Jeff the Killer (love story)

Hi guys yes I know I haven't finished the 1D fan-fic but I really wanted to this one anyways. Hi my name is Alexia well most of my friends call me Alex (well they would if I had friends) I have purple eyes (I know awesome) very pale skin and black hair with red tips witch makes it look like it was dipped in blood.
As I said befor I have no friends Only my mum and little brother. My dad left my mum and then died in a car crash. we live in australia, Hobart and it is usualy its really cold and rainy and when ever it is sunny we are outside having a barbie (BBQ for all you british people) *warning I rated this yellow so anyone can read it but it is actualy suppose to be rated red so warning*


2. Death and Hate

Alexia's POV

I ran down stairs "Mum where ae you are you ok?!" I yelled running round. I finally walked into Toms room. My mum was hugging him in her arms sobbing. "mum tom whats wrong?" I asked she looked over to me. then I saw the blood stains in toms shirt and all over his bed. "oh my god" I said tears freely spilling. I ran and called the ambulance. "mum the ambulance is on its way." I said inbetween tears. I got closer to Tom then I saw some writing cut into his chest it said 'go to sleep' I hug my mum and we sobbed into eachother until the ambulance came. the police started asking me questions but I didn't tell him about Jeff because Jeff might kill me. then I thought about what Jeff said last night. he said that he was a killer and wouldent kill me but he was still in my room when I fell asleep. I knew Jeff wouldent do that but I would ask him tonight because he said I would see him.

After all the police had left I went up to my room at put my Ipod on shuffel. As I lay on the bed I look out the window that was infront of my bed then about 5 minutes later Jeff Jumped through the window. "hi Jeff" i said in a boring tone. "hi Alex whats wrong?" he asked I thought I would ask him If he was the one who killed Tom. "My brothers gone" I said starting to sob. he pulled me into his chest and wisperd stuff in my ear. "sh sh sh its going to be ok" he said trying to confort me. "Jeff are you the one who killed him?" I asked starting to calm down. "you know my bos slendy who tells me who to kill?" he said with a wobly voice. I nodded as an answer. "well he told me to kill him I didn't want to because he was your brother but if I didn't he would kill you and I didn't want that. and I understand if you don't want to be friends with me anymore because I did that but theres something about you and when I'm with you I don't have the urge to kill anyone." he said with tears starting to brim his eyes. "I-i-its ok I guess I understand" I said sobbing into his chest. After I had completly calmed down Jeff started to talk. "hey Alex can you do me a favor?" he asked pulling me out of his chest and looking in my eyes. "yeah go a head" I said with a wobble voice. "can you watch my dog, smiles for an hour or so?" he said looking hopful. "yeah I don't know what the problame is about that" i said kind of exited. "ok I'll go get him but I'll leave him at the door ok and don't be alarmed when you see him" he said with a laugh in his voice. I nodded. "ok I'll see you in about two hours to pick him up" he said kissing my fore head and leaving "bye" I called after him.

About 5 minutes later the doorbell rang. "well that was quick" I mumbeld to myself running down stairs. "I'll get it" I called out to my mum just as she came to the hall. I opend the door and this big husky jumped on me and started licking my face. "hello and you must be smiles" I said laughing. "umm Alex why is there a dog on you licking your face?" my mum said trying to hide her anger. "oh I'm looking after him for a friend." I said sounding happy that I had a friend.  "aww look at him he is so cute" I said patting him. I went outside and desided to play with him. Smiles followed me outside but when I turned around to look at him he looked like someone had tipped a bucket of blood on him and he had an unhumanly smile on his face "oh thats what Jeff ment" I said trying not to scream but then he turned to the adorable white husky I first met. I shook my head and picked up a Stck and threw it. He went speeding after it and came back in 5 seconds flat. i stood there with my mouth hanging open. "ok smiles lets go inside" I said walking back inside. We got to my room and I fell on my bed with smiles laying next to me and we both fell asleep.


Jeff's POV

After having a meeting with slendy about Alex he said she must come and meet everone else and if she screams we get to kill her and if she doesnt she becomes a friend. I stupidly agreed and was on my way to pick up smiles. I jumped over the fence and into her room. They were both sleeping on the bed. they looked so cute like that. I walked over to Alex and wisperd in hewr ear. "hello Alex wake up" i said as her eyes flutterd open. "oh hi Jeff" she said patting Smiles to wake him up. "hey maybe later do you want to meet slendy and everyone else?" I asked hoping she would say yes. "she nodded with delight. "ok but when you see them don't scream otherwise they will kill you sorry for the presior." I said hoping she would forgive me. "its ok" she said. "ok I'll go to the front door and you let him out. Then I'll take him home and come back" I'll go down to the front door." I said jumping out the window then going to the front door then I hurd someone rushing down the stairs and opening the door there stood Alex and smiles. "thanks I'll come back later but You can come and meet everyone tomorow though" I said leaving. "bye" she called after me.


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