Jeff the Killer (love story)

Hi guys yes I know I haven't finished the 1D fan-fic but I really wanted to this one anyways. Hi my name is Alexia well most of my friends call me Alex (well they would if I had friends) I have purple eyes (I know awesome) very pale skin and black hair with red tips witch makes it look like it was dipped in blood.
As I said befor I have no friends Only my mum and little brother. My dad left my mum and then died in a car crash. we live in australia, Hobart and it is usualy its really cold and rainy and when ever it is sunny we are outside having a barbie (BBQ for all you british people) *warning I rated this yellow so anyone can read it but it is actualy suppose to be rated red so warning*


1. Me and my life

As you probobly know My name is Alexia I am 15. I have no friends just My mum and little brother. My dad left us and died in a car crash three years ago. I have purple eyes, black hair with red tips and pale skin.


Its monday morning god I hate mondays "Alex get up you'll be late for school" I heard my mum shout up the stairs. I got out of bed and got my clothes. I went with black skinny jeans and black tank top with a dark grey fox jacket. After I had a shower and got dressed I put some maskara on (I dont really like wearing make up). I walked down stairs and was greeted by a big hug from my little bro tom. "hey tommy boy whats up?" I said hugging him back. "nothing mutch what about you alexbear" he said pokeing my stomach. he is only 7 what do you expect. "I thought I told you not to poke people." I said while tickleing him. "no....Alex....stop" he said between laughter. "Alex stop tickling your little brother and eat breakfast otherwise you'll be late" my mum said starting to get angry.

After breakfast I put my shoes on and walked to school. Halfway from my house to school I could'nt help but feel like I was being watched. I looked round and saw a guy come out from the bushes and run towards me when he got closer I saw he had blood on him and his face....he had black around his eyes, a huge smile carved into his cheeks and very very pale white lethery skin. when he got infont of me he said in a deep voice. "who who are you" I asked starting to get scared. "Im Jeff and you are?" he said jesturing towards me. "I-Im Alexia, Alexia may" I said trying not to run away. "well I'll see you later you better get to school" he said befor running away round the corner. As soon as I got to school I was about to fall over because I had run half the way here. I got to my first class English. I loved English Its my favorite subject. "now class I want you to write a full page on what you did this morning." the teacher said befor handing out letters for our perants. I wrote about my morning up till the bit were I met Jeff. Evan thinking of him gave me the creeps. I didnt write about him because I was probobly dreaming it.

The rest of the day went swiftly and as I was walking home from school I got to the path were I met Jeff. there was a note on the floor. I opend it and read it out loud "To Alexia if you hear anything go bang in the night dont be scared - Jeff" I read it over and over again trying to understand what it ment.

1 hour later

After I had done my homework I went down stairs and turned the tv on. I put tom and jerry on because I sometimes liked watching cartoons. "Alex Im going to the shops watch tom ok" my mum said before shuting the door behind her. "what ya watchin  alexbear" tom said sitting down next to me. "tom and jerry" I simply replied. later that night I woke up at midnight on the dot.I felt the same way when I met Jeff, I felt that someone was watching me. I looked around my room but no one was there. I saw that my window was open so I went to go shut it. I first looked out the window. then i saw jeff at the bottom of my window. "oh my god jeff you scared me" I said barely above a wisper. "sorry... can I come in" he asked looking up at me. "yeah but how are you going to get-" he suddernly jumped up and grabbed the bottom of my window sill and climed in." ok you ccould get in that way. why are you here anyway?" I asked looking up at him. I never knew how tall he was. "well I thought it would be nice to get to know you better" he said looking down. "ok but why couldn't you have come another time besides 12 at night?" I said asking about the odd time of night to come. "well you see I am a Creepypasta witch is a Monster that goes around and murders people and dont worry I don't wanna kill you. Im not the only creepypasta though there are others like slenderman we all call him slendy and smile dog but everyone calls him smile. theres more but there the ones I like to use for describeing." I wasn't that suprised I mean look at Jeff he looks like he came from a horror movie...don't tell him I said that. "ok" was all I could manage to say. "well you should get some sleep but I might see you tomorow night ok go to sleep." he said kissing my forehead and then I slowly driffted of to sleep.


The next morning I was woken up my mum screaming oh god what happend


Authors note

Hi guys hope you like it so far I love jeff the killer now its actualy kinda weird but anyways please like favorit and commont love ya guts - Dory<3

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