Just That Country Girl Wanting A Chance

This Story is about a girl originally from just a country town. she is inlove with the band One Direction as everyone has some celeb they love. It was just a normal shopping trip with one of her friends, when she got pushed to the ground. She didn't think anything of it till she looked into beautiful sparkling emerald eyes. She was looking into her idols eyes. From this point on Aleisha's life had Changed.
i started writing this last year some time then i lost interest, but this year i decided i wanted to finish it so im add to the story now. i hope you enjoy. and there is a noticable difference in the quality of the writing


7. Introducing Harry

   There is only 3 days till the school dance and I haven’t decided if I am going to go and if I do I have to go and find a dress. I was at lunch and all my friends started talking about the dance. I was really quiet as I wasn’t sure if I was going to go. I heard that most of my friends didn’t have a date to the dance either which made me feel better. We all started talking and decided that we were going to go as a group together.  I asked them all what sort of dress they were wearing and what colour so i had an idea of what sort of dress I was going to get. None of us had gotten a dress yet as we were all unsure if we would go. We decided that we will go tomorrow afternoon and look for a dress. We were all having a good laugh when my phone started to ring.  My friend Jess then steals my phone and looks at the caller ID. “Oooh who is BABE <3 Jess questions. I snatch the phone off her and answer it knowing it is Harry and I walk away from the others. He really wanted to hang out with me tomorrow afternoon but I couldn’t because I was picking out a dress with my friends and I explained that to him. He was really disappointed and so was I. Harry then asked if he could come with us and that he would be good at telling me which one would look nice on me. I say that it is fine as long as he wants to, because he will have to put up with the other girls and I told him that he should wear an outfit that people won’t recognise him in. He accepts the deal and says that he will meet me at the café we met at. I went back over to my friends and of course they started to question me about who it was I was talking to. I told them that they had to keep it a secret which they all agreed with.  I then told them that it was my boyfriend and that we had been going out for just over a week and he said that he wanted to come help me pick out a dress for the dance. They then kept asking what his name was and what school he went to. I told them that I couldn’t say his name and that they will find out tomorrow afternoon and then they were really shocked when I told them that he had finished school.  I was then saved by the bell. All I could think about was Harry and the dress I was going to get and how bored Harry would be going dress shopping with 6 girls.  The next day I couldn’t wait till school finishes, I was so excited to get a nice dress and to see Harry. We went back to my friends Chelsea’s place  and got changed out of our school uniform and left our school bags there , then went down town. Harry had sent me a picture of what he was wearing so that I could find him. All the girls went into the first shop while I went to find Harry. I found him straight away and gave him a massive hug. I held his hand and started to walk to the shops. As we were walking to the shops I saw my Nan and went over to give her a hug and say hello. I introduced her to Harry and she knew exactly who he was from me talking about him, but she couldn’t believe that I was dating him. She was so glad to meet him she suggested that we all went out for dinner tonight, which we both agreed to. We then left to find a dress as I couldn’t be too long if we were going out for dinner. We got to the first shop and found my friends and introduced everyone. I introduced my friends Laura, Chelsea and Jess to Harry as he already knew Bec and Bella. They were all so shocked about Harry being my boyfriend but they just acted normal and had a good laugh. I had tried on many dresses in many shops but none of them seemed right to me, but to Harry they were all gorgeous or stunning. I ended up finding this gorgeous dress which was perfect. It was just below my knees, one shoulder strap, a diamond belt under the bust and was a light blue. I only just had enough money for the dress and I was glad that my parents were paying for it. Jess and I were the last to get our dresses and there was a bit of an argument about who got the blue one, but everyone preferred me in it and they all loved a red one that she had tried on so she got it. Chelsea’s mum was going to have to do 2 trips to take us all back to their place but Harry was nice and volunteered to drive a few of us in his car. When we got there I ran in and grabbed my bag and left straight away because Harry was waiting in the car and I had to go home and get changed for dinner and Harry had to get changed as well. Harry asked if he could grab some closed from his hotel and then get changed at my place which I told him was fine. When we got to my place we talked with my parents for a while and showed them the dress which they thought was great. I then leave everyone to go have a shower as I want to be quick so Harry has time to have one as well. I put my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head for when I had the shower cap on and put on a short dressing gown when I have had my shower. Without even thinking I go to Harry in this and tell him that he can go have a shower. He follows me back up the hall to the bathroom and tells me that I look beautiful with no makeup on or hair done and in a short dressing gown. I give a big grin and push him in the direction of the shower before going to get ready. I had gotten dressed and put my makeups on by the time Harry hopped out of the shower. He slid the door open to be standing there in just a towel rapped around the bottom half of him. I smiled as you saw his amazing abbs they just got lost when you looked into his green eyes. I straightened my hair and put on my jewellery and finishing touches then I left with Harry following my parents into town.        

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