the 1D fan-fic but I really wanted to this one anyways. Hi my name is Alexia well most of my friends call me Alex (well they would if I had friends) I have purple eyes (I know awesome) very pale skin and black hair with red tips witch makes it look like it was dipped in blood.
As I said befor I have no friends Only my mum and little brother. My dad left my mum and then died in a car crash. we live in australia, Hobart and it is usualy its really cold and rainy and when ever it is sunny we are outside having a barbie (BBQ for all you british people) *warning I rated this yellow so anyone can read it but it is actualy suppose to be rated red so warning*


3. Warm hearted slendy and dyeing hearted mum

Jeff's POV

As I got to the house slendy greeted me. "Where is the girl?" he asked looking round as if she was hiding. "she isn't coming today because her brother died this morning." I said hoping that he would agree with my reply. "oh was he the one I asked you to kill?" I slowly nodded. "oh no tell her I never new he was her brother." By then I was completely shock slendy would never do the. "umm slendy did you hit your head?" I asked curios to why he told me to say sorry. "no just I know how much that girl-" I cut him off "Alex" "I know how much Alex means to you" he said and I knew if he had eyes he would have rolled them. "ok well I was just dropping smiles off" I said turning to leave. "Ok but, tell her i'm sorry" he said before disappearing. "he must have hit his head" I muttered to myself.

Once I got to Alex's house I jumped in her window and saw her crying into her pillow. "Alex whats wrong?" I asked seeing as she was now screaming. She looked up from her pillow and when she saw me she jumped up and hugged me crying into my chest."my my mum she's in hospital from c-cancer." She said in between sobs. We sat on her bed for at least 10 minutes."are you ok now?" I asked trying to look into her eyes. She nodded. "Jeff?" she looked u "yes" I said trying to figure out her facial expression. "why is all this bad stuff happening to me" she said as she put her head in her hands and started crying again. "I don't know but I'll help you get through it" I said pulling her in for another hug. After talking about random stuff for around an hour she asked me an interesting question "Jeff why are you helping me I mean I like it that you help me but you would have killed every other person so why not me?" I thought of what I could say without making it awkward. "well you're different when I'm with you  don't have the urge to kill anyone I fell like a normal human with you its kinda weird." I said hoping it wouldn't be awkward. "but then why did you kill my brother?" she said looking hopeful. "well if I didn't slendy would be very angry" I said wanting to change the subject. "oh ok....I'm gonna get something to eat" she said getting up off the bed. we walked into the kitchen and ask me what I would like. I said anything really.she ended up getting a packet of chips out and we sat on the couch and watch TV. "what do you wanna watch?" she asked handing me the remote. "anything you choose" I said pushing the remote back. "can we watch tom and Jerry?" she said giving me puppy dog eyes. I just laughed and nodded.

At about 9:30 there was a knock on the door. 'I'll get it" Alex said getting p off the couch. "Hello you must be Slender Jeff told me about you" I heard from the front door. Oh no I got up and ran to the door to see slender standing there. "yes yes I am and I'm sorry for making Jeff kill your little brother...Oh hi Jeff I was just about to leave" I nodded. Then he disappeared into thin air."Why was he here?" I asked Alex as she shut the door. "oh he dropped in to say sorry for making you..." I just nodded so she wouldn't have to say it.


Alex's POV

We went back to the lounge just as the phone wrong. I picked it up. "hello is this Miss May?" A voice said on the phone. "yes who is this?" I said hoping it was the hospital to tell me my mother is ok. "This is the Hobart hospital, ok your mother isn't doing to well but there is a 30% chance she will make it" the lady on the phone said. Then tears freely started to fall. "oh okI g-got to go bye" I said hanging up the phone and just thinking about how my mum might die "Are you ok?" I heard Jeff say from behind me. "my mum she she might not survive" by then I was balling again. He came and hugged me "c'mon lets go to bed you need some sleep" Jeff said leading me up the stairs. I slid under my covers as Jeff was about to leave the room. "Wait Jeff Can you maybe sleep with me tonight I don't really want to be left alone>" I said blushing. "yeah sure" he said hoping into bed with me. then he started to feel his eyes. "ugh Jeff are you ok?" I said sitting up. "my my eyelids there their back." He said sounding really happy. "I really wished I didn't burn them off." He said as if he was trying to remember exactly how he did it."OMg how did they come back?" I said astonished that they grew back. "I don't know we will ask slendy tomorrow for now lets get some sleep." We both lay down backs faced to each other, "Good night Jeff" I said before closing my eyes. "goodnight Alex." He said with a cheeky tone in his voice. Just when I was about to fall asleep a felt a hand go over my waist and pull me...Jeff. I rolled my eyes and put my hand on his hand and held it tight. "haha very funny" I said. He just chuckled. "goodnight Alex"he said as If he didn't hear me. "goodnight" I replied as we both fell asleep.

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