Just That Country Girl Wanting A Chance

This Story is about a girl originally from just a country town. she is inlove with the band One Direction as everyone has some celeb they love. It was just a normal shopping trip with one of her friends, when she got pushed to the ground. She didn't think anything of it till she looked into beautiful sparkling emerald eyes. She was looking into her idols eyes. From this point on Aleisha's life had Changed.
i started writing this last year some time then i lost interest, but this year i decided i wanted to finish it so im add to the story now. i hope you enjoy. and there is a noticable difference in the quality of the writing


26. how things continue


He lies there so still and peacefully. I can’t imagine him doing the things the boys had just explained to me. I go next to Harry and slightly stroke his hand with my thumb to wake him up. He opens his eyes and looks slightly panicked.

“Hey babe” I say trying to calm him

“Hey Sweetie, what are you doing your meant to be getting operated on I thought” Harry rambles jumbling his words

“I am don’t worry, I just had to see you first” I calmly reply

“Good Luck Babe I’ll be waiting for you when its over, I love you”

“I love you too”

With this the boys take me back to my room when my family is waiting to see me before I get operated on. I quickly see everyone before I am taken off to the prep room, they stick drips in my arm and monitors on my chest, I am wheeled into the operating theatre. I had a gas mask applied to my face, I start to count back 10…9…8….7…..6…….5……4…. the last thought entering my mind before I go to another world is Harry.

Harrys p.o.v

“Well Harry I want you to stay in for another day just to be sure, and I want you to stay off tour for a minimum of a week just to make sure you are ok, now if you have family in Australia that isn’t to far away you may stay with them or we can book you in her so you will be monitored the whole time” the doctor explains. “I have family” I state knowing that I will be able to stay with Aleisha. “Well its settled then, you will be on medication for a little while just to make sure you are healthy again and don’t get injured but you should be all good” he states. “Ok, thanks doc” I say as the doctor leaves the room. I just stay and watch tv and talk to the boys for a while until Aleisha is out of surgery. I go to her room and sit in the chair next to her bed and wait for her to wake up. She was sleeping for about 1 and a half hours after her surgery. I didn’t mind waiting she was peaceful sleeping. She finally wakes up and just stares at me with groggy eyes.  They were perfect. She talks with me about random things anything that came into our minds.


1 week later

Aleisha’s p.o.v

“Have you got everything packed” I question Harry

“Yep, im all ready, are you sure you want to come all the way to the airport with me” I question worried about her safety

“Yes im coming to say goodbye, im not stuck to this lounge, they gave me crutches for a reason” I explain

“I know that but , you know how the fans are you don’t need to get hurt”

“Harry do remember they all think you are at home in the UK so I think we will be fine” I explain

“Ok fine you win, you ready to go ”

“Yep, lets get you back on tour”

We drive to the city to put Harry on the plane. We were in the car for a few hours which wasn’t the most comfortable but we made it work. I had my leg across the bottom of the seats and occasionally moving so my leg was across Harry’s but he didn’t mind.

The airport was deserted which was great, harry got his ticket and had to wait a while before he boarded the plane. We sat on the seats and waited not really talking. I was leaning on him with my head on his chest as he rest his chin on my head and fiddled with my hair. We talked a little but not much. Finally we hear over the speaker that its time for harry to hope on the plane. We stand up and look at each other. Harry gives my mum a hug goodbye and thanks her for letting him stay with us. He then gives my dad a hand shake and then a bro hug sort of thing, then he came back to me.

“I’m gonna miss you” I whisper looking up at him.

 “I’ll miss you more” he argues

 “Not possible, …. keep in contact”

“of course I will, ill try every few nights minimum, ill skype, email, text whatever you want” he explains

“good I’m going to miss you” I say tears forming in my eyes

“I know babe but ill see you when I can, I love you”

“I Love you too”

I give harry a long kiss and keep hugging him not wanting to let go.

“Bye Beautiful” harry says while kissing the top of my nose

“GoodBye Harry”

Harry is gone. I wont get to see him in ages. Im away from him now for approximately 4 months. It will be hard but this love is strong and should last.


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